Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails

by Firepower

“There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.” —Thomas Jefferson


Awarded…DAILY @SpoorHead Dot COM!

That is why, I intended to publish this at The Spearhead – and bear the full brunt of the screaming do-nothing posters and maybe we all could learn from a dialog and exchange.  I always respected Price for his integrity and lack of censorship, but it’s not to be.   If I’m wrong, I doubt it because it’s been months and the whiners have done nothing – except watch Obama get re-elected.   Same old same old…

The mra. The “men’s rights…er, movement.” Comprised of “mras” — men’s rights “activists.”  Right. Like blacksmith activists…

I use Spearhead as an example because it’s the one I’m most familiar with. I was an early supporter and the 10th registered member, thus witnessing its inception, progress and current state. Any mrm site would actually work as an example, except most of those past endeavors have vanished online. The host is…too nice. That means a civil avoidance of confrontation. Yet, that is precisely what MRM is supposedly about. Make the decision. Shut the children up. Just because anybody can post online does not mean…

…everybody should. If you can’t differentiate between intelligent adult Men and whining boys then failure is assured.

Why the MRM WILL Fail:

  1. No Leadership
  2. MRM has accomplished nothing, despite being around for a decade
  3. Lack of Any Future Plans for Action

Men face real dangers from an entrenched, implacable and merciless enemy – a powerful coalition of Liberals. Men say they are aware of their enemy, but actions speak louder than words. Today, men couch their words like women. There is no more time for walking on eggshells or courtly niceties to prevent “hurt” feelings; besides, if men get hurt feelings they are not men – they are inferior cowards. And cowards deserve misery. I fear, that is what this mewling batch shall get.

There is no leadership the MRM: It has a total of two actual men, no concrete concept of “rights” and certainly has no movement. Fossils grow quicker. Most there are boys, or the 21st century equivalent: 40-year-olds (and younger), who all want to be Boss n’ ain’t a-takin’ no goddamned orders. Chaos means inevitable failure for every group. Incidentally, these are the same emasuclates who jump when their “IRL” lady boss cracks the whip – to get her more donuts for her to shove in her fat mouth. Price lead via his writing. It was a clarion call to action – and inspirational. Now, the entire scene degenerated into a ubiquitous, predictable popularity contest for site hits dependent upon successful pandering to morons needing their fix of The Daily Outrage!®

Lie Down With Dogs – Get Fleas

The solution is to accept leaders with value-ideas and welcome them first as contributors with applicable directives enhancing a united group. To all you Fight Club fans and compulsive quote-freaks: That means get yourself a T. Durden to follow.  Eliminate all destructive adversarial irrelevancies for common sense in order to unite any true MRM into an effective force that channels its energy into defeating its enemy with real-world programs and action. Not online talk.

“Rights” are wholly undefined and left reduced to knee-jerk reactions to the nebulous trade winds of what Latest Outrage!™ predictably blows up every day in daily news cycles.  The movement is (I am not joking and still is) limited to one instance of placing advertising stickers over urinals in men’s bathrooms. It seems laughable, but at least it’s something.  No one dares brag about that being the sum substantial accomplishment. There was a cleverness shown, but maybe my memories are only jaded by loyalty to that glorious time. To enact such paltry, weak, mere gestures – then actually abandon even those – leaves a stink on those who could have been men. I’m sure their granddads roll over in their graves to hide their faces in shame.

If your “movement” is composed of screeching 24-year-old whiners who don’t know shit – that is what you getGIGO

OWSers have more gumption, balls and planning. TEA Partiers, even more. Of course, nobody in the “mrm” has the brains to model themselves after either and formulate a plan. That, would take away keyboard and forum time…

The mrm has done nothing –  and plans on doing more of the same – because the mrm only wants to complain. To orgasm in a climax of whine, roll over and sleep. It’s safer. Like settling for fucking a fat woman. It’s been around since the iconic days of Al Bundy‘s “No MAAM” fiction on…TV. Emulating a comedic TV character is…so very 21st century. So very GenX, as it dithers and diddles its slacker self into aging obsolescence.  Many websites and large forums started a decade ago and folded. I can’t even remember all their names; look them up – GIFY. If one starts a site, sees hundreds of participants come (and go) over approximately four years – with no practical results, something ain’t working.  I’ll show you that something.

