May 22, 2015

MINO Machine: Migger Import Machine

by Firepower

MINO LEZ Napolitano & Irishman Alehandrrrro Mayorrrrrrkahssss

It’s blatant. Out in the open. Still, nobody cares anymore.

Bushie created the Department of Homeland Security – the MRAP Division – not a commie-lib-democrat like Obamao~Killary – but bleating conservaginas still rallied round the faggot-flag and elected GOPers to Senate Rulership so senate majority leader Mich McConnell could suck Obama’s cock harder, longer… deeper.

“Las Vegas” Harry Reid gets sacks full of cash from casino developers. meh.

Hillary’s lil’ bro gets State Department inside info from Big Sis, helping him get richer giving away US Taxpayer$$$ to Haitian scum.

Bigshot Slimy Clintonites (now Governor of Virginia) get the same: EB-5 visas – a foot in the door to US citizenship for foreign Migger billionaires donating to the Inner Sanctum Elite.  Miggers freely buy their way into citizenship, replacing….. Continue reading

May 20, 2015


by Ryu

WNs would do well to study and apply the art of hunting. Have you ever watched people? How they move, their awareness of their environment? The only people aware in the streets is cops and criminals. Everyone else is on their iphone, shopping, or going somewhere.

A good hunter has discipline. He doesn’t take a shot if he thinks he can miss. One, the shot scares away all the other game in the area. Two, just wounding the prey means he has to chase it down, and a wounded animal can run pretty far. Never leave loose ends.

It takes training and study to know what one can do. One has to know the area, know the prey, and know one’s capabilities. The outcome of a hunt is decided by the hunter’s preparations; if he has prepared well, he’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities. If not, he has to rely on luck.

Man the animal is a fierce beast. His sight and hearing are excellent. He’s strong and can move quickly. He’s smart and clever. He’s hard to kill too – his brain is protected by the skull, the spine by the vertebra and the heart is protected by the ribcage. The only problem is … Continue reading

May 18, 2015

Nationalist Communism

by Firepower

You see identical Bourgeois decadence in both Russia and China from the New Boyars, Emperors and Oligarchs; even more so.

Current Chinese Proles are made slaves by their own ethnic Bourgeois & Elites, suffered to be maimed by 1840s style London Industrial Revolution machines – for $1 an hour.

Russia is an organized crime empire supported by taxing the Mafia to buy Lumpens enough Vodka to keep them stupefied: Both post-Communist realities are more Capitalist than anything the West ever had in our past. Our MOG* forced Gov to moderate the Robber Barons i.e. Carnegie lest they ignite a revolution.

ALL of them; Russia, China and USA use their surplus Prole males as cannonfodder to suppress both their trouble-making domestic national population and international enemies. It’s killing two birds with one stone, while giving testosterone-fueled male youth stuff to blow up, instead of Parliament & Congress.

Bourgeois property relations in Murka and the West are not acknowledged because they are immaterial in the current discussion.

Their influence is a given – as is how computers make the internet work; I do not need to refer to computers and their history to discuss the internet’s politics.

Bourgeois property relations are not the source of today’s problems – MINOs are. Race is the problem. If Bourgeois property relations were the primary source it…. Continue reading

May 17, 2015

Eradican Principles, Or…

by Firepower

…how to get a writing gig here.

All writers begin WITH the slot same as everyone gets. Sketchies get contributor slots, (Hipster Racist and conchobar, etc.) while Admin Power is earned later.

As for

…THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME if I stayed MY COURSE was anti-administrative privileges and the obvious total exile…

Nah. In a sincere collegial sense, you’re taking a simple probability and conjecturing it into an entire scenario. If you have your own posts or “column” to use as your bailiwick, you could expend your energies dazzling, and recruiting new adherents.

Nothing at Eradica is settled. Time is not of the essence…”

True; Eradica is conceptualized as an academy for leaders to … Continue reading

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May 16, 2015

What is the Number One Killer of Cops?

by Ryu


Cops and soldiers share something. The most dangerous gun is their own. Each kill themselves in record numbers every year.

You can lie to anyone else in the world but yourself. Cops en-FORCE the will of the USG domestically. Police states are impossible without police. Those who make peace solution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

It is the vision of a white cop or white soldier, subjugating his own race for profit, which produces the desire for suicide. Lord knows what lies those white cops in South Africa tell themselves as they perform the same function there that white American cops do here: protect the elite from minos, and scare the white population.

May 15, 2015

Why Do Communists Kill the Intelligentsia?

by Ryu

…because their only concern is their career.

People may be broadly divided into revolutionary or counterrevolutionary categories. The rich and the middle class want stability. The poor want change.

The moneyed professions’ primary concern is making more money and becoming rich. It is they who keep the structure of society intact. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers are among them. They are the intelligentsia.

Many pay lip service to the working man and poor. But that is all they pay. They do not really care about the people or the revolution.

You have all seen the fake-concern of the….. Continue reading


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