Dear Bill Brasky, An Open Letter…

by Firepower

SNL is good – for something

Here’s a personal thank you for your pleasant Monday, April 30, 2012 compliment about my blog on heartiste; both our comments got eaten.

WordPress is acting a bit funny these days…

No compliment fairly given should ever be…… misconstrued as being ignored…even by technical glitch.

You said something like (I paraphrase):

Good to see you started a blog firepower. in mala fide has gotten stupid lately. piggy has embraced non-violence ferd has let things slack to a 3rd grade level on his kiddie-kornhole site

I replied exactly:

Monday, April 30, 2012

I’ve always valued your wise, succinct posts so your compliment resonates.

I’m sick of The Daily Outrage!® perpetuated by childish phonies, then getting banned for bringing it up amongst cackling flocks of kids worshiping morons misconstruing wisdom as tiresome bitch-a-thons.

If George Washington were “above violence” we’d be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, eating eel-pie with crooked, rotten teeth.

Don’t know what you said that was so bad, but it musta been good.

7 Responses to “Dear Bill Brasky, An Open Letter…”

  1. WordPress has been eating an unusual amount of comments lately. Sometimes it even spites them out – I’ve had deleted comments reappear hours later. Strange.

  2. Who is Bill Brasky and is there a link to his blog?

    [nope. if you see him around, inform him of my gratitude. he’s made some quippy comments at heirtiests and we got along well. i remember lolz the snl skit]

  3. I told Hannagan, on a few occasions, that out of all the blog commenters without blogs I thought you’d make the best blogger. Really though you’ve exceeded even my expectations.

    Another blog commenter who I’d like to see flesh out his comments into blog form is Daybreaker (he comments at mangans, age of treason, onestdv). He’s highly nuanced but gets himself into big tangles sometimes just replying to people. Daybreaker could go either way but I’d love to see him try.

    [ed note: never heard of daybreaker. I’ve given up on onestd. he was to be my next post in “blog reviews” after I added Brandon from Enid, OK’s manganinnie questions from m4. Isn’t std in oz? i totally do not follow him at all now, only in the past occasionally skimmed his endlessly regurgitated shit. It’s all empty bitching.]

    What’s the deal with Heartiste’s politics? I thought his comments at piggies were quite good then on his own blog he seems to have backed off a little. Also he once did a post on ‘anti-semitism’ and seems to have backed down deleted it the next day. He seems to be on ‘our’ side so I’d love to see him do some political stuff. I guess the fact every time he does his comments section gets a pack of Democrat voting gamer going into skirt lifting mode doesn’t really inspire him. Still it’s a good way to sought the wheat from the chaff.

    [Don’t really know about ch’s true politics. I get impressions, that’s all. He did get burned by a commenter who took advantage of his pics and found out his workplace and cuntily lobbied to get him fired. so, my guess is he’s gunshy – plus has a jewish boss. i do remember the jewish post he did and assume he now wants to avoid controversy.]

    I’d love to see you do a post on the upcoming US election FP. Will you vote for Romney? If I was an American I assume I would would purely on economic grounds. Though I read somewhere he has appointed neocons as his foreign policy advisers which is a worry. Not much chance of him addressing the national question either I guess.

    [thanks for the compliments cam. part of my starting the blog was the looming election merging with urging to write. much of what i told close associates last election came true. all you can expect from romney is a slowdown of US Socialism. nothing more]

  4. Thanks for the post, man.

    I kind of assumed CH deleted it, because I called his blog a broken record. Maybe I just get tired of reading the latest nuance of how to convey smirkey douchebaggery via text messsaging.

    Glad you appreciate the reference…Ive used other handles and never really latched on to it because of its Alec Baldwin/SNL-kosherness, but that skit’s a pretty good caricature of the whole “alpha” thing, and the the absurdity of its endgame…

    Ill be reading your stuff


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