August 31, 2015

Invasive Species

by Firepower

The real question one should beg to ask is: Why aren’t the liberal scum pimping still more colored/Migger interbreeding.

Miggers live in closer proximity to coloreds than whites. They actually “identify” with whites more than coloreds, which is why they kill far more coloreds than whites.

Whenever Miggers migrate to Murka, then inevitably move into colored areas and…kill the Christfuck out of blacks; they eradicate them so fiercely they are now the only known antidote to black mold, which is the real reason why the Ballwasher Media censors this real race war. I’ve written a few articles on this activity.

The LN is smart. They understand they cannot keep control with (and over) an entirely colored rabble. They seek to spickify it with….. Continue reading

August 30, 2015

Farming & Fighting

by Firepower

The point is the MINO Machine (BIGov, USG, etc) IS run by MINOs.

Be assured it is fully:

  • Of the mino
  • By the MINO
  • FOR the MINO

Few white male faces control the daily operations of USG now. The only authority they have anymore is in the STEM realm where they need an engineer, pilot or accountant etc. to do the real work while the MultiMINOs punch in late and attend “Diversity Awareness” meetings. Every State and Federal building in the country is …. Continue reading

August 29, 2015

Sniping: So Easy a Child Can Do It

by Ryu

Funny how a little kid has more imagination than most WNs today. War is not some magical skill that only invisible ninja-SEALs can do. Africa today has many child soldiers.

And don’t kid yourself – police and military snipers love hitting their target too. They laugh also, when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Some of America’s white kids have the right stuff. Real life has twice the rush of a video game.

August 28, 2015

Forensic Files 10×22 A Clean Getaway

by Ryu

Today’s study is 22 minutes long. It covers the death of a dry cleaning shop employee.

“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone impossible to catch and track
unsup – unknown suspect
ME – Medical Examiner
vic – victim
POI – person of interest
“Make a square” – take 2 right turns
CI – confidential informant
Types of Fingerprints: latent/visible/plastic
PC – probable cause
Common evidence: fingerprints, DNA, fibers, soil, blood

Capture Points
1) Print on payphone
2) Keeping the pantyhose
3) Palmprint on garbage bag

This story takes place in Heron, Illinois at a dry cleaning store. The 911 call was traced to a local pay phone. Police cut the receiver and sent it to the crime lab.

A piece of pantyhose was found outside the….. Continue reading

August 27, 2015

Crime Stories: Lone Fugitive

by Ryu

Today’s study is 43 minutes long. This is a cool story about a desert rat who eluded the pigs for a long time. Cops don’t do well in the desert, alone.

This is now my favorite story. George Robert Johnson was a truly exceptional man. I salute him.

You’ll actually see a tinge of regret from the police. That in itself is noteworthy. This episode reveals alot of American cop psychology. Notice the change in attitude by the last 10 minutes, and the contradictions. American cops do not understand freedom.

“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone…. Continue reading

August 26, 2015

3 Ideas That Will Change Your WN Today

by Ryu

1) Direct action activists (DAAs) do it for themselves.

Eradcia is not the first site to reach the wn finish line. There will be no mass awakening for the forseeable future. Everything dictates against the forming of groups in modern Murka.

Tim McVeigh, Kaczynski, Brevik, and Roofie knew this too. But they felt compelled to act regardless.

2) Technology will not save the white race

“Modern technology” has been a disaster for the white man. First world farmers feed third world populations and fueled their explosion in numbers. White technologists built the police states which pervade most Western nations now.

“Human” technology may save us. Like the fact whites make… Continue reading


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