April 19, 2018

How Eric Frein and Eric Rudolph Really Hurt ZOG

by Ryu

(This post is devoted to an “anonymous” reader.)

…they cost the USG money.

Contrary to popular belief, cops work for money. They get paid for everything they do. The Murkan police officer is a BigFed bureaucrat who is unionized, gets overtime, gets a phat pension.

Big Manhunts = Big Bucks

A good, long manhunt is a goldmine for coppers. They are “pigs” feeding at the public tax trough. In the beginning, there is alot of media attention, which means the cop BigWigs will be crowding in for face time. This will also open up the checkbooks when the mayor say “just spend what you need to, and catch this guy.”

It does not take long to run up a multimillion dollar bill. FBI agents make 120K per year. How many agents are assigned to the case? What about the ATF, DOJ, and so on? You do the math.

Dead people really don’t matter.

ZOG has an infinite supply of willing meat (Jordies) to staff their police and soldier roles. A dead cop gets a hero’s death and his family will collect a nice $300,000 payday.

What does matter, is $$$. ZOG hates spending money. BigFed administrators would rather spend the money on teen hookers and Fiji vacations than chasing some white boy around the woods for a few months.

The great success of “The Erics” is due to the fact that Murkan cops are being degraded at the same rate as everyone else now.

Few people are really outdoorsmen anymore. Those left are white men. The forest is the white man’s native habitat which makes it scary for jews, niggers and spics.

The technology really doesn’t help. At some point, you have to screw on the courage and go into the woods, knowing a white man has you in his sights and is about to take a headshot.

“Damn! If I die, I won’t be able to collect my pension! I really wanted to retire in the Phillipines. Ah, maybe I’ll just hang back with the others and wait this guy out….”

ZOG will bankrupt itself in time. You can help, by costing it $$$$. Become a welfare nigger and adopt the nigger mindset. Be a leach and suck them dry.

April 17, 2018

Blogging: The Gilded Cage

by Firepower

Part One (of a maybe three part series)…

Distracting Acting

Blogging Heroes

Blogging Heroes (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Blogging is the gilded cage of the Computer Immersed Generation.

It exaggerates (miles past the threshold of abuse) that Great American Myth of “a great novel is in EVERYone!” No, it most certainly is not. A great series of abstract articles is perhaps in everyone.  The truly gifted have a “Long Run of a Great Series of Articles…”

Reflecting its times, that cherished myth is subsequently reduced to mere simplistic, pedestrian sharing of transient thoughts and so much comfortably easier than actually writing that Great Book.

It is the junk-food porn for Gen ADD; easy concepts written with functional facility designed for comforting repetition – for both author and reader. Pseudo-intellectuals pass vapid thought off as deep thought to simpletons likewise fascinated with Reality TV. Even more dangerous are well-intentioned simpletons who become enlightened enough to disavow Reality TV to instead “upgrade” worshiping (on a higher plane) at the feet of a similar false god – the blogger churning out equally recycled themes.  This is not a malevolent relationship, but one of confusion in an age with too many choices. These are all prisoners of an identical habit who ignore the obvious similarity:  The problem is not those hyping the empty container of snake oil, but the blind adherents wanting more… emptiness.

Exceptional and gifted writers contribute to this problem:  The greatest disaster is, some of…

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April 14, 2018

Tex Arcane: “1955 Was More Advanced Than 2015”

by Ryu

This is another article from Tex.

Decline In Basic Infrastructure

In 1955 Sydney the mass transportation system was vastly superior to what they have there today.


Modern people are good at long-winded explanations and apologetics. They aren’t much good at anything else.

If you read the article you’ll see they actually closed down the best parts of the existing infrastructure for simple lack of maintenance and no other reason. They couldn’t even organize a guy with a broom to hit it after hours once in a while. Too difficult for such edjamafacated and scienmagistically advanced people. Things that a child could orchestrate fifty years ago are too complex for their extreme super brains. Let’s have another meeting.

April 12, 2018

Timetable For America’s Demise

by Firepower

In the narrative of prophecy, ballpark assumptions are required as the currency of communication, conveying an idea of future potentialities.  I wrote this article months ago so it’s interesting to see how it played out, laying in its WordPress draft time capsule.

In reality, the Death of America won’t be like the death of a living being, where it’s there one moment and gone forever the next.  Countries and societies in decline stumble, seemingly disappear, then re-emerge briefly only to fade away again in a lingering, protracted death.   Think of a drowning drunk bobbing and gasping for air.  Such a rich country will take longer to extinguish – but fall it will.  In the ocean, whale carcasses take the longest to completely decay.  England died in 1900, yet it still built Titanics.  When it fiddled with World War One. it was an elderly chap who wanted a fight.  He took a few punches and really seemed OK, but the …

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April 11, 2018

ZOG Will Get Its AI Pre-Crime Network….to Use Against WNs

by Ryu


They’re pushing hard on the pre-installation plan. In 10 years, it will be reality. Be careful, and never breach opsec, not even for me.

April 10, 2018

Tricks of the Stock Market

by Firepower
monopoly guy suckers

Eat it, ya greedy bastards

Where Has All the Trading Gone? Volume Hits 4-Year Low – Fast Money – CNBC – CNBC.

Beware that caveat “4-year low.” You need to see what volume was in 2000, during the boom years. Today’s stock market is not the real stock market – no more PALM, JDSU, WorldCOMM or “Covaddexient” made-up name dot.com bull from the dot.com bubble. Hundreds of stocks are long gone. The goalposts were moved. Remember that 1.4 you got in Organic Chem? We’ve fixed your college transcripts! You really got a 4.2 – congratulations! That clap you got from your Nigerian girlfriend was really…Baby Unicorn Kisses!

When they made the Dow look bad, the turds were removed from the index.  All those stocks that once made up that Dow were removed from polite company – like a farting step-child with Tourette’s.  The rules were changed to rig the game; while folks don’t necessarily grasp this, they can sense a con.

You’re in a Shell Game. Now – and for the past decade – you get the embalmed Dow.  Lenin’s Tomb Dow.  Fake Dow. Hell, even GM was re-jiggered to suit the fatcats and Government – a deadly duo. Goldman Sachs wants Saint Obama to win; they’ve spent a lot of money on him. Still, they can’t even muster up enough of their own slimy skin in the game to keep the charade of programmed trading alive.

Good luck trying to find the stock market trading volume charts going back to the 2000 heydays; they must be awful. They’re impossible to find. If you find it, send me a link.

Food For Thought: At the end of 2010, the total market cap (worth) of all publicly traded US companies was $14 Trillion. Total US government debt is today $15.5 Trillion, and rising.


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