February 21, 2017

Awesome Way to Troll Liberals

by Ryu

Send fags to their house looking for fast, easy sex!

Someone setup a fake gay profile for this guy, then all the local fruits were lining up at his door, looking for some fun.
Man pestered for sex by 700 men after fake Grindr profile was set up

February 19, 2017

Cops LOVE Violence and Risk!

by Ryu

One of the defining moments of a man’s life can be the moment he learns cops, soldiers, firefighters, nurses, and doctors are all human too. They are selfish, they back-stab, they steal and cheat, and so on.

In this video, you’ll hear a cop talking about how he’d love “cell extraction.”

Cell extraction is when a prisoner is being uncooperative and the “meat squad” comes in to force them out. Often that squad has body armor and these shields with tasers on them. So about 5-6 of the meat squad rush into the cell, in a line, and shock the prisoner into submission.

No risk to them, and they get to beat up a prisoner! Now you know.

Nobody believes in “fair fights” – not the military, not police, not gangs. WNs are being conned. It’s not about “fair”, it is about winning. The only morality that matters is being on top.

February 17, 2017

Witness Protection is a Scam

by Ryu

In this video, a Texas pig talks about working WitPro detail and why it is a scam. This is rare and valuable information.

February 14, 2017

When Cops Teach How to Kill Other Cops: The Shoot House

by Ryu

A “shoot house” is an abandoned building used by SWAT to teach scenario-based training. Typically, one cop plays the bad guy, the others play SWAT. It is one of the few times a man can learn useful techniques from an LEO.

In this talk, you can hear Officer 401 talking about how much he loves killing cops!…in training.

February 9, 2017

Two Cops Kidnapped, Forced to Dig Their Own Graves, and Shot

by Ryu

Can you imagine the kind of heat this would draw? The system response would be biblical. This actually happened in 1974. Two cops did a traffic stop and were captured.

Let us as the most important question of all – how were the perpetrators caught?

When the police initiate a traffic stop, they tell dispatch their location, ID, and the suspect car’s license plate number. This has the effect of radically lowering the time to discovery also. For other cops to locate the vehicle in question, and its owners, was trivial.


February 7, 2017

Rich Cop Who Likes Stealing

by Ryu

Cops aren’t above criminals. Not at all. May be they are worse, because they lie to themselves about their true motives. The cop in this case earned about 130K per year.

How was he caught? CCTV at the fuel depot. Later, when he got on the radar, his home was videoed.

Remember the 5Cs: computers, cell phones, credit cards, cars, CCTV. These are the tools of the Murkan police state. Most people, including cops, cannot see it. Someone who can’t admit Murka is a surveillance state right now will get caught.

This case also involved an anonymous tipster. America is full of snitches.

To do it without permission is a special skill, one cops and soldiers do not learn. Only criminals and terrorists are truly good at it. Here, we seek to ELEVATE the criminal, not to look down upon him.


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