Reader Mail: Lady Raine

by Firepower

Actual Photo!

Girl X writes:

I bet you get a ton of readers. If you can follow the direction of my thoughts you get brownie points. How many from the old days are even around any more?  I think Lady Raine hung up her machine gun. As for commenting on your blog, I lack capacity. But can I link it on mine?

Of course you can, but, I’ll make you pay in Sweet Delights – later. Besides, I give out brownie points.

I’m harsh, but I’m a good host.  Harshness is for dim commenters on other sites/forums/blogs (christ, I hate that word) who make me wade through their Sea of Shit Backslappin’ Comments such as (in best Krusty the Klown voice):
(yeah, man!  youdaman brao!! yuk-yuk-yuk!!!)

…to get to four decent comments.

Anymore, you are truly lucky to find a single …

…good comment in one post; every jackoff has webaccess.  Jacking-off Big Blogging™ is more dangerous to the author who believes their press. Sic transit, gloria mundi.

“He who falls by his own sword is more wise than he who falls to fools” Firepower, April 14, 2012

Not many from the Old Days are around.  No more Tupac Chopra, gunslingergregi (update: he returned as I was updating this post. spuh-oookay…) etc.  Blogs have the life cycle of a guinea pig: Four years. Then, if the author can convince himself that droll, cynical self-repetition is worth it to keep that hit of ego juice going – then scurry through those archives, monkey… Odd, when they (now, sadly – we) don’t get paid for it. I grasp Jonah Goldberg and Chris Matthews‘ desire to keep the gravy train going: Ego, fame and cash. Plus, banging adoring 5’s at the Senate Grill.

roissy and Lady Raine. Sitting in a tree…

I actually could see her viewpoint on a few (non-vindictive) issues and told her so. She was intelligent. I’ve disagreed with roissy; he’s never banned me like some high-maintenance bitch. We mainly agree, rarely disagree – sfw.

It was maliciously wrong of her to use his pictures to actually get him fired over his blog opinions. (Use that for CRUDD – he’s a dumbass who shouldn’t have teh funds to breed.) I hate you for that.

All that crap lady raine posted… (all that work) to fill up 50,000 damned pages just to delete it all later.

So, Girl X, I will clear my schedule and see you naked now.

22 Comments to “Reader Mail: Lady Raine”

  1. I got a shoutout oh shit son i’m on a blog!!!!

    [swear on Citizen “Renegade’s” grave. I got this reader email – you showed up THE NEXT DAY. then, as I’m updating and getting it ready today, you show up again. LoL are you Girl X – that pic is fine and it will be a letdown dood]

  2. got to take time off though man cause too much negativity and people drivel about how they can’t do this or that is not so good got to go and fuck a few hundred ho’s to keep it in perspective

  3. hahahahahahahahahaha
    that chicks prob stalking me or something i showed up at roissy first lol

  4. sdealousasus even was posting still he he he within like two posts of me

  5. along with dreamer

  6. i was contemplating flying back and putting lr out of her misery but i think she might be one of my soulmates he he he
    [if you did, then flew back out of town, like…who’d really know..?]

  7. like when i went back to the club in germany after a year or so same ho’s
    but yea except i guess lsb is still out the loop and bhetty somehow having sex with doug1 but according to bill clinton it wouldn’t be sex not getting that one. Guess he couldn’t quit put her in rotation or something ahh

  8. prob nobody
    tupac prob got onitis for triplets and had tripslets with each one then is roaming round the country ala the end of natural born killers

  9. cool thing is i might have a journalist lined up so i might be on tv bitch i’ll give a shoutout to the blog world

    [congrats: become influential. i never expectd you as such a pretty man, to qualify for being a journolist]

  10. Many are still around and they comment at your nemesis Chuck’s site. Now that Roissy mods and gets hundreds of commenters, GLP has become a smaller venue for the old crowd. What’s your beef with Chick anyway?