Whining Is Safer Than Acting

One sadsack came to The Spearhead and announced he was shutting down a site described by whining and lamenting posters as “a mainstay, a godsend for ‘the community’ like, the best site ever, man.”  So, it naturally shut down and disappeared along with the seven previous sites. The sites today will do the same. If you can’t get your act together over that time period you are a failure, no matter how many “sites” you start. In fact, each successive site will be weaker than the first.  It’s just how things are.

Giving yourself the self-described title of “The Community” carries with it a burden that you actually be a community and not a sloppy federation of complainers. If sympathetic eyes can detect weakness – your enemies detect even more.  I was sympathetic at first and a supporter. Now, I am contemptuous: The better writers departed Spearhead and left a vacuum of children, creeps, divorced sissies and goofballs wearing silicone Chinese masks. Nutty, kookoo, wacky stuff. The problem is, those excellent writers formed an equally excellent core, but ventured too far away and now, even their sites are worthless – clogged with their own proprietary version of House Whiners and accompanying Wailing Greek Chorus.  Hive mentality – look it up.

There are no plans for structuring a “movement” nor even restructuring the failed one. What man – real man – would want to suffer such insipid fools.

Who wants crap – from a bunch of contemptible whiners no less – for daring to like The Donnas, The Runaways or even LiLo. I didn’t put a ring on some sow’s finger, hand some homely cunt my balls, bring her flowers, give her a Jared Diamond, “wubb wifee’s pwegnant tummee” with glistening stretchmark cream – then cry like a bitch after she took that kid.

Besides, what man who can shove a fist in your face or shoot your eye out at 20 yards with a .45 gives a squirt of piss what some whiner’s opinion is.

Lastly, who wants a fucking kid nowadays?  To listen to that PC emo Government School shit? MRAs: Count your blessings all you have to do is pay for it instead of listen to it too – this way, it saves up your free time for whining on a blog about The Latest Outrage!®

Don’t laff: At least these guys

Fake Camaraderie = Fake Activism: What To Do About It

No leadership. No accomplishments. Certainly no man wants to waste his time and suffer the ingratitude of taking the helm of a bunch of grumbling Israelites in the Wilderness. Not even for even a slight chance of future success; that combination spells miserable failure – forever.

Men have triumphed over greater threats than these just by simply getting off their lazy, frightened asses but this time, I believe they will sit sucking their e-thumbs or sucking that Vast Modern Bread & Circus e-tit called the internet.

Rights are delineated. Create a MRM “bill of rights” even if you have to copy a proven concept. That interim foundation is better than what exists: Nothing. People (and men especially) must know what they fight for and why they risk. Goals, objectives and programs must be described in ways that show the troops how much better their world and their childrens’ world is when their sacrifice is rewarded by victory.

This entire manifesto will of course be screamed at by the emotional mrm manginas. Raised by single mommies, they act like the very women they hate: Hysterical and irrational – the complete opposite of traditional manhood.

Fine. Follow the plan, or in thirty years it becomes worse and the screaming 20-year-old children become dejected, incapacitated 50-year-olds.

Not even if one tiny bit of what I have labored to write is proven true, will they acknowledge as truth – and that is the clearest example of proof in my words.

50 Responses to “Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails”

  1. Nice. I hope The Spearhead publishes this for you. I know Peter Nolan is one leader I like. I can’t think of the other one.

    [I bet he does not publish it; those who state they are “really Really RLY against Ignorance” – then, allow it to flourish rampantly, are now more interested in popularity.]

  2. You guys should have a SuperConference. Say what you will about certain organization being money scams, but there is actual organization.

    Its also possible that individual men are making changes in their lives from what they read on these blogs within the current system, so even if it doesn’t appear to be making a difference, it might very well be. I do agree with you that writing about issues is not the same as changing them, but often the writing preceeds the changes. The people who cyle out of these sites most likely do so because they have learned the lessons and no longer need the forum. While I’m sure there are some people who never change and continue to post, you should take into account that all new inductees are going to sound similar. It might seem like nothing is changing because you hear more from the newbies than the graduates.

