Firepower Gets Derbed

by Firepower

Whee! Wheeee!
It’s all fun until
Somebody gets DERBED!

This came from another thread and looks better here.

Pat Haniggan writes:

OT, read your head to head with GL Piggy at Roissy’s FP. Then read the Roissy post, followed up with GL Piggy, Chuck Rudd whatever his name is, post. Comment thread at GLs was large. Worth a thorough reading, so I’ll go back later. Thought I should urge you to comment at GLs. So I will: here, I urge you.

One thing though, CR says “I’d prefer “Nationalism” over “White Nationalism”. I do not want to put race, even if it’s my own, as the most important principle, and that’s exactly what White Nationalism is.”

Also, “But what if you have a different admixture somewhere in your genes, perhaps then your mechanism is cluing you in to someone who is part Caucasian part other races.”

CR’s problem is the racial component of WNism, not the nationalism. The essence of his post is a quarrel with a definition of “White”. He feels (states this) that it is limiting for him. I get the impression, the same one with HS and OneSTDV (they all express a similar problem with WNism), that this stems from feeling excluded from the definition of White, which is pointedly exclusive of Jews. Or “Joos” as OneSTDV constantly expresses the problem.

Apparently CRs post stemmed from…

…a recent one re Lindner, specifically to do with Lindner’s genocidal intent towards Jews.

Can I be any more explicit? Yes, I can! (as Obama would say). CR, like OneSTDV is more than likely a Jew, or has some association with Jews. HS certainly is a Jew. Birds of a feather, flock together.

I have a problem with Lindner’s genocidal intent as well, reasons being: 1) I don’t trust anyone who publicly urges violence, especially of a genocidal nature. It indicates to me govt stooge. 2) the solution proposed, genocide, does not fit the problem, is extreme, especially given that the vast majority of Whites do not even recognise the problem, or even as it is, have been indoctrinated to be especially aware of any threats to Jews.

Actual photo of glpiggy writing about me. Now, I don’t know WHAT to do…

It reminds me of some bloggers who post about killing hapless immigrants, as if this is a solution. Again, alarm bells ring. Take the case of Breivik, one can argue about the rationality of his actions, concur with the actions, without explicitly proposing his solution. I’ve read elsewhere from supposed WNists that we should ignore Breivik and follow other examples of say, a problem gambler who got into debt, became a serial bank robber as a solution to his personal problems, and then in a haphazard way started shooting random immigrants, over a period of time. Even that “killing spree” resulted in few deaths as the criminal was incompetant and had destroyed his weaponry’s ability to shoot straight. Imagine proposing that, instead of the years of strategising, political work, action and show trial of Breivik. One should question the bona fides of that “WNist” proposing the incompetent over the competent. Just as they would question Lindner.

And just so, one should question the stumbling blocks of CR, OneSTDV and co. Evidence suggests their motivations aren’t the same as ours, more than likely because they do not share what we perceive as our greatest threat, i.e. anti-White govt policies. Now why would they balk at definitions of White, given that govts have no problem identifying who is White? Most likely because they don’t self-identify as the type of White govts identify as White. Govts don’t identify Jews as White. Jews are excluded from negative discrimination. They are a protected species.

Anyway, I urge you to comment at Chuck Rudd’s.

Thanks mate, but:

I can’t comment at piggy’s – he’s blocked me, remember.
No matter what junk he said publicly at heartiste’s.

It’s Precious lil’ ferdi game:

  1. Seethe on the inside in fear of confronting me
  2. Pout, then use clandestine tactics to ban me, then
  3. Public Tantrum with name-calling after I’m safely silent.
  4. Sulk, then declare “victory” because you used the Banslammer instead of your brain…

Anonymous emailer/troublemakers sent me word that pigster was behind lil ferdi’s banning me – and they’re also the a-hole sockpuppet posters at Spearhead.  Call them the Fight Club inspired 3rd Grade incarnation Project Mayhem. I can imagine this lame plausibility, but really no longer care because the thought actually repulses me and:

