piggy STILL Clueless

by Firepower

piggy/aka/c.rudd aka/c.ross/aka busboy/aka St.Derb The Second:

piggy pants down

Actual PHOTO of Piggi Writing about me: NOW I don’t know WHAT to do!

C’mon…Okay, now that’s truly uncalled for. Still, I do have to retaliate after all the ad hominem thrown at me. Thrown bravely by glp on his site, along with his brave comrades, sycophant forum-backslappers and Deep Thinkers.  Can’t resist. I’m tempted to highlight them all in green – the color of envy – but I don’t want to add unnecessary color that spruce up glp’s gray posts. stop that, now!

He starts out (sweetly) by calling me, in his article title, “firefly”

Only fair I call him Miss Piggy. Or my fave: C.RUDD last warning, smartguy!

In all seriousness, the point is, I state unequivocally glp is repetitive. Unoriginal. Fish Sticks to Poached Salmon. Ivory Soap. Oatmeal…pablum…A rehash of the already rehashed Drudge Rehashing Aggregator Rehash. Then I look at The Motive. You always uncover The True Man once you discover His Motive; it’s for fame. Fame based on doing the same repetitive topics 3,000 Prior Derbs have already done-to-death years ago, even.  I don’t begrudge fame. That’s the ultimate aphrodisiac, Henry.  But why, oh WHY should thinking folks read…

…glp’s “ohnoes pipples i jes discover (and wrote voluminously on) affirmative action – and izz bad!” and “Matthew Owens gots beaten by blackies – hims a victim, pipples! READ ALL ABOUT IT here – click on dat linky!”

Do it in your Jar-Jar Binks voice, to get the full effect.  Or, better yet – GIFY. Only about 350,000 lil’ hits for “white man beaten by blacks.”  CRUDD is just…used to getting  tipped.

I say he’s unoriginal and irrelevant. That’s not an insult or ad hominem; it’s far worse, because it’s the truth.  Now, saying he’s a fucking crying, shitting, cigarette butt in the cumstained astray of Ann Coulter – IS insulting and adds nothing to my point. See the diff?  Plenty of whining cunts on his site provide perfect examples of not answering my assertion but instead fall back on insult. And this from The Great Thinker Himself, fb Teh Wize [sic]. Mr. Iconoclast of Radical Free Thought…whose forum is now relegated to a Romper Room of TeenMuppets!®

So, here goes. piggy writes:

Alt-right regulars will know about Firepower, the prodigious commenter who frequents, defecates in, and then runs crying obvious lie from various blogs in the Roissy- and Sailer-sphere. [i don’t read SS any more. he’s repetitive beyond belief – GLP³ with an even larger ego – besides, already read Charles Murray. Apparently, so has ss…he owes CM a check]

He’s taken a shine to me of late.  For what reason I don’t know.  I think I confronted him, in comments, over at The Spearhead once, and my palm print is still figuratively visible to him every time he sees my name in print.  [The Big Lie in action: “Hail Saddam! Victorious in The Mother of All Battles!”] He’s also written several posts about me at his blog – the URL of which I can’t remember right now.  I don’t say this to AMOG him; it just slips my memory.[…so that explains my exile]

Coulter, ann, naked

Congrats, ma’am: you got IN the Magazine!


Firepower is the worst of blog commenters.  [recycled from…Keith Olbermann’s The Worst Person In The World!] He wants everyone he reads to be the Next Great Thing, [excuse me, for liking progress] yet he’s a guerilla blog commenter who never adds anything more than an occasional well-pointed quip.[you’re not funny. i am. deal]

Over at Simon Grey’s blog in which Simon congratulated me for getting something posted at Taki’s, Firepower chimed in basically ragging on the entire alt-right by saying that Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh have said everything there is to say, and that they’ve done it better.  That could be true, [sooo…IS that true, or not?] but they’re also doing it for millions of dollars a year, and they also don’t offer many venues or communities for non-people internet figments like Firepower to participate in.  I added over at Simon’s but coincidentally left out Firepower’s factual assertion:

Firepower hunts down every mention of my name on every other blog orbiting Roissy/Steve Sailer gots to nemedrop The Great Man AGAIN Hi Steve tee hee! all in the hopes of pointing out that I’m not relevant or original.  That may be true, but one wonders why he spends so much time on the topic then.

Plus, in my own defense, I’ve never pretended that I’m doing anything that deserves high praise.  I’m just doing what I like to do, day in and day out, and I hope to always get better at it.  I’m 30 years old; I hope to be on a completely different level by the time I’m 40.  Who knows if it will happen.  I’m just not sure why Firepower is so concerned with that though, and why he wants to be a roadblock.  Actually, roadblock is too strong a word.  More like an errant cigarette butt flung from a car 10 lengths ahead.  A minor nuisance and momentarily annoying, but nothing more.  So that’s where he is.

Btw, Firepower claims I’ve blocked him from commenting here.  [i was blocked] This is not true anymore.  I’ll keep an eye on my spam folder though, to ensure that any comments he wants to place do get through.