    [wow, a serious post from you. i’m way impressed. I understand what you mean, fully. realize that the stage appearance IS the idiots, kids and inmates are running the asylum. not because the Wise Elders are sitting back, letting wild oats be sown for a Zen Learning Experience. it LOOKS like the kids run the school for a good reason: they are. there are NO leaders. often the simplest explanation is the REAL reason – Occam’s razor.]

    • Well, whatcha gonna do about it? Convention, rally, declaration of e-man-cipation? If there’s gonna be a meetin’ I’ll need a month’s notice to hire bodyguards…and pack.

  3. Hey, GL Piggy wrote a post just for you.

    • Word of Honor. I haven’t read him in a long time.

      So, to keep it in the Integrity Zone, I expect ferdi-style hate response. Anything less will be a surprise. Maybe later, I’ll read it.

      I never “hated” piggy per se, just his repetitive ideas; I’ve read all that dross before – hundreds of times. I hunger for originality. It’s his lack of humor that I hate.

  4. The problem with the mens rights movement type deal is most of the guys paying child support and tehy actually agree that men should be forced to do that even against there will.
    So how the fuck would anything happen lol What would be on a mens rights list other than that.
    Just freedom for men from constantly being forced to do shit that they should have the freedom to chose to do or not.
    Alimony same shit.
    Equality for woman and yet men not equal.
    Then they talk about females paying child support or alimony instead of abolishing the shit period and if someone feels like they want to help support a kid they had they can if not they don’t have to if they want to abandon it no problem.
    if the woman says i just can’t raise it without child support well then ya don’t get it.
    Woman would change there tune pretty quick lol
    Plus they allready get the free food free medical free house what do we need to hamstring men for in the first place when the taxes allready paying the bills.
    It ain’t making bitches feel like they have to do anything for a man even though the guy has all that responsibility isen’t like the woman feels she got to treat him like a king no equal pay equal bla bla bla
    should be guarrenteed at least double pay for men if they are gonna foot the bill.
    but instead lets take the pressure off and quit trying to turn men into diamonds from al the responsibility if bitches want equality handle that shit.
    Thats the toughest part though is that the men always gonna treat the woman diferent.
    Look at all the strippers at enron making 100k a year for being secrataries.
    Look at the facebook dude that moved to singapore and renounced citizenship allthough they said he was born in brazil anyway.
    Probably wasen’t even about taxes was probably about divorce laws he he he

    [ed note: You’re seeing the dilemma: Should the State make a man pay child-support for his OWN kids – or taxpayers. Females have 30 different methods of birth control – men have 2. Rubbers or vasectomy.

    I’d make the one with the most options pay. Regardless – my final view is taxpayers are not responsible for some moron shooting a load into another moron and making several MORE morons we then have to pay for.

    Too many mrm kids want to be free from CS. Like dumb kids they don’t realize that SOMEBODY else has to pay for them.

    Sterilize stupid people. End of problem.
    That would end the internetz, too. ]

  5. Like my counselor masters in counseling yet talks about how she is trying to get more money out of the ex husband for child support cause she doesn’t have enough money. Well how the fuck does he?
    Past use of the pussy as gbfm says wtf
    [that’s just a variation on OLD Tom Leykis saying: you don’t own the pussy, you’re just RENTING it. he also calls it “vaginamony” or somethng like that. already been done – better – bro. I recommend you listen to him]
    definitely not the best idea to get a book smart chick she definitely gonna figure out how to use the system to milk you dry.

  6. I’m thinking a lot of these actions from women ultimately come from a place of fear. Of wondering how are they going to make it on their own. Inately, we want to be taken care of. And I guess the thought is, well, you didn’t take care of me when we were married, so you’re going to take care of me now. You have to remember, the system has failed women too. As men, you may not understand that making our own way in the world is daunting. It is NOT what we were meant for.

