May 26, 2016

That’s a Witness, Not a CCTV

by Ryu


CCTV. It’s such a benign name for such an insidious device.

Video cameras are witnesses with perfect recall. They can show others exactly what they have seen. The FBI and ATF have special software that can clean up noisy images.

There’s a new field called “forensic gait analysis.”

This was created in the land of the CCTV, England. People are using disguises sometimes. But they usually don’t disguise how they walk. It’s a pseudo-science, but it works to convice the average person. It is also great for bluffing out suspects in the interrogation room.

Witnesses, evidence, confessions. That’s what solves cases. Don’t underestimate CCTV. Treat it just like a sentry standing there.

May 24, 2016

The Two Faces of Joe Paul Franklin

by Ryu

You know who Joe is, even if you don’t remember the name. Pierce devoted Hunter to his glorious actions. He was mainly caught because of the tattoos on his forearms, recognized by a nurse as he sold blood.

There are two ways to remember him, two different faces.

One is when he was free: riding across the country in a jacked Trans Am, wasting interracial couples and shooting porn moguls. He did this for 3 years.

The other is the Joe after 20 years in an American Gulag. Like many WNs, he was locked in seg for most of his prison time. It’s almost like locking yourself in the bathroom for 23 hours a day. This is America’s favorite punishment: getting old and tired. NO ONE looks good after that (except Manson – time has not reduced his power.)

Joe was a beaten man after all that time in “the box.” Bear in mind what he has gone through, when you hear this confession. I think it was a con to stay his execution.

There’s a secret teaching out there. “Put me in a dark solidary cell. To you, that’s the end. To me, it’s the beginning…” Manson’s been in prison far longer than any other WN. He hasn’t been beaten yet. The system would love to see him whimper and beg to his captors.

This is a docu on Manson, made by some racist Satanists. I can pinpoint the moment when my opinion changed from the norm to admiration. It was at 1:35:43 of this film. The interviewer is Nikolas Shreck, a famous WN of the 80s.

May 22, 2016

“Prime Evil”

by Ryu

Sometimes, DAAs are so famous they even get a nickname. What do you imagine a man would have to do in order to get the name “Prime Evil?”

In today’s world, it would be a white man who defended his race and killed minos. With practice, one can easily make these predictions; the more “evil”, the more pro-white. Hitler being the most evil man conveivable, in the modern system.

Prime Evil’s real name was Eugene de Kock. He was a hired gun for the apartheid government in its last days. He eventually took the fall while his bosses sailed.

One must note: the South African government called anti-apartheid activists “terrorists.” Again the magical phrase comes up. There is nothing new or modern about terrorism.

Of course, no one knew or approved of what he did. It is typical for people in the field to pay while the planners or supervisors go free. This happens in the police force, military, criminal enterprises, in all countries.

As a government killer, Prime killed far more than an ordinary DAA. He operated under state protection. Only after his government fell did be become a “criminal.” Before that, he had won metals and commendations for fighting terrorism.

The rest of the story, you may guess. He went to a South African prison. 20 years in the pen has changed him.

Prime was parolled in 2015, but he is a shadow of the man he was; prison broke him. One has to be very careful with evaluating this post-prison statements. It’s like listening to a soldier after he escaped enemy confinement.

May 20, 2016

Two Docus Guaranteed to Alter Your Worldview

by Ryu

“The Act of Killing” and “The Look of Silence.” The two go together. These docus are in foreign language, so they are subtitled.

In the 1960s, Murka funded anti-communist efforts in Indonesia. A million people were killed. The killers are still alive, free, rich and often hold power.

They have no shame, and eagerly re-enact their work for the camera. Many are proud. To most of the country, they are heros. That’s “The Act of Killing.” This is a unique opportunity to hear honest truth from killers who feel glee. No PTSD here.

“Silence” follows a family member of a victim as he confronts several of those government-backed killers. Naturally, he has to be careful, as the regime is still in power. In one case, he is threatened during filming.

The victimized say prayers and want to put it all behind them. They decide to let Allah punish in the next world. The victors are like “Wooooooooooooo it was great! They begged for mercy and screamed. Then we killed them.”

One interesting thing about “Silence” is that under pressure, even government-backed groups start cracking and ratting out one another – just like ordinary citizens or “criminals.”

Don’t be impressed by the “solidarity” of police and soldiers. Start turning the screws and they’d rat just as fast using standard investigative techniques.

The combination of these two documentaries will cement the idea that killing is great…when one wins. The most important thing during revolution is to take it all the way, and not to lose.

May 18, 2016

How to Keep Your Soldiers and Cops Loyal

by Ryu

So – you’ve got a group of kids who want to be heros. You’ve trained them how to kill, torture, and blow shit up. But now there is a danger; they might use those skills against you. How to keep them loyal?

Hold back a portion of their earnings.

The Americans call this system “pension.” It keeps their men quiet, no matter what they are ordered to do. When ex-cops and soldiers finally do speak up, it tends to be during middle age, when they are no longer capable of fighting.

All slick employers use the long con. They promise that if only the employees will stay loyal, the long money/the big score will come….in just a few short years. Pimps in the past used this on their whores, promising that carefree and prosperous future if the whore kept humping.

The American way of war is not possible for most men over 30. Long marches, carrying 75+ lbs of kit, on little sleep and poor food is something only kids can get away with. And most of them have to use stimulants like Ripped Fuel to get up from lack of sleep and then alcohol to turn down the adrenaline at night.

Similar with cops. After about 10 years working, the job loses its shine. Injuries add up. One drinks more. It becomes a countdown to retirement.

Cops and soldiers cannot be considered good or bad. They simply obey whoever holds the money. Once, German soldiers obeyed Nazi commands. Today, they obey Liberal Nazi orders. Right, wrong?

Once, American cops enforced Jim Crow laws. Today, they too work for the Liberal Nazis. Their utility and our judgement of them comes from who they serve. If WN ever has the money and the power, cops and soldiers will serve us.

May 17, 2016

Cop Tales: What Purpose Do the Sheep Serve?

by Ryu

…to be skinned.

I have a certain admiration for the American police now. They are extremely cunning, in exactly the same way that a good criminal is. Both are running cons; its just that the LE con is longer and bigger.

Many have heard the tale of the sheepdog, the sheep and the wolves. This is a tale old cops tell baby cops to make them feel good about their new job. Cops are the sheepdogs, protecting the sheep from the wolves.

…but in this story, they never reveal what the sheep are there to do. The dogs protect, the wolves prey, what do the sheep do?

The sheep are going to get sheared anyways, by the sheepdogs or by the wolves. Sheep support dogs by paying their taxes and various government fees. The more fear the sheep
feels, the more wool you can rip off him.

It’s a slick con and it works well. The wars on drugs/terror/crime/poverty have never been “won.” The victory is over the sheep. Fear in the people is job security for cops. Honest cops (if there is such a thing) know sheepdogs are descended from wolves; both are canines. By legitimizing their operations, they removed the pucker factor which makes crime so hard.

It is almost too easy for them now. There are so many sheepdogs; local, state and federal. And everybody needs to eat, so new laws and new crimes must be created for the wolves to break.

In the third world, cops are not trusted. Third world citizens know criminals are actually less greedy than the cops. Thugs with uniforms, thugs without uniforms. That’s coming to the US soon, if not here already.

This is a vid of an “honest” citizen getting shaken down. He should have just paid the fine. In the third world, torture is often used during interviews and interrogations.


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