I started out almost…compelled to like piggy. roisshie had the bully-pulpit, so I read glp. I assumed “hey, it MUST be ok if roissy likes it” – but I honestly thought it was written by a kid. I imagined (no lie) glp was actually roishie’s lil’ brother, and roiisshy felt obligated to protect his special lil’ guy out of sibling duty – like making sure The Big Boys didn’t slap the kid around and rudely put “kick me” stickers on his sped helmet. And energetically promote him, too: I honestly couldn’t figure out why glp – so heavily promoted – only got 20 comments a day. Now I truly know: people really are stupid. Dumbness attracts the most readers. Just as surely as Jersey Shore and The Kardashians have higher ratings than The History of Rome & Etruria. It doesn’t mean I have to like it – even less applaud it – and Jump On The Bandwagon of Stupid.

Types 210 wpm!

I’ve already made my statements in the links below. No sense belaboring…or REPEATING perfection. Check out “greascycled” for my views on The Daily Outrage!™

17 Responses to “piggy STILL Clueless”

  1. Don’t let GLP get to you. I don’t even think you should waste too much time on his site.

    I very much like your new phase, The Daily Outrage. Like yourself, I stopped reading many sites like SS, even most Amren stories I skip. There’s just nothing new to see.

    [it’s no sweat, really. maybe it’s “my voice” and readers assume me fuming at my keyboard, veins popping, when in reality, it’s like one of your chem profs just simply… calmly layin’ it down. it’s propitious – opponents mistake it for anger and assume mistakes that never emerge]

  2. Yep. BREAKING NEWS: An African killed someone, a Mexican crossed the border, and a Jew said something hypocritical. Repeat ad infinitum. It’s worse than useless, it’s boring.

    • Yep. BREAKING NEWS: An African killed someone, a Mexican crossed the border, and a Jew said something hypocritical. Repeat ad infinitum. It’s worse than useless, it’s boring.

      Completely true for your typical amren (or whatever alt-right site) reader. Your average Joe isn’t aware of any of this stuff though.

  3. “That’s the ultimate aphrodisiac, Henry.”

    I see what you did there. Nice.

    But anyway, your energetic critiques of Chuck suggest to me that you believe that there is a *way* and Chuck is somehow not doing it right. But you haven’t told us what is that way.

    • Ah, PA is here now. When are you going to start a site, damn you?

      The thing about revealing “the way” is that alot of readers are not invested. This is not entertainment, a joke or a hobby. It’s not the case that the perfect plan is laid out, then everyone joins.

      What happens is that someone wants to get something done. Maybe a few people feel the same way and grapple about, struggling to find the cure. The real leaders will test, improvise, make mistakes and get things done. Followers want a perfect plan that never fails which will never exist in reality.

      Chucky has mentioned the same thing to me. But he’s not in. His only interest is in fame, to be admired for how smart and witty he is. No one is going to “spoon feed” these people. Shouldn’t be necessary. Everyone decides his own level of involvement.

      You are asking the right questions. The answer to those questions is out there.

    • My method and way are the best. Even chux future (much hoped-for) boss is stealing radical ideas from the interwebz. How… “serendipitous” and coincidental after our debate:

      Still, I will write more in the future.

      But, for now – take a look at the list of books I made.
      Are you asking me as a “leader?” I give one answer. More definition in person.
      Are you asking as a fellow journeyman or soldier? The answer, different still.
      Are you asking me a rhetorical question?
      If so, then you surely have your own valid suggestions to contribute.

      I can tell you plainly, that the answer isn’t more documentation of The Latest Outrage!

  4. McVeigh won the game

    [wasn’t it odd, he thought Americans would rise up and challenge the Federal Gov’t – but Americans just went back to watching TV. Instead of change, Americans went further afield – and created The Kardashians]

    • he made the statement he wanted and he got to die and got on tv with his own special movie and shit
      he got them to put him to death which he probably wanted all along not like were gonna kill him unless he did some bad shit

    • “wasn’t it odd, he thought Americans would rise up and challenge the Federal Gov’t -but Americans just went back to watching TV.”

      Black rioters watch even more TV.

      People rise up, fight, or protest under one or more of those conditions only:

      1- when led and coordinated by an element of the elite

      2- when fighting or protesting is a fun, low-risk, cred-granting thing to do

      3- when literally hungry

      In so far as right wing America is concerned, none of those conditions were in place in 1995.

      [Big Gov will prevent #3 at all costs: Too many gun owners. #1 is impossible then, because 95% or our rulers ARE the elite and thus satisfied with current conditions. Tom Jefferson has left the building. #2 leads only to sporadic, silly, temporary anarchy, accomplishing nothing – all of these features describe Americans]

      • “#1 is impossible then, because 95% or our rulers ARE the elite and thus satisfied with current conditions.”

        This is why a war of ideas (what you call Talk) is essential. Elites change, no in the least generationally.

  5. Jaysus – That’s some shite – Is he always like that?

    • He’s just overly-sensitive, like most crusadin’ truth-seekers are.
      They run the danger of, when they actually find truth – it’s often ugly and unpalatable.

      Think of the “acceptance process”

  6. I feel that this is one of the best posts ever on Piggy Gucci no homo Piggy.

    Thank you.

    [you’re quite welcome. btw, you, are a saint of a man no matter what they tell me]

  7. So FP was that you on Broadsheet.ie as **hn*r? If so good show – if not someone is doing a damn good impersonation.

  8. Why is your dick green?
    [ed note: that’s NOT MY dick – MY dick, is black]


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