December 10, 2017

Facial Recognition Data WILL Be Shared….

by Ryu

One problem with the Police State is that it never stops; it only gets bigger. If you think action is hard now….just wait 10 years.

Australia is a police state too. The whole West uses it to stop WN from growing. The police aren’t just going to “sit” on all the data the collect. They WILL sell it and this will be allowed.

December 7, 2017

Powerful New WN Found: Murdoch Murdoch

by Ryu

This group puts out racist propaganda of the highest type. Very funny and effective. They get our highest recommendation.

December 6, 2017

Millionaire Cop

by Ryu

“Being a cop is so hard….the public just doesn’t understand us” :(((


December 3, 2017

Jewgoogle to Create Liberal Utopia in Toronto

by Ryu

Minos not included! (Of course, they didn’t mention that.)

The future is totalitarian. That city will be locked down in a way few can imagine even now.

November 29, 2017

Don’t Make Threats…Carry Them Out: Real Life Examples

by Ryu

All you do by “threatening” is make yourself feel good while queering the mark. It makes your job harder (if you actually wanted revenge.)

Some poor WN threatened a BigNig and will probably be traced, leading to some prison time for him. The police will defintely be taking a close look at his hard drive.

Don Lemon Contacts Police Over Disturbing Death Threats From White Nationalist

Remember, Murka is a police state here and now. Anything you do electronically is traced. The whole purpose of the Murkan police is TO PROTECT AND SERVE MINOS AND JEWS.

We don’t give a bucket of spit about dead niggers here. There’s alot you can do with FOS (Freedom of Speech) with practice.

We don’t talk about “trust” or “working in groups” here. If you work alone, you never need those things. It is the only way to work in the modern environment.

Best to keep things as simple as possible. Action is hard enough as it is.

November 26, 2017

“Hell by the Dashboard Light” Goolaged….

by Ryu

The Purges are not over yet, comrades.

Hell is going through what many other racist bloggers are going through. Jan at African Crisis went through the same thing and had to leave jewtube.

Murka is a total police state right now. If (they) had their way, there would be no free speech at all. For the most part, they own all the keys, they control all the doors. They have the loyalty of virtually all cops and soldiers.

Working inside a police state is hard, but it will make us strong. Minos and liberals are weakening due to lack of resistance. Skills, like muscles, must be exercised. The tightrope walker without a safety net is superior to the walker who needs one.

Remember our teaching; it also applies to blogging. Planning and exit is 99% of the work for those who work without state permission. Always have a plan. The heavier the work, the greater the need to work alone.

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