July 4, 2015

Effective Revolution

by Firepower

Ah, the pan-universal movement…

I wrote about this a while ago. Can’t remember when. Search for it. LIUFY

Simply put, such a movement will face initial bloody reprisal from the LN and its MM; they will NOT relinquish the luxurious spoils of Murkan Power and its riches without a fight. Because it’s built on an unsustainable lie, the LN/MM would quickly fall and all would be 1776 again within a short time. The LN/FFOL is based upon the untenable model of breeding coloreds to eradicate Whites and their SO76…with white taxbux. The countering problem is: The enemy – the Right – and most its platform is an equally unsustainable lie.

1776’s Founding Fathers knew they were challenging the beast and the risk meant imprisonment, torture and ….. Continue reading

July 3, 2015

From SO76 to Materialism

by Firepower

Many WNs wns today are still loyal to the USA and still recognize the USG as “the authority” because the original SO76* American concept of “Freedom & Liberty” was replaced with Materialism. So long as they can buy a five-foot plasma for Grand Theft Auto they feel free.

Those grumbling of “Corporatism” blame Elite fat cats, but see only one side of the coin: They ignore the masses’ equally pernicious Consumerism.

Sympathetic foreigners around the globe observe us from the outside and plead for us to awaken – if only to …. Continue reading

July 2, 2015

Fiber Optic Network Sabotage

by Firepower

In Nancy Pelosi’s Kingdom of Manhattan WEST, trouble is afoot: Dirty saboteur rascals have stumped the FIB on how they disrupt & destroy crucial infrastructure.

For, unless you’re a white baby in a WACO compound, they FIB doesn’t have a clue how to cook you.

Last year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accidentally released a document outlining areas where the nation’s electrical grid was susceptible to a terror attack.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the data, reported that an attack on ninekey” substations could cause power outages nationwide.

It’s a good thing white people are now totally subjugated by…. Continue reading

July 1, 2015


by Firepower

Hunting is the realm of males – mainly, adult ones. A rare few women hunt and are of the desirable kind, if attractive.

Hunting is killing and it forces the practitioner to face the reality of killing.
Most woodland snipers were and are hunters. Urban snipers of the kind in most recent (and future) wars are not particularly so; they are mixtures of disciplines. Hunting beasts in nature is indeed like hunting Man in conventional combat, but urban snipery is less so: Think Jon Muhammad, the most fearsome Urban Sniper in Murkan History.

What makes hunting valuable is its Training Of Blood. Getting accustomed to it and the butchering process demystifies gore.

Only childish modern males are morbidly fascinated with bloodshed as a toy. Slasher movies and twisted PlayStation games are produced for cityfolk who vomit at the sight (and smell) of fresh blood. As predicted, these are mostly tender whitebois. Colored boys are more likely to see a pile of their sister’s brains and make a pile or two out of their enemies’. In a degenerating society, this gives them the edge now.

Old time males, foreigners and hunters are not fixated on blood and death. They see it frequently and have no sick need to glorify it as a novelty; blood and killing is simply a condition of existence.  Anyone fascinated with mediated gore has not lived it. That’s why ISIS has so many volunteers for their Head Sawing Brigade. Beheading a live human is … Continue reading

June 29, 2015

MINOs Make Their Own Machine Guns for Killin’

by Firepower

durr…EVEN ISIS figured THIS out…

Guess there are Whites…and Wites

Colored Miggers learn to make machine guns, but white folks can’t. Wimpy Wites can’t even figure out how to make tiny parts that convert plain guns into machine guns.

Luckily, the MMM confiscated all machine tools and rounded-up all white machinists.

Mexico is so much more advanced than Murka.

Coloreds have figured out how to kill coloreds in ambushes. Just wait until they disvover how to kill Wimpy Wites.

Whites are powerless to do these things because UncleBEAST fortuitously confiscated and subjugated all of whitey’s power since Timmay McV.

The Horror….the horror

June 28, 2015

Reader Mail: Virtue in War

by Firepower

Loyal Reader Benito Fussy-lini asks a cogent question:

“This is kind of a complicated question: the average white European/American is in general, outgoing and friendly and trusting, which of course is being used against us. Yet also, liberals are also friendly and trusting; obviously liberalism is tearing the country apart, but certainly the trusting aspect is not a ‘bad’ thing, so much as a maladaption at this point?”

First, understand a vast discrepancy exists of friendly and trusting exists between Liberal nazism’s practice versus our side’s.

Secondly, Liberalism is a white euro invention. Combined, they shed a light on the PUA concept of “white knighting.”

We practice it as a matter of honor – to recruit others by …. Continue reading


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