August 3, 2015

Colored Future Murka

by Firepower


The former reading room of White STEM Explorer Guys now prefers kinky-haired jewish lesbian inventors to spread Teh MINOLUV.

The answer to all Murka’s Problems is we all become coloreds. All our descendents must fuck coloreds – and accept the anointing – if we only bow down like Jesus in the desert and worship our inferiors.

National Geographic is was a smart magazine that nobody reads anymore. The dumber Murkan variants now watch NATGEO TV instead.  Wait, NGTV once showed the walls of Constantinople and HD documentaries about whales. Now, the even stupider viewers are shown The Science of Stupid and crap about Alien Bigfoot Abduction.

So, by the time those little Spickaninnies on the right hit 2050, National Geographic’s shows will all be on Brawndo, The Thirst MUTILATOR!!!

50% Kids Are Minorities by 2020
Feudal America: Hawaii Cleanses Its Castle
Soylent Suites & Hunger Games Hovels

August 2, 2015


by Ryu

If I could pin down just one area that would maximize the fighting ability of each individual WN, it would be sniping. With training, one man can hold down large numbers of the enemy.

I won’t be able to write everything there is to know in one article. Often others ask we what I mean by “training” and what they should focus on. It is not appropriate for me to be giving exact marching orders to free-thinking white men. I do want to demonstrate that knowledge and excellence are possible and that everything is here, free, and online.

August 1, 2015

Rating Direct Actions

by Ryu

As always, the action itself is the easy part, making up only 1% of the work. The other 99% is preparation, intel, and ESCAPE. This is where most fail. We will be using this in the future.

F: Mission incomplete

D: Mission complete, suspect committed suicide

C: Mission complete, suspect captured within 24 hours; Brevik

B: Mission complete, suspect escaped for more than 1 day; Eric Frein

A-: Mission complete, suspect free over 5 years; Osama, Ted Kaczynski

A: Mission complete, suspect never caught but known; David Durham

A+ Mission complete, suspect unknown, suspect free; Zodiac, I70 Killer

The acme of excellence is no witnesses, no forensic evidence and no motive…a ghost. There is nothing for investigators to work.

July 31, 2015

Elite Feudal Manhattan Com-Fortresses

by Firepower

Not much to say, but: I toldyaso.

Just the thing for the pampered billionaire, foreign oligarch, Murkan jew or WASP.

Elite Thugsoldier/Knights get to pack heat in The Enchanted City, but you – The Little Peeepul – are stop&frisked. No wonder coloreds want to blow the christfuck out of SWATZIs.

While serving as president of the New School, Bob Kerrey, the former United States senator, needed a residence befitting… his station.”

Elites will never crack unless they are eradicated. They will continue to vote for – and donate billion$ t0 – LN Hillary types who perpetuate their shared gravy train while the rest of Murka Baltimores itself into Detroit.

Poolside calling….

July 30, 2015

Ninja Rocks

by Ryu

Ninja rocks” are little bits of spark plug porcelien. When throw against a glass surface, they shatter the entire window with only a small noise. It’s much less noisy than throwing a rock through, then having to scrape the insides of the window.

Possessing a ninja rock is “illegal”, as it is a burglary tool under the American system. Also remember the rock may have partial prints on it, as well as DNA. Folks who don’t collect it before leaving the scene…. Continue reading

July 29, 2015

The Attica Prison Riots of 1971

by Ryu

There are those who claim that the USG likes racism. It keeps the various groups at each other’s throats, rather than attacking the USG itself. I now agree with this POV to a degree.

It’s a matter of assessing threats and focusing on the biggest dog. Today, the police owns the streets, in all but a few mino-controlled areas.


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