    What happens when two people are drowning? Often one will drown the other in their attempt to stay afloat. That is what is happening in our society only on a much larger scale.

    I was dating a lawyer who I wasn’t really impressed with to start with and he was taking his divorce practice online. I thought it was a pretty interesting concept being a virtual pioneer, but, upon reflection, I wasn’t sure it was such a great idea. He mentioned that some people had moral objections to it. His advertising included a video of him saying he knew what it was like to go through a horrible divorce and his method made things easier.

    I wasn’t sure how much easier it should get. And just how horrible it was. Of course, as I’m fond of saying, pain is relative so no one’s can be greater. However, even though I chafe under the stigma of divorce, I wish it was harsher sometimes. I wish saying I’m divorced didn’t cause people to assume I threw away a perfectly good man simply because I got bored or was a hypergamous slut. I wish it meant something in our times to say you are divorced. That people would understand you had a damn good reason- like they used to.

    • Fear is what adults face. When they avoid it, they become government-dependent.

      If fears arise from marriage, divorce and children – somebody’s NOT been paying attention to current events.
      Not just females – but the men. mra’s who chafe at paying money for their kids. That attitude is just like a female who want’s SOMEBODY ELSE to foot the bill for their mistakes. Women want men to pay, mra’s want – well, they don’t know WHO the fuck they want to pay it because they don’t even think that far.

      Kind of like when they shot their load during a moment of passion.

      Recall, one point of my article was that you can’t make Navy SEALS, Einstiens or Leonidas’ 300 out of such immature idiots. ALL you get are chest-thumping, back-slapping morons to bump up your hit counter. Makes one feel good that idiots read every word you say…but…oddly…never do a fucking thing, do they?

      GIGO: That’s why you see zero change – and won’t. Not with the crop of ‘shbags now.

      • Basically, we need to raise people who take responsiblity for their own actions and expect others to live up to their obligations. Why do wedding ceremonies include witnesses? It shouldn’t be for the cake. Its so that you stood up in front of all those people and made promises and should feel responsible to honor them. A best man’s job is not to throw you a good bachelor party. Its to be there when the going gets rough to help you find some answers. What our current society is missing is true community and that is why people will seek out and find people with similar values no matter where that might be, including the internet.

        [ed note: very astute. when the Soviets fell, predictions arose that Americans would now turn on themselves looking for enemies. it was true, then along come Muslims and it’s not PC to hate them even after the damage they did and their current threats. it’s not tolerable in our PC society to hate anybody but white men – like russians. ps you guys would get going now that i’m in a battle with piggy & co.lol]

        What we are also missing from our society is an obvious, concentrated, common enemy, which is why people will find any way to get in their “five minute’s hate.” There are so many targets, the effort is impotent. It isn’t war if it doesn’t have a name, right? Its a “conflict.” We need to start calling things what they are. We need to be Truth Soldiers.

      • I’m sure Orwell or Wright said it better then I do, but thank you. Forget about piggy. We have boobs 🙂
        [WHO told you i liked boobs ddammit now all my mystery is depleted]

      • Or was it Ellison? Now I can’t remember.

  7. I’ll start by saying I wish I had a solution, but I don’t. I’m hearing you GeishaKate, making our way is not what we were meant for. Current gender roles are fucked to put it bluntly. We’re (women) frustrated with men who cow-tow to our every whim and yet we have no clue as to why we are. We are bombarded with romantic messages of how ‘real’ men behave and whip our guys into behaving like they are men from movies like P.S. I Love You. And then hate them for it. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey is a number 1 best seller. (it’s poorly written but the premise is there). Women want men who’ll dominate them, and if you take the kink out of (I don’t) then it means women want a leader. Women have amazing strengths but I believe we’re hardwired to submit and men have lost their way in regards to what that means – what they are accountable for and what a responsibility that is. Men want their cake and eat it too. They want to be cared for, nurtured, but are unwilling to set the ground rules for what that should look like, what the expectations are from their women. Women are out of control without direction (harsh but true) and are running the show right now and it’s detrimental, it’s not our fault either. Somewhere along the way the wires have become crossed and damn if I know how they’ll become uncrossed. The MRM movement needs real men with purpose, drive and action to make changes. Truthfully I feel it’s men that are holding men back (not women) and until that’s understood there will be no change.

