Blogging: The Gilded Cage II

by Firepower

Part Two

Statcounter Disease

If you read Shakespeare (no, watching it on TV does not count) and choke on his elaborate language, you are incapable of interpreting language written for 16th century common masses; Shakespeare was neither highbrow or lowbrow. He wrote in a “midbrow” language intended for common consumption – the David Mamet of his day. It’s not that difficult; you can do it. But, why bother.

Bloggers imagine themselves being miraculously discovered by a Wise Someone who just happens to be a famous book agent… with grand taste. One signed contract away from the drudgery of a real life too frightening to act upon, lest consequences interfere with the self-indulgent Literary Fantasy.  The problem is, Americans may read, but not books – just blogs.

Each noble captain of his own destiny takes keyboard in hand to feed Statcounter Disease.  Those with MORE HITS are worth more to a society that values the higher ratings of Jersey Shore to history on H2.  More viewers mean More Importance – to the ignorant determined to pursue popularity.

While patiently awaiting discovery by the savior-agent, the toiler habitually repeats key concepts –  substituting actual action and subsequent accomplishment for daily attention.  It is thought, reduced to the ritual of thought, prepared and presented for an audience.  It’s the book club or e-nonymous Therapy Group endlessly discussing deeds of others – without they themselves performing a deed or achieving tangible accomplishment.  Even though, that is the very reason they first collaborated.

The original idealized purpose of the internet was, much like TV, to “enlighten” via communication.  We are aware of the results.  The new interactive medium was to give voice to the masses – to foster communication with a will to action.  Predictably, the internet and blogging has degenerated into a quagmire of time-eating hobby, devoted to self-expression via keyboarding.  At first come magnificent Rembrandts, then comes MTV.  Then, MTV with no music – just Pauly D.  Anyone who can construct a basic 11th grade sentence now has the tool to generate an audience of similarly immature 10th graders – and even more worshipful 9th graders and on down the ladder to kindergarteners reverently gazing upon the face of God 2.1.  That’s fine, but children never accomplish anything but delighting their elders with fantasy.

5 Responses to “Blogging: The Gilded Cage II”

  1. I remember that. Paperless offices, connecting the world. It’s all shit. It’s another form of entertainment, even much of WN is. We need something in real life. I “hope” that we do a progression here and work towards that.

    • Blogging is (now) millions of sideshow carnival barkers spinning plates and shouting, competing for the attention of simple people numbed from de-education; many of those are, sadly, irredeemable idiots. It depends on the listening audience’s intelligence and will. Not how attractive, simple or entertaining bloggers craft our message.

      THAT was already done – a million times.

      Bread & Circuses have a powerful allure that often lead to total collapse – without victims even knowing or caring.

  2. The internet is Sturgeon’s law applied to Sturgeon’s law.


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