    [ed note: crudd’s stuff is recycled and repackaged info from DrudgeReport topics. I wrote about it here in depth in “greascycled.” Pat Buchanan, Coulter, Limbaugh and four hundred others et al did it better – first. I’ve already read that swill and learn nothing new from a non-professional. I used to think roissy protected him – like a younger, lame brother in a sped helmet.]

    Tupac’s disapperance is wierd. Either he died, or went to jail, or was a fictitious character. He was way too into commenting to just go cold turkey. Good to see Gunslingergregi.

  11. I don’t see it that way. He’s got a kind of unique thing going — a levelheaded good-faith sort of examination of what lefties do and say. He’s got very little in common with the figures you mention. None of Limbaugh’s GOP water-carrying, Buchanan’s nationalism, or Coulter’s aggressive style.

    [ed note: plenty of level-headed types wrtitin’ n’ talkin’ n’ TeeVee’n. For decades; take your pick of 10 you DO like, if you don’t agree with my comparisons.]

    And even if he did, the alt-right is essentially a synthesis of Buchanan and Paglia. We all have their influences.

    Chuck can be frustrating in his moderateness, but that is also a huge asset in that he can influence the mainstream from the inside.

    [moderateness gets you you…John McCain. Loss. Ignominy. Seen any actual influencing going on in the msm? Any concrete victory? Any progress at all: NO. glp recycles his stuff from the Drudge Aggregator, spits it out – then has the balls to be smug about his mediocrity. Plus, he’s a censor. the whole clique backslaps each other about Great Writing Victories… with no actual victory to celebrate. WHAT does piggy do that “Da Derb”…didn’t? Then, what did Derb actually accomplish.}

  12. the whole clique backslaps each other about Great Writing Victories… with no actual victory to celebrate. WHAT does piggy do that “Da Derb”…didn’t? Then, what did Derb actually accomplish.}

    this gets to the nub, the core, the womb, the nutsack of the whole journo come blogging thing. What DID “the Derb” actually accomplish?

    One thing he did accomplish was getting himself noticed as a name by myself, when he got sacked. That influenced my outrage! metre. It went haywire for a 10 seconds. Outraged all over the place I was. Then I thought – “just who the fuck is this Derb anyway, and why do they call him “the Derb” as if he were an Alexander of the intellectual world who conquered nations?”

    The Derb can clean my car for all I care about his influence. And he better do a fucken good job too. Otherwise I’ll sack him.

    The medium is the message my friends. Now there’s a saying that has conquered, and all for nought good it did or does. What is blogging? Vanity projects. Online we journals, like a confused teenager pining for her love, posting online diary entries all about her frustrations. Now others, like lost others, can click “Like this post”, send it to Facebook, Twitter it, Press This – see it’s all right there above.

    And all for what? influence the mainstream from the inside? What!!!? Influence a mob of zombies with daily entries from your dream journal?!!!

    The *best* bloggers, and I use the term advisedly, get picked up by the MSM, simply as another POV that gets the MSM journo another year’s salary as an original writer.

    Yet we return to our favourite blogs, hoping for another hit of anger juice, community soothing and cooing in unison, pretending that it’s actually achieving anything. Might even get linked if we have a blog ourselves, by someone out there in blogger world, and we celebrate – “I’ve been noticed!”. Look, a pingback! My angst has it’s own reward at last.

    Maybe get on Ferd’s reverse trolling weekly linkage so we know that we are influencing things. Jaysus, what a humdrum dream of nothing at all. Better that we never be noticed than seek the weekly hit list and pretend that we have any influence.

    The only blogger that has had any influence is Breivik. And the bloggers that he took an interest in – Gates of Vienna and Fjordman. Yet, they disavow him ha ha. Breivik has influence, that’s for sure, good or bad, and he didn’t get it by blogging. He got it by not blogging. He went to blogs to keep up his spirits while he went about real world things, offline, tinkering about in his garage.

    If Hitler or Lenin were about today, do you think they’d have a blog?

    If yes, then they’d never have become what they were. If no, you’re right.

    Influence doesn’t write about it, influence does it.