I warned you ferdi’s would become a playground for Terrible Tots when the good posters left.

random LILgrl #9 keeps you FOCUSED on the important stuff

Forums are a vacuum. When the good leave, trouble always follows. I can’t imagine the drudgery of having to keep churning out posts just in order to satisfy a peanut-gallery like that; it is running a nursery ward single-handed – running around like a fart in a bottle, changing shitty diapers and stuffing nipples in yowling mouths to shut them up.  I hope it never happens here; if it does – all their crap gets erased and I go on permanent vaykay, leaving this place a circumspect museum exhibit.

piggy’s either using The Famous Clintonian Lawyer Lie by saying “he’s never blocked my ip” then, skirting the issue by instead blocking my email addy – maybe in some psycho bunnyboiler attempt to negate the fearsome rep of the name “Firepower.” Very droll.

I don’t know. I did take him at his word that I was cleared to post; it’s the inane, childish time-waste of it all.  Like listening to a 3-year-old repeat over and over the first fart joke he’s learned that day in big boy school. Still, it’s brave of him to twice call me a pussy on his pal’s website. I gots derbed.

At least it’s not The Dumb Double Derb – from ferd. Hey,that rhymes – I’ll have to write a Haiku in honor of them both…

It’s always disappointing to see ostensibly brave writers capitulate under some weird, undefined, nebulous InterWebz mania gripping their hitcount ego like an insatiable Brain Slug.

If people can’t see who the nefarious practitioner of chickenshit is, they’re too dumb to warrant any concern, mate.

24 Responses to “Firepower Gets Derbed”

  1. Ugh. The thread was a nightmare! These conservative and libertarian types always seem to do that. Maybe I’m getting tired but I’d rather not argue with people like that. Let the niggers beat some sense into them then they’ll be ready to listen more.

    [i didn’t bother to read a quarter of it – just yours and a few replies: once i saw my post was blocked, i split. I hadn’t read his site in months either. for all of the ‘high powered’ potential KeyBoardists there, it was dully symptomatic of a dying board after all the good posters fled]

  2. Did you like my reference to your buddy there Ryu?

    Anyway, maybe your email address is in a spam filter FP. Mine gets regularly chucked into spam by people who hate me, God only knows why they have such bitterness towards my enlightenment.

    Ryu’s went into spam at M4 recently and I found it when I got back and retrieved it. If it happens regularly you have to write to Akismet, depending on who is blocking, and ask for release/re-determination of your address as spam.

    I can’t comment at Occidental Observer as myself, and I gave up having my address unblocked. Better to choose different aliases. I like Basil Rathbone as my latest. Maybe you should try something like “Le Chevalier C. Auguste Dupin”?

    btw, what’s the deal with you and Ferds? I thought you two were mates in the non-internet world and had a falling out over Sofia. Forget who gossiped that to me, maybe Cambro, I don’t know. I asked Ferd to let me know but he wouldn’t, didn’t reply in fact. So, what’s the goss?

    • All piggy has to do is simply unspam me from his comment dashboard.
      Ryu’s comes up as spam here, but I catch it and clear it. Not just for him, but out of courtesy for anybody who took the time to compose a thoughtful post.

      I’m amazed at the amount of non-argumentative posts I don’t get here: Everybody is truly scared of me. I do get gibberish, nonsensical rants with no merit, but none of The Bigs dare cross swords with me; It’s a curse, I tellya mate…

      dufiRE: Sofia. Sofia is a whole lotta woman, literally. Big(ish) plush tits and big plush lips. I want to tie her up, make her say Khalil Gibran is her favoite “philosopher” – threaten her parents with deportation from Canadia Immigrationne – interrogate her, punch her tits and make a Cuckold Video on her. Her bf and ferd tied up – squirming, wriggling with baby bonnets, pacifiers and buttplugs – tearfully whimpering as I throat slam her like a spittle-gurgling salami gag vid. Honest. I wouldn’t lie about something as tender-sweet as that.

  3. Btw, this is a very funny post. Well said FP!

  4. Apparently Piggy’s father was adopted raised by niggers. Really what do you expect?

    • There it is Cameron!