    Great post Firepower! You are the real deal – have never doubted that for a minute – my crush has been burning strong for years for a reason.

    • Word. 🙂

      This line really interested me: “The MRM movement needs real men with purpose, drive and action to make changes. Truthfully I feel it’s men that are holding men back (not women) and until that’s understood there will be no change.”

      How do you think men are holding men back, and do you see women as having any role in restoring men to power?

      I often imagine countries as plays on stereotypes, like England is the kid who doesn’t catch on to new fashions (afterall, they had their Renaissance after the Continent did) and America is the rebel who has mommy issues with England. So, if you take that idea of reducing entire groups of people into a form that makes sense, the battle of the sexes can be viewed the same way.

      I’ve often heard it said that feminism was a massive shit test that our country failed. So, men, how would you reframe?

  8. I love that statement “feminism was a massive shit test that our country failed”. So true. It messed women up badly. Sure we got some rights out of it, but to what end? Right to work outside of the home and bring up children in daycare? Right to sexual freedom and broken hearts because we fail to understand that we are biologically programmed to bond with one man? Right to equal pay but work much harder then men to prove we’re worth it? Feminism is controlled by butchy, man-hating lesbians right now, who could care less if men ever got equal rights. There needs to be some money thrown at this problem and the money spent in law courts fighting injustice against men. Women burned their bras, men need to put on their jock straps and fight like they mean to win. It’s going to take a revolution and that doesn’t happen overnight. Revolutions often started with small groups of people gathering and grew larger and bolder as word got out. They amassed arms and strategized. Blogs could serve this purpose today, except as FP says it’s the complainers not the doers who are meeting. No plots are being formed. There was a big failure in not getting women of like minds aboard. I have been aware of these issues for some time and have been treated like a nuisance even though I was validating their frustration. Men are the head, but women hold the neck up. I’ve been but a drop in the bucket on my blog, but I do feel like some women get what I’ve expressed and feel a kinship with me. In my ‘real’ life I’m also open about what I think the issues are with women I know and they are in full agreement. I like you GK feel divorce is too easily obtained and we’ve taken the shame out of it – i have women friends who’ve divorced because their husbands couldn’t make a decision if their lives depended on it and they were tired of it. That’s a terrible reason, not to mention they’d set it up that way to begin with.

    Our times are rapidly changing. If you believe Kurzwiel’s book The Singularity we will all be able to live into our hundreds by 2045 due to the exponential growth of technology and believe me society is going to look a heck of a lot different partly because aging won’t exist. Perhaps we need to be strategic about the future and not just think about how hard done by we are today. Just sayin’.

    • “Men are the head, but women hold the neck up.” I like this. Maybe the men just need to know what they always need to know: we love them for who/what they are and we support them.

  9. I actually screwed the saying up a bit (I didn’t create it darn it). It’s Men are the Head and Women are the Neck that holds the Head up. Totally meant the same thing though. haha. Men AND women need to know it’s okay to be different from each other. Some understanding of biological drives helps. Yes I feel women need to get over themselves and be okay with a man leading the way. Men probably know more about what’s best than they’re expressing – they’ve been taught to hold back what they really think actually. It was eye opening to stumble upon the Manosphere and find out what men really think, there have been great lessons for me. Truth is the messages about what men want line up with who I am internally. Feminine, nurturing, good listener, submissive. I’m also a woman who like most has a hamster running around my head which is trying to get off the wheel and seeing no door. This hamster is up to no good, it creates confusion and fatigue in our brains. Men have the ability to hush the hamster, take the hamster off the wheel and stop the wheel from spinning however many men don’t realize this and they just end up frustrated that the damn hamster keeps spinning the wheel! In fact men are afraid to open the hamster cage for fear of a bite. When men timidly approach the hamster it senses it and races faster or bites him, usually in the ass. (ouch) Men are frustrated for many reasons, main ones being can’t get a quality woman to glance at him and/or being taken for everything if he has caught one and loses it. The Game community is on the right track, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. It teaches reframe which is critical for any change to occur, however sometimes its about the notch which leaves damaged hamsters who’ve been taken off their wheels and then left stranded. Which adds a whole new layer of mess to our existing mess. Sorry about the hamster references, it’s just a familiar men’s analogy. We could also be….gerbils. 🙂