    Not that there’s anything essentially wrong with blogging etc, just that we shouldn’t make them out to be anything more than they are. Vanity press for individuals locked out from the vanity press of the MSM. Now even Greg Johnson thinks he can start a movement by solely blogging. Crikey as Mr Irwin would say. We got a real little snapper here:

    Blogs influence action, they are not action, in and of itself. Good bloggers, like KMac, with a constant theme and stream of information are what influential blogging is all about. It translates into action.

    There, I’ve had my vanity spray for the day.

    • Derbyshire’s probably been writing for 20 years.[GIFY*] For nothing.
      He’s sadly, most famous now for getting fired. All his ‘”Great Ideas” forgotten, the week after they were replaced by his Next Weekly Paid Great Idea.

      Piggy/C.RUDD now joins him in the Daisy Chain of Talk. *Canned TV Show Applause*

      Firepower Says:
      Facebook & Twitter
      Make Stupid – EASIER

      Well, matey. Crack open a Fosta’s; from the length of your post, I certainly know I influence you.
      I write about remarkably different concepts as you see. I want to motivate people to act via my original approach to communication. It’s easy to be different. Make people think in a new way. A scary way.

      That means, 20 years after I’m dead. Derb III. and C.RUDD, Jr. will be stealing my ideas and calling them their “own.”

      • You do influence me FP.

        But the length of my post equals the length of my vanity. Well, not exactly. I had to edit that down several paragraphs.

        As I said, nothing wrong with blogging. It’s actually a good laugh a lot of the time, and very enjoyable when one starts trolling other blogs. Like a little boy who found his big sister’s diary, and scribbles commentary all through it.

        My God, then see the outrage. “How dare you read my diary! How dare you write there!! This is sacred personal stuff. It’s precious to me. That’s why I started a blog and published it to the internet, for all the world to see, but only AGREE with, and never scribble obscene comments on – YOU TROLL.” (Paging “One”)

        [ed note: here’s an odd one for you:]

      • Paul Weston ended his excellent speech on an odd note. It all makes him “ashamed” to be British and or English? The same thing happened and still happens here, as Weston notes, but it doesn’t make me feel ashamed. It makes me feel like murdering someone.

        Weston undercuts his speech with that end line. It makes it seem like a complaint, rather than a call to arms.

        [no matey, i meant my comment {in the link}, and the reply to it]

  13. btw btw btw, I banned myself from Mangans. And thoroughly, 100%, totally endorse his non-linkage of M4 Monologue.

    I formally gave up caring several months ago.

  14. Example: Steve Sailer. # 1 complaint, recurring theme, is that the MSM won’t acknowledge him. He even reckons they steal his ideas, especially that Iglesias fella. They probably do.

    But, so what? Isn’t that a good thing that your ideas have influence, even if unattributed?

    I mean, if you really want to influence things for the better, then what does it matter if you, personally, get attributed? Change for the positive, in one’s own benefit is what we are after isn’t it, regardless of personal fame and glory.
    [ed note: if you labor for thieves, your wages, shall also be stolen…]

    I can honestly say this, I know that I have influenced bloggers, some who influence MSM journos. And I’m glad for it, and don’t wish nor desire attribution. Matter of fact, that could be bad for me.

    One memorable moment was a blogger copying verbatim my comments on a previous post, then using them in his next post, as if they were all his. My God I admired him for that. And now that blogger has banned me from commenting at his blog.

    My most influential persona has been Billy Nudgel. He got the MSM journo to change his tune. Yay Billy, yay me!

  15. and pa is out of woodwork too how bout that

  16. Good looking out for the pingback.

    That chic is funny though lol.

  17. lmfao i remember when you’d tease her and she’d get mad at you and then just eat it up lol – she really deleted her blog why for?? like you say why go thruough all the trouble just to get roissy. what a waste

    [hey, i’m partial to redheads with bodies hewn from wood. she’s gone, roisshy aint]

  18. [That’s a bold move, Obsidian…] click here for more Let’s see how it works out for him. Obsidian takes exception to the way I am The Man keeping the Black man down…

  19. Wow. Vox Day has come to eradica. FP, I think we’ve arrived.

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