March 21, 2018

American Police State Catches Austin Bomber

by Ryu

…as predicted.

If you don’t know the Surveillence State cold, IT WILL bust you fast. As has happened here.

“The official said authorities identified a suspect in the past 24 hours based largely on information gained after police said the suspect shipped an explosive device from a FedEx store in Sunset Valley, a suburb surrounded by Austin. That evidence included security video.

Authorities also relied upon store receipts showing suspicious transactions from the person and obtained a search warrant for his Google search history that showed him conducting searches they considered suspicious, the official said.

Authorities relied upon cell phone technology to trace the suspect to a hotel in Williamson County, the official said.”


We don’t like to see anyone get caught, go to prison, or have to self-kevorkian.

If you aren’t willing to spend 5+ years studying forensics and learning every nook and cranny of the Police State, YOU WILL get caught. Action will not save the white race, because only a vanishingly small portion can GAWI and their numbers are too small.

“Most” people aren’t even at the point where they know the former USA is a police state, and is completely locked down.

Our continuing challenge to all doubters is this: buy a roll of toilet paper in the “Land of the Free” without being videotaped, without your credit card being traced, without your car leaving license plate data….then imagine how much more evidence real action leaves.

The 5C’s – cell phones, computers, cars, CCTV, and credit cards.

1984? You’re living it.

March 20, 2018

Selco on “Martial Law”: You are Already Living It, Murka

by Ryu

Selco is a famous Boz survivalist. Apparently he lived through martial law as Yugoslavia self-kevorkianed.

The lesson of this link is that Murka is already under martial law. What do “most people” do about it? Nothing, or they ignore it.

March 19, 2018

Our Message (Not the Police’s) to the Austin Bomber

by Ryu

Too hot. You – are – going – to – get-caught.

The police are trying their typical con “contact us!”. Do that on any phone inside the USA, and they will be at your door in 5 minutes. THERE IS NO WAY TO ANONYMOUSLY CONTACT….ANYONE inside the Murkan Police State.

The great trouble with bombs is that they do not eliminate evidence – they just spread it around.

Here is the great secret to investigating bombs. Get about 50 techs in plastic suits. They will comb every inch within a large perimeter, finding every little piece of that bomb.

Inside the lab, a tech will spend many days putting the bomb back together. They will learn how it worked. They WILL track the receipts, sellers, CCTV, last known sale of every component in that bomb. (They are feds and they have the time / $$$ to do this.)


In addition, overactivity can get a DAA caught faster than any other mistake. Cooling off periods are necessary. Too much action makes the police need to “do something now!” which opens up the wallet and gets them spending money on extra men, overtime, tools, and communications.

You want things to be nice and quiet, not blowing up every day. That way, you stay in control.


If you stop now, you have a shot at GAWIing. A small shot, but it is there.

Bomb investigations take a long time, even with all the manpower thrown at them. It usually takes weeks to months for the investigators to track the paper trails. They will interview everyone who bought batteries at Walmart in Austin on a particular day, if they have to.

It would be prudent to stop all activity, leave the area, while leaving a minimum of traces as to the final destination. Remember the Electronic Surveillence State, the 5C’s (credit cards, CCTV, computers, cell phones, cars) and that your SSN makes you trackable in a wide variety of ways.

Disappearing for a few months will bring perspective. Your work so far has been magnificent.

Be smart, make the right moves.

March 17, 2018

White Supremacist Shoots 4 Swatzis and One Copter

by Ryu

The “human quality” of the System’s enforcers is dropping quickly. It takes more cops and soldiers to subdue one of the enemy.

This is an occult reason why the System is investing in drones and robots. Their current recruits are weaklings, servants, soyboys and gomers. WN gets the best white men remaining.

You’ll note in this story, how the suspect ran to the woods. Pigs are not accustomed to fighting in rural locations anymore. They are used to cities, where they have most of the advantage.

It is no coincidence that Eric Frein, Eric Rudolph, Ted Kaczynski and others all retreated to the woods. That is the white man’s native environment. The white man is naturally a hunter and greatly enjoys this location. He is at his best working alone.

March 16, 2018

MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win

by Firepower

Photo (Photo credit: davidrdesign)

It’s better to view an accident diagram or lost battle schematic from afar.

mra = men’s rights activist (light on the ‘activist’ part, in fact – it doesn’t exist)

A Persian Proverb:

“He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool—shun him.
He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a child—teach him.
He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep—wake him.
He who knows and knows that he knows is wise—follow him.”

This, of course, leads us to Casting Pearls Before the Swine that are Spearhead Posters

AfOR tries to talks sense into the troops, to rally them before Thermopylae.  But, alas Leonidas is speaking to the whiny, grown-up spawn of … Continue reading

March 13, 2018

Land of the Free! CCTV and DNA Tests for Dog Poo….

by Ryu

Can you feel all the freedumb yet?

Police State technology WILL be used on smaller and smaller crimes.

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