  10. We can be your sister wives FP. 😉

  11. Listen to us? You lack imagination FP. 😉

  12. Both you ladies make fine points – no sarc. You’re the type America is too short of.

    The mrm-ginas wallow in a depleted country. They don’t realize, it’s you girls who now have prime access to careers immune from the pitfalls men face like discrimination, sex harassment etc. That’s why it will take two of you to support my lush lifestyle. In Utah.

  13. I like where you’re going with this.

    It’s time to take it to the next level, networking IRL.

    We’ve made some progress in this direction, which I’ve not yet written about and probably won’t, to protect the identities of those associated.

  14. You cite lack of any plans for action as indication of failure. But don’t all effective actions begin as reactions? Something somewhere is irritating a number of people. Someone designs a social buglight to eliminate that irritation. And action begins. Lenin was right about one thing: Worse is better. We need MORE irritation. We need the THREAT of physical emasculation before sedation can be turned into sedition.

    [ed note: Yes. most effective actions begin as reactions – but the important part is to QUALIFY the word “effective.” I agree that in our current Bread & Circus Condition Stage 2, the only apparent way is to root for violent black flashmobs to literally beat the message into thick, dumb, young white skulls full of mush. Now, as far as mrm – a decade has past. Nothing’s been done, despite all the screaming injustice. after a while, the establishent and the commoner just tune it out. game over.]

  15. Right to equal pay but work much harder then men to prove we’re worth it?

    i hope you are joking cause that is bullshit.

  16. so even firepower for forcing someone to pay lol
    fuck all that
    or is it the government with the most options.
    then you got the 50 percent split in marriage stuff how the fuck a woman deserve 50 percent of a billion dollar company just not possible for her to fuck a 100 million times he he he

    • That’s a whole different, specific issue – the mega-rich. No, it is very unfair that Tiger Woods’ ex-wife got that payout.

      The example I’m thinking of when I wrote that is actually more costly – the millions of guys who split, then leave the State (us) to pay for their spawn. I rarely think of The Rich. Screw them. They don’t even live on the same planet. Read the article I wrote on “Your New Uniform.”

      Tidbit: the header pic for this blog is Tiger Wood’s $100 Million mansion that Elin (sp?) tore down to rebuild another one. Stuff like that doesn’t even register for normal folks.

      If two people FREELY DECIDE to have a kid – it’s both their responsibility to pay for it.

  17. and the chicks that are like well a housewife is worth from 80k and up a year well they paying them 200 bucks a month in kuwait so we just need to outsource that shit.

  18. and watching two hampsters putting in overtime kind of funny.

  19. but your still into forcing men to do something if the chicks were good the guy isn’t gonna run
    for a man not to take care of his family if he can is unusual the media tries to act like it is the everyday thing that a guy runs from obligation for his kids that’s the problem we don’t know if that is true cause men are forced in the us to pay child support.
    in other places where they don’t have any type of mandatory anything the men still take care of there kids for the most part
    see what is happening in your brain you have no basis to even realize what the fuck a free man is you can’t even comprehend what a free man is
    that is the problem with american men trying to comprehend real freedom is the same as comprehending god
    if you don’t get it with your double degrees bla bla
    then who is supposed to.
    Then alimony why would a guy have to pay a bitch to be alive that does nothing for him.

    • The issue is vast numbers of dissolving middle and lower-class families. Not the ten stories of the super-rich we hear about in TMZ or the Enquirer. The suprer-rich don’t go on welfare; that class can afford to pay for its mistakes.

      The issue is children supported by taxpayers.

