July 24, 2016

Inside Your Car is the Most Dangerous Place to Be

by Ryu

Anyone who studies cop-killing has to notice that virtually all of them happen while the officer is inside his car.

While inside your car, you’re trapped. You can only see what is in front of you and a bit of the sides. The seat holds your body and arms in place. There are many blindspot, and no way to get out but to open the door.

Cops know these things too. Why do you think they DEMAND that you stay in the car while you sit there?

“Don’t move motherfucker! Just sit there and look straight ahead!”

Cops don’t sit during a patrol stop. They get out, so they can move. They know about the blindspots in the rear right and rear left. In fact, many officers don’t wear their seatbelt, so they can get out faster.

The police techniques of misdemeanor and felony stops are all centered around keeping the mark in his car and locked in place.

Cops don’t play fair. Anyone thinks they do – is being conned themselves. EVERYTHING the police accuse “the bad guys” of doing, they themselves do.

Little known secret: cops tricks work against cops. Cops have a blind spot in that they too think all cops are good. They are always shocked when one of their own isn’t loyal to the group.

To this end, we shall begin a new series of police techniques: how to cuff a suspect, how to perform a field interview, how to perform a manhunt, etc. Because everything they do is also done by criminals, as is best demonstrated by home invasion/SWAT raid equivalence.

Below is a video on how to perform an ordinary traffic stop. For those who truly want to learn, one has to watch many videos many times and take notes.

July 22, 2016

Anders Brevik Day

by Ryu

Today is the 5 year anniversary of Ander’s glorious actions. He has served now about a quarter of his prison sentence.

Norway has a great criminal justice system. Wiki says that as of July 2015 Brevik was admitted as a full student in the bachelor degree program in political science at the University of Oslo. He should be a great student.

Here are some pics of his baracks:

Breivik said that “Isolation is the most effective way to radicalise people because one never gets corrected by others”.

I am sorry that your father betrayed you, Anders. I wouldn’t make that mistake. We are very proud of your actions.

July 20, 2016

Crime Scene Investigation in the Past

by Ryu

There is nothing “new” or “forensic” about solving crime.

Crime has been occuring since the first law was written. The Romans fought crime, the Greeks before them, and the Babylonians before them.

All had their methods. These means were less “scientific” than today, but much of modern science itself is a fraud. No one getting a paycheck is detached or objective.

There is an entire body of crime scene investigation literature that predates the modern era.


In homicide, we always start with victimology. It is tradition because it works. The first detectives did this also.

First, establish a timeline. What was the victim doing in the last 72 hours?

Did he have any enemies? Did any family members have life insurance out on him? Question coworkers and friends. Check into his mail and financial background.

If there is a body, a doctor can determine cause of death. If there is no body, we form a search party and find it. Dogs have been trained to find bodies even before our time period.

Locate the murder weapon. Look in the obvious places. Then, connect the weapon, victim and suspect. The process is straightforward, though most detectives like to blacken their art to increase their own presige and fatten their paycheck.l

As has been demonstrated, most of above was possible in any time period. No high technology necessary. No electricity, cars or internet required.

In fact, it was often easier to solve homicide in the past, as people knew and watched each other more. In 1960, the US homicide clearance rate was 95%.

The number one factor which determines whether or not a case will be solved: did the suspect know the victim? If so, the case will very likely be solved. Today, that’s about 100%.


The purpose of this post is to illustrate a point: there never has been a “perfect” murder.

It is not well to look down on earlier times as “primitive.” Especially considering how our own era will be primitive compared to the year 2200.

July 18, 2016

So What If America is a Police State?

by Ryu

We have to speak in terms modern Murkans can understand. Thus, we turn to the most evil monsters in existence, the Nazis. All average Americans will agree that Nazi Germany was a police state.

As a part of their resistance, the jews in Nazi Germany became terrorists.

– They killed uniformed police and soldiers.

– They sabataged and destroyed infrastructure.

– They defied official government orders and hoarded guns, money and food.

– They broke the law and resorted to theft, banditry, murder and seditious literature.

As the above example shows, Americans agree that killing cops, bombings, assasination, arson and sabatage are all allowed when fighting police states.

Of course – doing those things WITHOUT government protection is very hard and carries harsh penalties. Almost no one can do it – including cops and soldiers. Take away the badge and uniform and one is left with a very normal citizen.

That is the secret and occult reason why virtually no one will admit the USA is a police state today.

The responsibility to fight back lies with those who can see it, and only a small portion of those have the genetic skill to fight back. It is a special gift. Someone like Tim McVeigh is less than one in a million.

There are certain skills in this life that one can only learn from “terrorists” and “criminals.” Sooner or later, WNs must find that “the good people” do nothing. Sheep are only good for paying their taxes and being sheered.

Below is a video on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. It details the actions of jewish terrorist extremists against the lawful German government. This was Germany’s war on terror. You’ll notice Germany using the same measures that the Americans would later use, 60 years later.

July 16, 2016

Hitting the Jews Where It Hurts…

by Ryu

…their pocketbook.

Nothing so outrages the jew as losing money. He hates when others steal from him, as he steals from whites.

There are two types of crimes: crimes against property and crimes against people. In general, the clearance rate for property crimes is about 20% and for personal crimes about 60%.

Stealing from the jews enriches the white race; it is a great honor to the one who performs it.

Direct action takes many forms. The ultimate forms get all the press. However, many DAAs have commited crimes against property and have gotten away with it.

Bob Matthews was an absolutely terrific bank robber; robbery is a crime against people, but the principle holds. His crew pulled the greatest armored car heist in American history and he netted about 3.2 million dollars. Not all of his work was heavy.

Sometimes, these videos at the end are like a little door; we get to see who wants to walk through and see the other side. Don’t be satisfied with one reality, when many are available.

July 14, 2016

Police Tricks-of-the-Trade: Scent Dogs

by Ryu

Scent evidence. Very few people outside of law enforcement know about this. It is not just used by prisons to track escapees.

Scent dogs are a great danger when the offender commits his crime within walking distance of his home. In those cases, departments using a dog could just walk right up to the offender’s door. Of course, this is not admissible in court but is highly suggestive.

Not every department has a scent dog. However, it is common to use scent dogs in burglaries, homicides, robberies and arsons. This is how police can go from “nothing” to walking right to the suspect’s home.

The human body is constantly shedding “epithelial” or skin cells. This is what the dog is picking up with its nose.

Now for the dangerous part: generalizing. For every case using scent dogs that I’ve seen, the trail ends when the suspect gets into a car. Probably it helps to close all the windows also.


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