April 30, 2016

Cops and the MRM

by Ryu

Male police officers make feminism possible, as they en-force the law. Do you think they know the truths of the MRM?

Absolutely. Though they’d roundly deny that knowledge, because American cops are trained liars.

If the police have a male suspect, their favorite target is his old lovers – girlfriends, fiances, wives. Especially if they are divorced or seperated. These are great interview targets on a suspect, because the womenz are wanting some payback.

There’s a little phrase “dirty up the husband.” Often if a couple is married, the police will go interview the current wife. They will then suggest or plant the seed that he may be cheating on her.

Naturally, she goes crazy thinking about this. She’ll “cooperate” with the police fully then. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

There are many variations on this. In one case, the wife was wired up and tried to get the man to talk about the crime. She questioned him hardcore, tears flowing, screaming, the entire bit. He took the bait and she took the tape back to the police, which caused him to be locked up.

Many times, a man is caught through his woman. The American police state knows where the weak link is. Beware.

April 29, 2016

When a Detective is Tried for Homicide

by Ryu

Do you think a homicide detective would be any better than a normal man at killing?

He “should” be. In general, cops make poor criminals. In their day-to-day work, they operate under almost total government protection. They can do and say what they like. Thus, while they get practice with “actions”, the action is only 1% of what’s needed.

The other 99% is getting away with it, and intel. Cops and soldiers are not accustomed to that level of paranoia and protection. They almost always crack to routine investigative techniques, which they themselves use every day. I’ve seen it now many times.


I found a case where a det tried to kill his wife.

If he was looking at this one, he’d know almost immediately who did it. The det had a mistress and took out life insurance on his wife, before her suicide.

Criminals aren’t stupid. The pucker factor involved in acting without state permission is enormous. Criminals feel many times the adrenaline that a cop or soldier does.

It really messes with the ability to reason. When a person panics, they can only think with the old, reptilian portion of the brain. The impulse is to fight or flight, kill or run. Thinking is impossible under such circumstances; that’s where the “stupid” mistakes come in.

April 28, 2016

Manhattan Penthouse Chosenite Bathrooms

by Firepower

Murkans are too stupid to “learn” how the Oppressing Elite live. It’s “too hard! (sniffle!)” to internetz.

Madoff Slept Here!

OWSers iz rong: This class is taxed too hard. They barely have enuff left over.

Think hard why this class would support an Obongo – a Killery. For shitsngiggles, read the article and play a drinking game of “Kount the Kike” doing a shot of your Popov Vodka.

April 27, 2016

The BIGov & MINO Alliance

by Firepower

Ours is different than the soviet style tyranny, so instead, Murkan oppression is now the innovative remnant of that once famous “murkan exceptionalism.”

Here we punish GOVfelons with RICO confiscation, while STASI used electroshock; communist slaves had nothing to confiscate. In this Murka of Greed, forfeiture is the greatest punishment; it is more profitable for the calculating tyrants. It is “the rack” versus the seized assets; it costs money to maintain torture devices and…. Continue reading

April 25, 2016

Buying Another Election

by Firepower

my and ryu’s kinda jew – Bill XXXlinton’s – too!

The newshounds at WaPo finally counted just who supplies all the money to elections! While they are good at numbers, they ignore how many of Those Cho$en 50 are…tribe members.

How very odd. If 1.5% of the population are 99% of another random group, it “should”* be cause for concern. If handicappable Lithuanian lesbians donated all the Klinton Ka$h, why sumbuddy’d get curious: Not the Beltway Boyz.

Some of The Irish:

  • hedge fund manager Tom Steyer
  • New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer – begorrah!
  • Michael Malbin (not McMalbinberg)
  • energy investor Toby O’Neugebauer,
  • car-dealing magnate Norman Braman
  • and hedge fund manager Steven “Shamrocks” Cohen and his wife,

You can figure out whose granpappy changed their name from Redstein to Redstone, etc. Probably all of them.

*non-active-activists: note proper usage of the word “should”

April 24, 2016

Scary Arson Sabotage

by Firepower

now vat do ve do?!?

It appears the CurrentGEN of disarmed Socialist Krauts actually can & do project ScaryPower – without even… a M-m-mountain of Guns! Still, Murkans are far more scarier; they’ve had safes full of AR-15s & Remington 700s with expensive scopes and lasers – for years.

Despite surveillance by millionz of CCTV Ünkel Merkel stasi-cams, brash neonaz* actually gave further instructions on making firebombs and using explosives. I can’t determine how a €1 skimask defeats such Hi-Tech. Good thing Killary and her LN Ascendant have spycams and Spynets* of BIGov informers to completely neutralize SO76’s MOG or I couldn’t enjoy Antman and a brew.

Imagine if when coloreds of The BLM do this.  Good thing wites were neutralized long ago or HEROFireMEN!™ would get too much overtime.

*see glossary of Firepowerisms




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