  20. and did you lose touch with reality on the mega rich
    its the millionaires getting completely fucked in divorces when they have to split the business that has been their lifes work in half
    its the guy with a 100k splitting his in half
    its the guy with storage lockers and the wife thinks she is entitled to own them
    its hulk hogan getting kicked out of his house
    what mens rights would you be talking about if we had all the shit dealing with woman off our backs we could actually keep some of the shit we work so hard for.
    so you got nothing funny shit lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. you and price are on the same page
    so yea that is why the mrm will fail because everyone wants to enslave men still instead of setting them free no concept of freedom have seen to much tv and accepted the present reality as reality is supposed to be not an absurd joke that it is.

  22. de ja vu from talking with price dude holy shit i can’t believe it

  23. I only read Chuck Ross for his serious refutations of White Nationalism.

    [ed note: i too, read CROSS for refutations of opinion culled from Steve Sailor inspired from Ann Coulter who was in turn aroused by Rushie who was the only pundit who read either Krauthammer or Sowell’s latest 500 pp book.]

    • That’s rich.

      If WN fails, the white race fails. Then Chuckie will be serving spaghetti to the negros, who won’t tip him. I guarantee that GLP lives in a white neighborhood, has a white GF and most of his readers are white.

      The only reason he can do what he does is because of that. The negros won’t reason with him, nor will the liberals. They’ll pull a derbie and fire him.

      Chuck needs whites more than anyone. But uses WN as a story to write about, he’s an opportunist.

    • I’ve read a couple Rushdie books – they were extra-average. Couldn’t believe they fatwah’d him for that stuff. Anyway, he pulls some pretty hot ass, way too hot for his station. Probably some lessons to be learned from his fiction after all.

      Ann Coulter is probably no longer cute enough to land herself an Indian man such as Rushdie. Lucky for her, she has already lived out her weird tika masala sex fantasies with some other elephant tamer. I’ve seen her photographed with an old black dude (Herman Cain?) with the implication that they are dating, but I refuse to believe in such an Innsmouth.

      If her relationships with Negroes prove as fruitless as her relationships with bindis, Coulter will still have one final recourse: sucking the flaccid cock of some neocon jew in a wheelchair.

      2/10 would not bang

      [ed note: Ann is more effective with ONE article than an entire 4 years of spearhead writings. toss in paul elam too. and whatever nine “activist” sites came and went before.]

  24. I was just looking in at roissys or whatever he’s called and saw the spearhead. I must admit when I showed my husband he and I both couldn’t believe they do so much complaining about the same thing over and over – as you say. What are your thoughts on why they choose to do this? I saw where you said ‘it’s safer’ if they take the easy way out, but wouuldn’t that be self-defeating to continually do that in the face of such serious odds and enemies looking to really harm them? My brother got divorced and he’s a mess. He’s lost his spine and it’s disgusting. Do you REALLY think spearhead guys are really that lame? Sorry for the long post it just makes me MAD.

    [ed note: yes, i truly do think they are that impotent. They choose the easy way because they are frightened – PLUS have no leader. Not one. The are so sensitive, they cannot take even the LEAST bit of criticism. Bad mojo for “men.”
    go click on the hidden comments. Not only do they not respond and HIDE, they fail to even answer – like some feeble-minded criminal interrogated by cops. FEAR propels them to make up dreamscapes. They, are GenVideogame raised on fantasy. They all want to be “Tyler Durden” but when someone dares tell them THEY are NOT “special snowflakes” they get pissy like women. They command zero respect. The current crop NEVER SHALL accomplish a thing. Mark my words. maybe, in 50 years, but who now will care by then.]

  25. My comendations to the author – this is good stuff I’ve thought about MRA’s for years. They are unrepentent faggots – much praise for your Fightclub Faggots article too btw.

  26. Ridiculous quest there. What occurred after?
    Take care!

  27. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    The MRM has accomplished little, but how much will WNs accomplish?

    • The MRM has accomplished nothing.
      Personally, I’ve had a “Why WN will Fail” post in the works since this one – along with a PUA Fail post. Ryu has one as well. I can tell you the accomplishments will be dismal. And, to look for the piece soon.

      Until then, I have a definitive VRW Post scheduled for Monday.


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