October 17, 2016

Sissified Society: Feminized Murka

by Firepower

All Murkan culture has disastrously degenerated from admiring warrior conquest to worshiping The Entertainer. This began well before “TV was to blame” and long ago in The Radio Age, so as with all complexities, it is not just one cause but many: Today it is a combination of all media. LIUFY:


The singular, medium, early developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago

So, today’s MRKA is best understood as a symbolic culture with likewise all manner of symbolic values, causes, neuroses and enemies, etc.  This createda society devoid of a normal/natural reality of humanity’s history. This is clearly illustrated best as our silly Nation of Hate trots out The Bigg Flagg for sporting events while fighter jets scream overhead the stadium in the ghetto; pink NFL players in October and the symbolic surrogates of Reality TV. TDO is itself a form of symbolic outrage culled from “real life”, transmuted via TV or the internet, then recycled back onto the internet.

It is not so much pink titty NFL ladies, but the opposite: total disregard for King Prostate and his prisoners of cancer. When a little lady gets slapped-around (or Rooshed) the damsels screech for the White Knight Brigade – but if some poor AFC schmuck hubby gets set afire in his bed, well! WGAF. The knights are busy wiping away ladytears.

Media is a medium as – in a seance. It is an intermediary between an actual even an an audience.
When reality is displaced by symbolism it creates this pretend silly environment now surrounding us that confounds those uninitiated not aware of Eradican Principles here.

When nations lose admiration for values that made them great in the first place and become feminized, the only bet is on the emerging hoary man nations waiting in the wings to plunder the sissified society.

October 15, 2016

How Seriously Should You Take Death Threats?

by Ryu

Not at all.

Someone who really wants to kill would not tip the mark.

Not one in a thousand men can kill in cold blood. It is a very rare gift. Included in that number are all cops and soldiers. Their track record operating without state approval is very poor.

Anyone can buy a gun and pull the trigger. To risk one’s freedom or one’s life, without a reward on the backside, is very difficult. Almost no living person can do it. Getting away with it is the hard part. Most who even try will end up in prison.

I was inspired to write this article by the Rooshi’s ROK article. He’s good but lacks insight.

How Seriously Should You Take Online Death Threats?

October 12, 2016

The Atavistic White Man

by Ryu

This is a hard post to write because the type is now so rare. It is difficult to find whites who believe in the old values.

Once, the white race was a race of farmers and warriors. Today, many whites wish to become the new jews. They wish to wear fine clothes, to have many servants, to transact as a merchant, all while having the blonde shiksa wife.

Many whites have lost the lust for conquest. Not to be given a thing, but the joy of taking it for oneself. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned. Chances are taken, not given.

Slaughter is a part of it. To kill one’s enemies is a good thing. The Romans had a saying “the corpses of our enemies smell sweet.” Whites must regain that sentiment.

Doing these things is the hard part.

Soldiers and cops begin their training afraid. After they learn how to kill and acquire the power over life and death for themselves, the fear diminishes. A new feeling develops, the desire for power. This continues until they surrender the power and use it one last time; their own suicide.

There is a difference between atavism and fantasy, between vikings and “vikings riding wolves.” The difference is in doing it.

In such cases, the system goes from mockery to dread very quickly. This is a wonderful thing to see. Many laugh at the white desire for revenge only to cower in fear when he takes action. Better to feel nothing at all than waver between the two extremes.

October 9, 2016

An LAPD Cop Tries Bank Robbery. The Result?

by Ryu

…you already know that.

We are in LA in November of 1998 at a Bank of America. This bank was robbed by LAPD narcotics officer David Mack. His take was 700K in cash. Afterward, he took a 3 day weekend in Las Vegas.

Eventually, he was caught and tried. He was sentanced to 14 years in federal prison.


I want to write something now for a very small audience. Being a cop or soldier is great…but there are two things they can’t do.

They can’t operate without permission and they can’t get away with it. Nothing in their training prepares them for that. They become accustomed to operating under state protection. Then, when they go out on their own, they get caught easily.

The hardest thing in this world is to do what cops and soldiers do without the uniform. It is a miracle that there are men like Anders or Tim at all.

WNs can’t learn all they need from cops or soldiers. They must turn to two other groups: criminals and terrorists. Only these two groups have successfully opposed the American police and military.


October 6, 2016

Murka’s Most Infamous Cops: Rafael Perez

by Ryu

“Get on the ground, motherfucker!”

Being a cop is a great job. You get to jack up criminals, roll down the streets, and command respect.

Best of all, nobody fucks with you. You’re a cop! You ARE the authorities. There’s very little to be afraid of, despite the propaganda. Almost no living person has the nuts to kill a cop.

A slick cop can get money, power and women off the streets, using his badge. Third-world cops do this also, but naturally there is less loot to be had there.

Perez worked with the LAPD in the CRASH program. This is better known as the Rampart scandal.

He started signed drugs out of the evidence room under other officer’s names. Sometimes he’d replace the drugs with cut.

October 5, 2016

Fortress Hawaii

by Firepower

It’s not well known (on purpose), but Hawaii is one of the remotest spots on Earth.

Coupled with a long-established Luxury Industry catering to our Aristocrat Rulers, it also has rich weather. Rocky beaches prevent amphibious assaults whether from Isissisisis or disgruntled revolutionaries – enemies both foreign and domestic. Such enemies can never reach the platinum shores.

When our rulers tire of $163 Kobe beef hamburgers in wintry Manhattan, it’s off to their feudal tropical paradise. Such long cross-continental flights are no longer a bother but a delight in themselves in private jets fitted with luxury appointments for the discriminating Murkan Oligarch.

As dark, dank climes return to Medieval Times ala Game of Thrones, so shall tropics return to a Colonial Plantation Lifestyle. Pleasure centers of Manhattan and Honolulu will hold ultimate power like Rome or London with feudal castle outposts spread throughout the Empire like Medieval England and France. Castles weren’t just for Dukes and Knights to feast & wench, but IRL were guardians of trade routes and agriculture and oppressors of local peasantry.

Murkan Aristocracy can even dodge the r-r-racist bugaboo and avoid coloreds completely by saying “I’m not a racist, I just live in a Penthouse in Honolulu!”

Not only shall cities be gentrified, but all of Murka will be gentrified.

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