December 2, 2016

Scenes That Could Not Be Made Today….

by Ryu

The technology no longer exists.

The word “technology” has many meanings. In addition to the usual meaning, there is “human technology”, which refers to certain characteristics which may be either gained or lost with time.

No movie studio could produce the following scene today. They lack the courage and the vision. In addition, the system censors movies and certain scenes which do not benefit them.

To WNs of the future – we got there first and we knew.

Everything is perfect; Arnold’s presense, the din of the police, the music. Very few appreciate what this actually is.

December 1, 2016

Why Don’t Normal People Feel the Police State?

by Ryu

…because they have never used their rights or freedoms. Only dissidents use those.

The average citizen of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union hardly noticed the loss of civil rights at all. As in modern Murka, their primary concern was paying the mortgage, raising their children, or career advancement. It seems to have been true in most police states most of the time.

This is why statements like “privacy is dead” have virtually no effect.

Modern Americans have never been aware of privacy and its role in a free society. They never used it as a weapon and thus never felt the loss.

The only people who need freedom of speech and anonymity are the challengers, those who change society and speak truth to power. Certainly the Founding Fathers understood that anyone challenging the system in place needed anonymity and privacy as protection against government retaliation.

America is a police state here and now – not “approaching” it, not “…in a few years”, today. Beware those who can’t admit it.

We have every feature available – a secret police (the FBI), government surveillance, indefinite detention, torture, the world’s biggest penal system, the most police brutality, an eternal state of war, worship of the police and military, etc etc.

Many today will insist that “privacy is dead.” Privacy is only dead inside fully-functioning police states. The truth is, they instinctively know they lost a great deal of freedom, but they don’t want to do anything about it.

November 27, 2016

Criminal Profiling in Reverse

by Ryu

NOT leading investigators to the criminal, but instead leading criminals find the appropriate crime for them.

Most DAAs get caught because they have choosen the wrong crime. This is one of those “macro-factors” which isn’t often considered.

Every crime – arson, homicide, robbery, larceny, etc – has a typical offender profile. Criminals specialize just as cops, soldiers and businessmen do and for exactly the same reasons. Robbers generally don’t kill, rapists generally don’t use arson, and so on.

A certain honesty is required to do this well. There’s no profit in lying to oneself. There is no need to give the answers to another person. Thinking about questions and responses can help one approach the ideal:


Prefer alone or in groups?

Planned or impulsive?

Risk tolerance?

There is a place in WN for every possible combination.

Virtually everyone who has gotten away with it in the long run has discovered their niche. We shall only mention a few examples.

Carlos the Jackal. Carlito was a turrist-for-hire for about 20 years. He did some very heavy work including kidnapping OPEC leaders and ransoming them for 20 million dollars.

Ted Kaczynski – the best bomber ever. For 20 years the feds chased him and never even got close. In the end, it was his manifesto and forensic document examination that busted him. What made him great is that he developed his own methods while making most parts by hand, eliminating the part-tracking methods used by the FBI and ATF.

November 24, 2016

The American Detective’s Secret Weapon

by Ryu


Cops don’t believe ANYTHING non-cops say. They don’t believe family members, EMTs, firefighters or soldiers. I cannot exaggerate how little they believe what civilians say.

They are to be praised for a realistic view of human nature; if only they applied the same ideas to other cops, they would be truly great.

There’s no magic in how police solve tough investigations. They want the public to “cooperate” but they don’t believe them anyways. Virtually any action leaves physical evidence. It’s just a matter of finding it.

It’s a very pessimistic but accurate view of people. This can damage a person, even as they learn more about how things really work. Some, like Firepower, have this naturally.

Learn your ABCs:

Accept nothing.

Believe nothing.

Challenge everything.

Investigators are the brains of the cop operation. There’s a public face and there’s how they really feel. To the public, they’ll say they are protectors, the good guys, fighing evil. In private, it’s just another job.

A long investigation is cash in the bank. Ka-ching, overtime baby! They get paid whether it is solved or not. How much do you think they care about one investigation out of hundreds?

The major reason why cops sometimes get away with a crime (for awhile) is that other cops don’t suspect them. Cops have raped, burned, killed, stolen, beat up, and everything else.

November 22, 2016

Forgotten Nationalist Movies: The Wave

by Ryu

This movie has been virtually forgotten today. It covers how an American teacher succeeded in making his students into Nazis, but he stepped back.

November 19, 2016

Moderate WNs ARE MORE Dangerous Than Extemists

by Ryu

There are two great dangers in WN.

One is being arrested or killed. This is fairly easy to avoid and is only a danger to a few DAAs.

The other danger is not going far enough. Is Donald Trump truly the end-desire and dream of WNs?

The system has budgeted certain compromises. They’ll allow Trump to be president, WNs to post online, or some moderate WNs to tour the country and give speeches. They will not allow calls to violence, anti-semitism, or direct action. As always, only the weak measures are legal. All truly revolutionary methods are illegal.

It would be a shame to spend many years and a thousand troubles to merely get table-scraps. So far, WNs have been happy with the smallest morsel. Donald Trump is that smallest morsel.

There are two dominant human emotions: fear and greed. WNs know fear well; We must learn how to be greedy, how to press. Just as it is a skill to play it from the bottom, being weak and submissive, it is also a skill to be dominant.

WN only moves in one direction: more.

…and when America has been cleansed of our enemies, Europe. Then South Africa and Australia. We have work for men of every appetite; there must a new Aryan Redoubt and a spreading across the globe.

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