June 30, 2016

Rural Surveillance

by Ryu

RS is by far the hardest type of surveillance to perform for LE. One cannot hide in the sea of people when there are no people. Luckily, there is a lot of material out there to learn from.

June 28, 2016

Everything Mossad Ayoob Won’t Write About Firearms: Part 1 – Ballistic Evidence

by Ryu

The least significant fact about guns is that they can be used to kill. You can always tell a pig- or soldier-writer because they only focus on the action. That much is true; cops and soldiers just have to pull the trigger.

More important is how guns are tracked and what evidence they leave behind. Because THAT is what gets you caught.

Gun manufacturers are a part of the American police state. They cooperate in such a way as to make their merchandise more identifiable and traceable. Hi-Point knows that criminals like their cheap, disposable guns; that’s why Hi-Point presses the serial number on several areas, not just where one can see.

A partial listing of firearm evidence:

1) Serial Number

Like the VIN and CarFax, the gun’s SN can be used to trace where it was bought, where it was serviced, and who owned it.

2) Bullet Lots

Let us say a killer shoots a vic. One shot, one bullet. The ME does an autopsy and pulls out the slug.

We find a suspect and execute a SW on his house. We find a box of ammunition. We send it to the ballistics unit and they tell us the bullet came from that lot…we have our killer.

Individual bullets can be matched to lots. Chemical analysis and metallurgy provides the make.

3) Ejector and Breech Marks

These will be left on the shell casings, not the slug. These can be “individualized” and used to match a casing to the gun that fired it. Someone who just lets casings fly off is leaving alot of evidence. All casings ever left by that gun will have similar marks.

4) Lands and Grooves

…not just to impart spin to a bullet and make it more accurate.

They also match the barrel to the bullet. There are tables called GRC or general rifling characteristics. These match the number of lands and groves with its right or left hand twist to a particular model of gun.

For example, we work a crime scene. The ME digs a bullet out of the corpse. It may be a 25 caliber slug with 8 lands and grooves with a right hand twist. We look into the GRC database and find that 4 models can fire that bullet.

If the case is big enough, we may chase down all owners of those models within a 50 mile radius. If you own that model weapon, I can call the ATF and find out. Then, I can get a SW for that gun.

To the public it’s magic. To those who know, it’s the American police state in action.

5) Gunshot Residue

When a gun is fired a cloud of residues is created. This will get on the shooter’s hands, clothes and face. If the shooter is caught within say 48 hours, the police will use a GSR test to determine if he fired a gun recently.

If the vic was close enough to the shooter, he’ll have some GSR on him also. Picture that cloud of smoke/residues exiting the gun, small at first, then expanding, and contracting.


That will do as an introduction – and any article is just an introduction. Those who truly need this information would not stake their future and their freedom on one writing.

Guns are very dangerous…for the shooter. Every bullet that gun ever fired, needs to be accounted for and destroyed if possible.

Someone who writes about guns, without writing about the evidence they produce, is working for THEM. Remember that.

June 27, 2016

We Salute the Golden State Skins!

by Ryu

I saw this story on the TV but left more confused that when I went in. After digging about it seems that about 15 whites came out on top after being assaulted by 200 leftists.

Whoever trained the skins, trained them well. I too learned about the shields. You’ll notice that many of the cops there had body armor and those plastic SWATzi shields. Best thing of all – no arrests at this time.

To learn how to use knifes well, ask youself who uses them the most? Prisoners. The knife is in the back hand, the other hand defends.

We do good when outnumbered because neonazi racists actually train for it. This vid comes from Russia.

That’s what it is like at rallies today. Antifas are mostly negros, hipster whites and some feminist women. You’d better be ready for violence, being outnumbered, and dirty cop trickery. This vid is from a jew-controlled source, so take a pinch of salt.

June 26, 2016

Forgotten Racist Movies: The Postman

by Ryu

This movie is from 1997 and stars Kevin Costner.

It takes place in a post-collapse Murka where there is a large band of white racist raiders. The economic system they use is the protection racket, which all governments use. Pay us off, and we’ll make sure no one hurts you (except us.)

