September 22, 2017

From Now On, When Someone Screws You, Screw Them Back!

by Ryu

Two wrongs don’t make a right…they make it even.

That’s what we’re all about at this site: evening the score. The white race has a score to settle. Cops and soldiers won’t help us. You will learn how to take the law into your own hands, where it belongs.

In addition, “turning the other cheek” is lazy.

It’s easy. You don’t have to do anything. You get screwed and you take it.

It is quite possible, that all this belief in “the collapse” or “the rapture” is just white laziness. Jesus isn’t going to save you. TSHTF isn’t going to save you. Either you save yourself…or you know the outcome.

It is harder to plot and take revenge. You actually have to work around The System’s laws and make it work. It will help make a WN more cunning, a necessary thing.

September 19, 2017

“They Are Just Doing Their Job.” Just Do YOUR Job

by Ryu

…there is going to be a terrific pleasure in executing those groups – cops, soldiers, lawyers – who are “just doing their job” and holding the white race down.

Then, the executioner can say “I’m just doing MY job!” That will be a good last thought to carry them to hell.

For anyone reading this, your job is simple: win.

No one cares about morality. It is now cliche that “winners write the history books.” The biggest objection to Hitler is that he lost. I don’t think anyone cares about the 6 million at all.

Many WNs even will forgive system-cops because “they need to earn a living too.” They are working men! We should forgive them because their dollar is more important than the future of the white race. Seems anything can be forgiven, so long as one is getting paid for it.

We don’t believe logic moves anyone. Of course, the Nazi police needed money too, and they were just doing their jobs. The Americans didn’t accept that at Nuremberg, which goes to show how weak logic is.

There are two competing view of human beings.

Either, they are thinking, feeling men who are responsible for their actions, or they are machines following orders. For the vast majority of humanity, they accept the machine view. They forgive everyone (except the Nazis).

And we will accept it too.

We will pay our men to enforce our laws. That way, it is their job. Then, they can’t be held responsible for their actions. Just following orders.

September 15, 2017

We Do Not Describe “The Police State” to Demoralize WNs

by Ryu

Getting away with it is not impossible…just hard. Any crime or action you can imagine, people have gotten away with today, many times over. Just because we don’t write about it, doesn’t mean we haven’t followed it.

The problem is, WNs need to stop bitching, stop waiting to be spoon-fed what they need, and they must starting TAKING what they want.

Convert your hate and anger towards the system into an ability. It’s a trade.

Direct action – working on your own without any support – is so foreign a concept today that we suggest WNs completely ignore all “advice” from cops or the military, where most turn to.

Someone who doesn’t write about “getting away with it”, forensics, or “action is only 1% of what’s needed” is working for the system. That’s why gun-hero Massad Ayoob doesn’t write about forensics. He’s a shill for his cop buddies.

“Arbeit macht frei”

Work will free you. That’s how it is in WN too. The harder you work, the better you get, the more free you become.

Get your WN Phd. A bachelor’s degree is just a survey of a field, like the red pill has immigation, HBD, PUA, MRM, and so on. To improve, you’ve got to specialize, read everything there is, then be good enough to contribute something new. This will take 3-5 years beyond a basic level.

Those who can GAWI will obtain a world-view few have ever seen. Most white men who have beheld that vision are in prisons.

September 11, 2017

1% Action, 99% Planning and Escape

by Ryu

That’s what “getting away with it” is all about.

What cops and soldiers have to concern themselves with is the action only. They don’t plan and fund their own ops. Thus, they have very little to offer those who work without permission.

The inaction of Survivalists/Patriots (and their imitators) is due to WHO THEY LEARN FROM. Cops and soldiers serve the system; they don’t fight it. You wanna learn how to cash BigFed checks? Ask them. Wanna learn how to crush our enemies? You’ll have to ask someone else.

The criminal is superior to the cop and the terrorist is superior to the soldier. They do the same activities (under different names), but the criminal has no safety net of authority beneath him. He either succeeds, or goes to prison.

In Mexico City, someone did a real piece of work. He was GOOD. “No evidence, no witnesses, suspect unknown” – the way it should be.

September 8, 2017

Don’t Make Threats, Carry Them Out.

by Ryu

Don’t talk tough, BE TOUGH.

There is nothing wrong with taking revenge on those who wrong you. It is
a high virtue.

But those who operate without permission, in general, cannot advertise. They
cannot build a reputation without attracting BigFed attention. The USG wants
the monolopy on force and they’d prefer if everyone else was low-T and unarmed.

We will admit, this is a terribly hard path.

You will have to act like a typical Murkan beta in public. Then, when you
do fight back, you can’t take any credit for it.

September 4, 2017

Give Up The Fear….

by Ryu

…and start feeling the greed.

Most WNs alive today know a great deal about fear. Being afraid, walking in the shadows, speaking in whispered tones about revolution.

There is…another side.

When THE ENEMY is afraid. When he creeps, when he averts his eyes as you approach, him cowering.

I promise all readers that all living men – cops, soldiers, SEALs, convicts, judges, senators, censors – can die and feel fear.

It turns out that cops in particular are afraid of their family being targeted. Mommy!

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