      I knew that had to be some reason for GLP’s position. Either a negress girlfriend or a black friend or something like that. He was far too insistant.

      I’ve always found that when a commenter is very anti WN, there is some compelling reason. Spike Gomez is a Hawaiian cannibal. Nullpointer is a negroid beaner. GLP had a negro grandfather….precious!

    • Well…you do also realize
      piggy’s totally free
      to post here

  5. you play ae don’t you

  6. I stopped reading GLP around the same time the author started writing for the Good Men Project. It wasn’t a conscious choice – his posts just gradually became less and less interesting until I forgot about poor Chuck altogether. Funny how this lines up exactly with what his vocal critics have been saying.

    • Ugh. I skimmed the gmp article; gmp is wimp-dreck.

      piggy had to cinch his raisins in in a tourniquet, then yank those nuggets purple before he hit the “submit*” key.

      *Ironically, named…isn’t it.

  7. It’s the same old shit made into new shit. pat is right and makes it clear so I don’t see why being right means you can’t say it.

    fuck it

    [ed note: sooo which one are you. gotta go with middle]


  8. I can’t post at pigs or ferds anymore. I didn’t get ‘derbed’ but my brain can’t take the stupidity. Great points. Intelligent people need freedom, NOT censorship
    [ed note: the audience is lost at imf. anybody with an iq over 90 simply can’t take the daily outrage. it’s bad enough when relatively mature males do it at spearhead, but when kids whine, it just gets tuned out. how else do you explain all those cross-referenced blogrolls, “persecution” by the splc – and so FEW posters? the ones that do post, just backslap and echo the inanity. it IS an Echo Chamber of Whine]

  9. why even post good stuff on rudd’s or bardamu’s. one won’t let it go through and the other, who gives a fuck what his posters think because they’re all a bunch of littel kids. stick to the adults and let the wannabe derbs and Transformers fans sit in their own dirty diapers

    [ed note: piggy has a few redeeming qualities left. inmala cried, hardly any. imf (the “impossible mission force?”) is nothing more than a JV Spearhead hampered by 20+ gamerz and teens doing the whining – instead of raped divorced butthurt dads.]

  10. White power!

  11. everybody’s got a right to speak what they feel and if they’re right, they should be allowed to say it and get praised for the truth. what YOU said wias plainly right and you should be allowed to keep ON saying it. thats all i need to say keep on doing your stuff man and i’m following

  12. Yes, IMF is just as repetitive as The Spearhead with their childish griping and moaning. Young people today are hopelessly crippled by their sense of self-entitlement. It’s good to see somebody call them on it in public. IMF constantly repeats itself because it has nothing more to say. Just a bunch of Ritalin Rangers (jr.) stuck in Asperger Mode.

  13. Love the blog man you really speak the truth that needs telling. I hear you on the echo chamber point. Tomorrow when some ‘new’ problem, issue, or news story comes up -BOOM- Ferds’ crew will be bitching about that and the next until it’s like stfu.

  14. Well, I feel mostly the same after re-reading this post. I will never condemn violent racists like Brevik or the skins in Russia. I can’t specifically promote violence against any one person on the internetz, but I don’t have to piss on the people that actually try some direct action.

  15. Hey fp, I see piggy deleted all your comments – did he derb you again.

    [ed note: he bravely Derbed…what he claimed he’d NEVER Derb. what honesty in a boy!]

  16. Jesus, I DONT KNOW WHY YOU entertain that shite Pat Hannagan. He’s the biggest blowhard drunk on the web – a loser.
    [ed note: i liked him. don’t be so hard on grammpa. everybody can sober up eventually, except cam]

  17. Great blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

    [ed note: sure!! if you’re gonna be like Piggi and Ferdi and expect The Big Bucks from writing – focus on where the REAL MONEY’S gonna be coming from in Your Happy Future: selling your ferdi-google pamphlets and by keeping up on your busboy/waitress skills! Oh! and don’t wait for That Call From Mr. Rich Lowry!]


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