November 25, 2015

What Golden Dawn Must Do

by Ryu

Every nationalist must know what’s happened in Greece. Golden Dawn tried playing by the system’s rules, then when they started winning, the system changed the rules. Blackwater was hired by the system for protection. Radical liberal groups have been protected by the Greek legal community. There has been bombings, arsons, and assasination against GD members.

GD has to break into two different organizations. One will be the completely legitimate, clean GD that feeds to poor and does community outreach. Naturally even peaceful GD members will be targets for assasination by the system.

The other group that needs to be formed will be ….. Continue reading

November 23, 2015

Tactics Of Identifying Media Enemies

by Firepower

Of course, faggots are but one phalange and component of the FFOL.

Search Eradica to learn of the others…If you can’t make even slight efforts yourself, the Hell with you: I’m planning my poolside escape.

Simple identification of media jews is the best (and sadly the only) way for an apathetic and subjugated nation to fight them… now.

Years of foaming TrailerPark Nazi Niggerspickiking transformed an irrefutable truth into a caricature – a cartoon stereotype clown. Love it or hate it – it just is. Think what you will: Dumbasses in wifebeaters fresh from the Springer Show never inspire confidence and leadership and never will. If you can’t recognize this and want to cling to the past you… Continue reading

November 22, 2015

Feudal DC: District ONE

by Firepower

My prophecy becomes truer each day.

Now, mere numbers both show and explain.

The Elite will throw as many wite expendable logss on the fire to quell Black Rebellion.

They want a buffer zone when MOG awakens. Blacks Begin The Final Revolution:

Do you think rooshi-roisshy live as your color does? Did rooshi’s papito move here from Tehran and set up a Falafil cart? Fuck no: That wog prolly works high-up in DC BIGov. Your taxpayer bux fueled his nurturing.

Both continue to live off the Publik Titte.  Unlike Feudal Manhattan & Frisco, this filthpit feathers its nest solely with profits from UncleBEAST. It IS The Beast.


November 21, 2015

Why Sniping Works

by Ryu

It creates two crime scenes out of one.

One crime scene is the body itself. This crime scene will also have the victim’s ID probably and the bullet. The scene will almost certainly be found. The TTD will vary from immediate to a few days, and is hard to control for the sniper.

The second crime scene is the sniper’s hide, where he shoots from. Its harder to find this CS.

The practical distance limit for shooting is 1 mile or 1600 meters. This distance extends in a sphere around the body. The officers would be looking for footprints, shell casings, and eye/ear witness statements.

There have been many, many successful snipers in the US. They succeded in…. Continue reading

November 21, 2015

What It is Like to Be On The Run

by Ryu

This is an account of a techie to tries to go anonymous, for one whole month.

He didn’t make it. In the end, it was his online activity that screwed him.

November 20, 2015

Ryu’s HEROCops!™ ~ The bestofthebest!!!

by Firepower

Let’s salute our Nation’s Heroes!™

Those brave Praetorian Guard who stand watching admirably as Slick Willie busts a nut on teenage interns; as Bushi “The Pantload” hides in the Pentagon basement for a week after 9/11 – and as Our Historic Black Ruler phones the jews at the IRS, commanding immediate persecution of Americans who hate surrendering Taxe$ to Dagon.

It’s a tuffjob guarding Ruling Royalty, protecting them from… Continue reading


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