March 31, 2015

Faggot Nation

by Firepower

Indiana, USA

Gotta improve my Fosetism.

Likely there’s many hired ringers and fake protesters in the Indiana crowd above, but the bulk are most likely, residents.

They’re white, in Murkan Heartland. This is not San Fag-Cisco. It’s not Berkeley or any traditional… Continue reading

March 31, 2015

Eradicating Whites LN/Obamao Style

by Firepower

YES: All Miggeritas Look LIKE This!

Fosetism at its best! I encourage all readers to read the Brietbart piece

If Today’s Brandon!™ barely survives with the safety net of “mom’s basement”, how will Tomorrow’s JUSTIN!™ fare as the minority in hostile La NewMINO Land? Do I care? Not one squirt of piss.

One quarter of current U.S. population is comprised of first and second-generation immigrants, including the offspring of illegal aliens who were automatically granted U.S. citizenship regardless of their parents’ lawlessness. That’s 81 million foreigners.

Both Bush and Obama administrations, along with Congressional members of both parties, encouraged mass immigration, especially low-skilled foreign labor. Under President George W. Bush, Congress failed to pass a 2007 immigration reform act that would have cost American taxpayers $2.6 trillion dollars, paved a pathway to citizenship for as many 20 million illegal aliens, and slammed programs such as Medicare and Medicaid with sudden, extreme … Continue reading

March 30, 2015

Federal Judge Shooting

by Firepower

It seems Detroit’s “safe northern” suburb-type streets are also magnets for colored criminals: What the fuck else is there left to steal – and WHERE is it located?

It’s a good thing our Royal Judge is not above The Little People and lives among those poor Detroit coloreds and whites he rules over – and dispenses law equally to them. The Honorable Mr. Berg is a loyalist. To defend Holy†Diversity one simply must live in a $300,000 fixer-upper in an all-white hood…

I’ll bet ya it was two coloreds. If two moronic colored druggies can have at it…well – it’s a GOOD THING these Honorable Federal Judges who protect Our IRS etc., have round-the-clock SS (Secret Sex Service) protection: Especially our highly placed, ensconced jewish ruling overseers. We all know – and accept – jews need and deserve more protection than regular people.

Good job, boys!

March 29, 2015

The Secret Desire of Every Direct Action Activist

by Ryu

To be understood and remembered by a true comrade.

The general public and most other wns cannot provide this service, because they do not understand. They have more understanding of a system cop or soldier than someone fighting for the white cause. And they will forgive the USG millions of “collateral deaths” or innocent dead civilians, but will not allow an independent even one.

The capacity for direct action, acting without permission, is fantastically rare. It is best understood by comparing active military and police versus the same who resist the USG. There are about 2 million military and 2 million police in the US working for the state. Less than 400 have ever fought back against their master, the most famous in recent memory being Chris Dorner. The ratio works out to less than 1 in 10,000 or 0.01%.

Those who discredit the use of violence do so with the hope of recieving mercy. Violence certainly works for the US military and the American police. And no one ever insists on gun…. Continue reading

March 28, 2015

Dead Bodies

by Ryu

Years ago, STEM comrades encouraged me to develop my medical abilities, so I started studying anatomy and physiology. It was there that I saw the first of many dead bodies.

There’s a secret out there that only medical people know. Once a person dies, all that’s left is meat. It’s not any more special than beef, chicken or turkey. A corpse isn’t special, unique or worthy of veneration. The “human part” has left the building.

Instructors give speeches on “respect” but one quickly get used to corpses. After they’ve been sterilized, it’s not so unpleasant. Very quickly, I could eat pizza and chicken inches from a dissected cadaver.

Body decomposition or “decomp” can be quite unpleasant. All dead bodies follow ….. Continue reading

March 27, 2015

Post-America Age

by Firepower

Yes. Post-Racial America is…really just a Post-America.

My suspicion now grows daily that it is finished – expired. The vision, dream and “grand experiment” has run its course. It’s foundered from flaws our Founding Fathers never foresaw any possibility metastasizing to fatality. They expected better from an advanced future people – not worse – but that is simple hubris, for it makes as much sense as Conrad Hilton or Henry Ford expecting their heirs be at least as great as they – but never facing the actuality they might turn out as Paris Hilton.

They did the best they could and it was indeed grand. Their fatal flaw was believing FutureGENs would and could maintain their standard. The residents of 1945 LA & Detroit could just as well imagined their once shining cities would be grander in 2015 but…that too, is imaginary.

If people today are incapable of merely slowing the damage – look around you – are today’s…. Continue reading


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