February 25, 2018

If You Want to Do Something *Every Time*, Make a Ritual

by Ryu

To GAWI is not a one-time thing.

It takes many repetitions, and many years, to develop the skill. Its not something to be turned on and off at random. One mistake today can get the DAA caught.

When the pressure is on, the tendency is to rush. Rushing leaves mistakes. The best way to avoid this sin is to practice all the time, eliminating evidence of your presence everywhere you go.

GAWI is a way of life. You’ll be a ghost, as anonymous as one can be today. The higher you climb, the more normal you must seem.

February 23, 2018

Hate Mail: f*ck off and die!

by Firepower

This just in. A latest intrigue comes a familiar, unsophisticated pen:

firepower you are a fag. Where do you get off saying the sh*t you do?? and f*ck off and die and it cant be to soon and I hope somebody helps it along. [ed note: Where I’m from, nobody has the balls; they’re scared of me. It has been tried.] heartiste acts like he loves you

[I don’t presume to think so, but thanks for the compliment, maybe you see something.]

maybe cos he pities your small dick. [Well, he is a generous guy] i’m getting sick of him too and his smatass bs comments [My site is not the fair, fitting or proper place to hate him, try his – you’ll get even more abuse ha]. Just go away and leave forums blogs and the internet to us who want to talk about ideas.

Talking about “ideas” is the last thing we need more of. Application of those ideas was postponed too long. There’s a trillion ideas in a billion warehouses full of ideas: Pick one. Then, get off your ass and do it.

If you disagree with an intelligently presented concept, the proper response is an intelligent, cogent alternative similarly presented with a method designed to convince – not alienate by ad hominem insult and curses. That perfectly displays the problem with Emotional Education in our Government Schools. Everybody is supposed to value your opinion because “you’re special.”

You’re not. You’re one of hundreds of millions on the interwebz. Most, idiots.

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February 22, 2018

Murdoch Murdoch’s New Episode Out

by Ryu

February 19, 2018

What Does It Mean to “Cooperate” with an Investigation?

by Ryu

“Cooperate” is a code-word with a special meaning in the USA. It means to give up all your Constitutional rights and to do the police’s work for them.

Typically, it involves:

– Allow the police to search your dwelling

– Allow the police to search your vehicle

– To give them a full statement, with no lawyer present

– If asked, to submit prints, hair or DNA samples

The police have alot of tricks up their sleeve. For instance, they know that an innocent person or a member of the victim’s family will “cooperate.” Usually innocent people are all hot to prove how innocent they are. It does not matter how vaccous the charges are. They don’t demand to face the accuser.

February 16, 2018

“Virtual Patdowns” in the Murkan Police State….

by Ryu

Apparently, these use hidden microwave transmitters and sensors to check if you have any metal on you.


Look for this technology to be VASTLY scaled up, especially in government buildings. The Murkan public won’t know, and won’t care, that this is happening to them.

Privacy and anonymity are already dead…for them. You can still get some if you want, but it will take effort.

February 14, 2018

The Beast Begins Planting His Mark on the Sheeple of India…

by Ryu

This is an old post of Tex Arcane’s from 2012.

Tex is / was one of the best WNs in the world. Here he ties the Surveillance Grid to religion and the Illuminati. Just translate “jews” for Illuminati / NWO and you’ll be alright. I’m going to repost some of his old stuff, to honor him.

RFID is the mark of the Beast. It is one of the final steps in ZOG’s endgame. Avoid getting one and “entering the system” at all costs.

“If Hinduism is a legitimate religion then why didn’t it warn it’s followers 2000 years in advance not to take this mark?


After the Illuminati have branded all of India, how soon before they introduce it in the Western nations? They are being prepped up for it as we speak. With the new casual atheism what will be the objection to it? The great falling away has left a hollow shell of a church that will be completely cooporative with anything the zionist regime requires of it.

According to the Bible, if you take that mark you will absolutely, positively burn in hell. Anyone refusing the mark will be isolated and persecuted.

Movies like ZEITGEIST were produced for the explicit purpose of globalizing hate speech against Christianity everywhere, to prepare the sheep for this phase of the operation. You can see the coordination behind the scenes is comprehensive and working many years in advance of each step of the implementation. Creating a huge massive audience of atheistards is as easy as whipping up a little self-righteous fervor. The common man is too stupid to know what he thinks on any subject.

For those of you hedging your bets, you should know that Revelations says that anyone receiving that mark will be vulnerable to a terrible flesh rotting disease, “plague of boils” that will be so unbearable men will go mad and try to tear off their own skin. RFID frequencies later turn out to weaken the immune system or compromise the epidermis? I don’t know. I do know, whatever happens, do not take the mark or allow anyone you love to take that mark.

Scripture is explicit on this topic. You will never see God if you accept this mark. Even if you lack faith, recognize that perhaps this is part of some collective consciousness that sees thousands of years into the future at things that have not happened yet. If you are willing to consider this possibility you will see you must resist this mark at all costs.

In other news, this will almost certainly result in billions of RFID flesh rotting zombies. There’s also a downside.”

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