May 23, 2018

Coming Soon to Murka…China Punishing Insults to Heros Like Firefighters

by Ryu

Oh no slaves, you aren’t getting off so easily.

Pretty soon, worshipping cops and soldier will be MANDATORY. Show enthusiasm, comrades! Freedom and liberty forever!

Everything China has today, the LOF (Land of the Free) will have in about 10-15 years.

When Murka actually was free, there was very little cop, soldier and firefighter worship. 9-11 changed that. Suddenly hero-worship became a national pastime, something to be shown on TV at football games and airports in the most overt and sumptious manner.

There is no stopping the Murkan Police State now. It will only get worse.

If you think….GAWI is hard now, or that action is rare today, how much harder will it be in 20 years? Checkmate.

May 21, 2018

Newest Murdoch Video is Up

by Ryu

Damn the jews are a-hopping. Jewtube already autoshoaed some channels. Murdoch is our very best propagandist.

May 19, 2018

Venezualan Soldiers FINALLY Jumping Ship

by Ryu

All ya have to do is starve’em.

The mind control programming soldiers go through is pretty good, if you have to starve them before they rebel. Hunger is a very primal force. Here in the USA, even homeless vets are still loyal to their masters.

The military is used to protect against external threats; the police, internal threats. Venezualan cops aren’t walking off the job yet. They are the ones truly protecting the 1% in that country.

With the cops and soldiers out of the way, the path is clear for criminals. All revolutions are illegal until complete. It will be a glorious time for the warlords of Venezuala.

Survivalists here in Murka will be waiting a long time for soldiers, and finally cops, to starve and walk off the job. Even poor soldiers can buy Big Macs or a Pepsi now.

Lambs don’t turn into lions overnight. Criminal gangs are accustomed to working under their own rules; normies are not. There is an order in the criminal world, despite what cops say. Here it is: the weak fear the strong, the strong fear the crazy.

WNs are encouraged to start now to learn how to break and create laws. What works, and what does not? Too many whites now are “hiding behind” “The Law” to protect them. One day, that law will be gone. The criminal code IS the WN code.

May 16, 2018

The System Tries to “Vaporize” Tex Arcane

by Ryu

As one learns in forensics: NOTHING IS EVER DELETED OR DESTROYED. Nothing! Just becomes harder to find.

Forensics works on the NSA, FBI, Mossad, Kidon, SWAT, all of them. They CAN’T eliminate evidence better than the best of us. They should know that.

If I was the lead investigator in the Seth Rich homicide, it would have been solved by now. ZOG amuses me with their ham-handed attempts to destroy the crime scene at Waco by using dozers. Not the NSA, nor the FBI can ever completely delete a file.

…and so it is, ZOG has tried to silence Tex.

“After 7 million hits and being hand-deleted by Google and the Wayback archive as well, it has been “suggested” to me that I remove this blog. I am complying. Sorry I cannot continue. I am sure regulars knew something was wrong. I am keeping the domain name but was “asked” to take this specific blog down for good. I did not want to be “asked” twice so I am complying with this “request.” I discovered tonight that I had already been placed on a “special” list by higher-ups at Google and do not want to advance to “another” list. I was told that this course of action was the peaceful resolution.

Sorry again, I cannot talk about this and I am certain many people can figure out what has happened. I was informed that this would not escalate after I complied so I am ending Vault-Co after 17 years online. I cannot elaborate for reasons that should be obvious. I am just a single unaffiliated blogger who started this blog for free and has never advertised on it after 17 years. Apparently I warranted “special” handling. Thanks to all regular readers.”

Tex can’t talk about it…but I can.

Men with families are easy to manipulate. The System knows that. Cops threaten people’s families every single day in the Land of the Free. And…when the shoe is on the other foot, it WILL work on them too.

The world is run by rich pedophiles and the police are protecting them. The little criminals go to prison, while the big criminals write the laws and run the system.

Don’t ever expect cops and soldiers to “awaken” to morality. They only know one moral: his master’s voice. That’s why so many self-kevorkian when they retire. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for all Murkan cops and soldiers.

The true WN code is the con code. In prison, one learns that everyone can bleed, everyone can be killed. No one…is above it. That’s why they fear violence so much.

Every time you don’t take revenge, you cuck yourself and die a little. We shall remember what they did to Tex.

May 14, 2018

Tex Arcane: “Even the Navy is Switching to Robots”

by Ryu

This is yet another article from Tex, posted to keep his work alive.

The big push for automation and robots comes because the population is now to stupid and sendetary to fight wars.

Even the Navy Is Switching To Robots

They don’t complain about promotions, rations, sleep or their working conditions.

How long before the robots on one side call the robots on the other side and ask them if they need to be fighting one another when the real problem is all those extraneous humans?

May 12, 2018

“No cop, anywhere, “signed up” to be murdered.”

by Ryu

Awwwwwww….don’t you feel sad for them? Sad for their families and the “community”?–abc-news-topstories.html

Criminals are such meanies! They ambush the poor cops and kill them. Actually, ambush is the only way to do it. Murkan cops have every other advantage there is.

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