May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Info You Can Use

by Firepower

What We Fight For!

On this holiday, I always spend it with friends & family honoring vets we know.  Not fake vets like Fake Tuskegee Guy [gify] whose ass was kissed so much by the MSM it wore away and turned white – to his everlasting shame.  Not his lying part, his ass-turning-white part.  Propaganda Media always protects its own fables and lies; that colored skin is far more valuable today than white.

At The Compound, we cook, barbecue, bring ’em beer, make ’em whiskey sours, let ’em shoot all our guns and clean the arsenal afterwards; it’s a lot of guns.  I also use my extensive cinematic knowledge to bring up discussions about who was hotter – Hedy Lamarr, Betty GrableBrigitte Bardot or Raquel Welch.

While indulging in our shouting matches on politics (isn’t it all, really, just shouting?) during our evil socialist President’s rule, I asked:

If you had to do it again – knowing America would turn out the way it has – would you go through it all again?

I expected the typical trite-tradition answer: Pride in American Greatness. Patriotism. Holy Sacrifice! We suffered so! Hell yes I’d….. Continue reading

May 25, 2015

Johnnie Got His Gun (1971)

by Ryu

…but it’s what happened afterward that’s interesting.

JGHG is about a Jordie in WW1 who becomes a quadruple amputee with no face. He can’t talk or see either. He is essentially trapped inside his own mind with no way to communicate to outsiders.

This movie is from 1971. Because it is so old, you can expect alot less “action” and more plot. It’s slower paced and more human than modern movies.

JGHG consists of memory flashbacks and what is happening in Jordie’s present. Something amazing happens at 1:17 in. By banging his head against the pillow, he can use Morse code and he finds a nurse who will listen.

The ending is especially important. When Jordie finally learns how to communicate with the outside world, the military wants to cover it up. After all, it wouldn’t be very motivational for young soldiers to see what …. Continue reading

May 25, 2015

NeoCon Twitter

by Firepower

Twitter was supposed to be this great big, revolutionary communication tool that “gave the voice back to the people.”

I was supposed to be fucking Lindsay Lohan for those entire eleven months she wasn’t contagious, too.

Alas, twitter is for the sheeeeepul. It’s no different – and effective – than “calling ur congman”. You might as well write fuming letters of Indignant Outrage!™ to the editor at your local if it bleeds it leads TV blowdry crew. (btw, you dipshits “get” that the is a joke, right? No? You really are that hopelessly stupid…)

Conservaginas have their own streak of Blind PC intolerance and love of censorship the same way as Liberals they accuse of communist censorship.  Libtards suck Obama’s cock; conservaginas go for St. Reagan’s donger.

St. Ronnie originated wholesale Migger Amnesty in 1986 – LIUFY.  Conservaginas ignore that. I’ve interviewed old farts who ….. Continue reading

May 24, 2015

Megyn’s Meatbags

by Firepower

Did ya know…there’s two types of Government Employee!

Note Megyny departed for Maternity Leave. She’s not having a baby with one of these McStumpys (god no! like, ick!)  Her hubby-wubby stayed 20,000 miles safely away from awwdat icky shwapnel!  All Meginy’s men did and do.

Kelly’s first marriage was to Dr. Daniel Kendall, MD a Manhattan Doctor and MD of anesthesiology.   Anesthesiologists are the highest paid of all medical doctors. Regular doctors are merely stinking rich.  Manhattan Doctors are 400 levels above even that lofty perch – and just about the only type fit for a… Continue reading

May 24, 2015

The Fate of Jordies…

by Ryu

Sgt. Peck…and a dog named “Nascar”

Denise found this link and it’s pretty awesome. It shows the progression from all-American boy to unfuckable meatbag, all in pictures. This is a man with exceptional gifts who decided to serve the USG. I have no pity for him. He fought to make the USA safe for the elite, NSA voyeurs, and minorities.

From Murkan hero to basket case:

Published on: Sep 1, 2013

May 24, 2015

From Sniper to Beer Truck Driver

by Ryu
1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm

1982 arm compared to post-1982 arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Firepower and Dr Doom have made some good comments on how The Beast disposes of its Jordies after their “service” term is us. I found a very nice story on that today:








So this guy shoots Bin Laden. Then he drops out of the military before his pension goodies would have kicked in. Command told him to pound sand on health insurance. They said they could set him up driving a beer truck.






LOL. I have known a few guys who drive beer trucks. Not bad work! Get paid about $20 an hour. You’ve got maybe 10 stops in a day. Pickup the truck, drive to each store, stock it, next. There’s nothing to trouble one’s sleep, just put in your 40 and go home.






It must be hard to go from GI Joe – Real American Hero! to just another dude. I think we could get these guys on our side somehow. A stumbling block for me is my unending disgust with Murka, but a plus is that most white men who’ve pulled triggers leave racially aware. Any suggestions?













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