January 18, 2017

What Does It Mean to “Cooperate” with an Investigation?

by Ryu

“Cooperate” is a code-word with a special meaning in the USA. It means to give up all your Constitutional rights and to do the police’s work for them.

Typically, it involves:

– Allow the police to search your dwelling

– Allow the police to search your vehicle

– To give them a full statement, with no lawyer present

– If asked, to submit prints, hair or DNA samples

The police have alot of tricks up their sleeve.

For instance, they know that an innocent person or a member of the victim’s family will “cooperate.” Usually innocent people are all hot to prove how innocent they are. It does not matter how vacous the charges are. They don’t demand to face the accuser.

January 17, 2017

WN Jobs: Make Big Bucks as Soros-Agitator 50/Hour $$$$$$$$

by Ryu

Not bad! Your average leftist protester is raking in 2500 per month on retainer or 50 bucks hourly. How much do you make?

Now you know why leftists always outnumber nationalists at any rally. They’re getting paid, baby.

January 15, 2017

3D Gun Printers ARE NOT Revolutionaries

by Ryu

There is a vast difference between pro-system advocates and anti-system advocates. The difference manifests in many ways. This article will demonstrate that.

WNs want guns with 3 characteristics:
1) Cheap
2) Disposable
3) Untraceable

That is ***IT***. The printed gun doesn’t need to be pretty, “tactical”, able to fire 1000 rounds, or durable. In fact, the less durable, the better. We’d prefer a gun that only fires about 5 shots, then can be disposed of forever.

1) Cheap

One can stand to throw away a 10$ gun. The easiest way to tell is someone will actually use a gun is cost. No survivalist is going to throw away a 2000$ dollar gun. Once a gun is used for its designed purpose, only cops and soldiers can keep it.

2) Disposable

Using a gun is just half of the equation. The other half, is getting rid of it. Throwing a gun in the river or burying it is not good enough today. To destroy a metal gun is difficult. 3D printers “should” use the medium to create guns that are much easier eliminate.

3) Untraceable

Serial number is just one part of it. Guns produce a wide variety of evidence, all of which “should” be eliminated. This is a topic no cop or soldier talks about, because they don’t have to do it.

Odds are good that the 3D gun printing crowd has already been rendered useless. The things they value are not the things that a revolutionary movement needs.

The TRUE game-changing aspect of 3D gun printing is the creation of a cheap, easily disposable gun.

January 12, 2017

The Best Direct Action in American History

by Ryu

…and no one knows about it.

THAT is why the perpetrators were so good. Not only did they get away with it, but they struck America’s greatest weakness – its reliance on electricity.

We have all seen it. When the power goes out, life stops for the Americans. Without their TVs and computers, they are helpless. I have seen them just sitting for hours, sadly, waiting for their entertainments to return. It is pathetic sight.

There exists a threshold where if an action is too small, it isn’t noticed. Yet if it is too big, the heat is too much and one is certain to be caught. Whatever group performed this action calculated the result exceptionally well. It takes a very fine “control” and perception to do this.

There are crimes against people and crimes against property.

The clearance rate for people-crimes is about 50%; against property, about 20%. It’s much safer to attack property than people. The clearance rate trend is a sort of macro-factor and exists regardless of method used.

We are talking about the Metcalf sniper attack of 2013. Pay particular attention to the police response time – 20 minutes. That’s a priority 3 call, code 1, no lights, no siren.

There is another world out there, for those with the training to see it. People are getting away with alot. It never makes front page news and even the average WN would not notice.

Here is the surveillance video itself. The cops are looking for a hot tip. This videotape is the only witness and it shows very little. Excellent work.

January 11, 2017

The Congressional Gym

by Ryu

There’s a gym for Congress members only in District 1. Though it is not stated explicitly, there seems to be a guard on duty for all open hours. No pictures are available, but we may be sure this is not a “hardcore” gym. The rich and powerful are rarely motivated trainees.

January 10, 2017

Feds Paying Civilians to Spy on You

by Ryu

Murka is a full-blown police state….RIGHT NOW.

Don’t trust anyone who can’t say that easily. What was once the USA is now a liberal nazi police state where white genocide is the law.

In this story, the feebs are paying Geek Squad to spy on their customers’ computers.

But that is just one story of many. You can’t trust anything electronic today. Be careful who you let into your house. There are stories of police paying repairmen to gather information. If they see something funny, they may (will) report it to someone.

At the same time, criminals are getting away with it all the time. Often it is luck. However, there are men doing amazing things on an regular basis. The key is very detailed planning and avoidance of the electronic surveillance state in all forms, which we abbreviate the 5Cs: computers, cell phones, credit cards, cars, and computers.

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