The situation is plausible. The raiders take conscripts from each of their settlements; men from age 15-50 of suitable ethnic foundation. The law of eight:
1. You will obey orders without question.
2. Punishment shall be swift.
3. Mercy is for the weak.
4. Terror will defeat reason.
5. Your allegiance is to the clan.
6. Justice can be dictated.
7. Any clansman may challenge for leadership of the Clan.
8. There is only one penalty – death.

I found something another racist wrote. He has a good site and even stuff for kids, strangely. This guy has been around 15 years, which is a very long time in our business.

This movie is long at 3 hours.

June 24, 2016

Mossad Ayoob is a Shill for the Murkan Police State

by Ryu

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers. We aren’t going to allow any police state supporters off the hook – no matter how many books they sell.

Everything is an “industry” in Murka. The police and military have parasites too. There is a racket for teaching “advanced” courses in policework, like advanced super-duper shootgunner while driving one-handed (only $999.95 limited time only!).

Ayoob is one of the biggest hustlers there is and has stacked up the money because he is a good conman. This is no different than PUA, where mPUA-gurus charge $2000 for a live infield demonstration awesomeness seminar. Ayoob just choose a demographic with a larger budget – the Murkan police state and the public that admires them.

I recently spent some time on google and searched every iteration I could imagine: mossad ayoob articles waco, mossad ayoob ruby ridge, katrina, boston bombing martial law…nothing. The guy has never written a harsh word against the USG. Either Ayoob is blind to police state Murka, or he is foolish. He doesn’t even write about American interference in his native Syria. He

Like a true pig, he supports his masters wholeheartedly. Just like Rooshie, he doesn’t want to live in the Middle East with his Muzz brothers. He wants to live in a white country. As it is, he lives in New Hampshire – white people paradise, writing about crime in one of the safest states there is.

Ayoob is not a “lethal man.” The qualification there is a pile of bodies. Shooting paper targets don’t count – and bricks don’t hit back.

How many people has Ayoob killed? Anyone got a body count?

If you REALLY want to learn how to kill, be honest with yourself and learn from a real killer. Franklin, John Allen Mohammed, or Anders are good choices. Ayoob is a stooge for the American police. He works under their protection, as they consider him a demigod.

You cannot learn revolution from any cop or soldier. All cops and soldiers make poor criminals. They fight something they do not truly understand.

To operate on your own, without state permission, is a different ball of wax. It is the highest thing a man can achieve, the true definition of white supremacy. WNs will have to learn the hard way that the only teachers there are “criminals” and “terrorists.”

One of the hidden reasons why the survivalists are so impotent is who they listen to. SPs listen primarily to ex-solders or cops. All of their training time goes into shooting targets, just like a true soldier – which they aren’t. When a civilian does what a cop or soldier on duty does, he’s a criminal. Unconsciously, the SPers know this, which is why they do not and cannot act. Either you learn from criminals or you don’t learn.

Pulling the trigger is nothing. It is 1% of what’s necessary. The other 99% is getting away with it. Stop being fooled and impressed by police state hustlers. You will never have the protections they have.

Here is a man with something to teach. Whoever pulled the trigger here was worth 100 Ayoobs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUtK3O1wFFM

June 22, 2016

For All the Posts That Can’t Be Written

by Ryu

There are many areas in WN that are not covered.

For some, they can’t write about them because they are not aware of their existence. For others, it is just not prudent to write about them.

America is a police state here and now. One has to adjust his methods and conduct accordingly. Any strong WN knows what it would have been like to be a jew in Nazi Germany or a Palestinian in modern Israel – no need to read the history books.

Beware of those who write “we will go to the authorities with any threats of violence….” They are the surest informers there is. No heat, no pressure and already they are ready to turn their comrades in. The USG uses the threat of violence day and night against them and they still don’t complain.

The very best WN material available cannot be found on any public site. And the more advanced one becomes, the more one must hold back. Never doubt that there are oceans out there waiting for the right person.


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