August 9, 2020

There Are Only 5 Serious Communists in China….

by Ryu

I see many people today worried about their future, and who also note the great wealth inequality divide.

Is the solution so hard? ROB THE RICH.

Of course, the entire purpose of the modern System, the Police, and the Electronic Surveillence Grid is to protect them. This is well-known, and even the commoners understand it. There are legal criminals, who run the System, and illegal criminals, who are villified.

China of course is now no different than the West, Communists in name only. They have forgotten Revolution and what it really means. But at least 5 men took it upon themselves to rob and loot the rich, as they rob and loot the poor.

Those with memory will recall when Kim Kardashin was held up in Paris. The suspects got caught, because it was a police state case all the way. Paris is crawling in survellience cameras and snitches.

WHAT THE ENEMY FEARS, DO. The 1%ers are scared the poor will rise up and rob them. They should be! But so few actually want to get their revenge.

At this site, we say: their loss. All legal routes to revolution are now closed and welded shut. The more “illegal”, the more opportunity. The only ones you can trust today, are criminals and terrorists.

July 31, 2020

Surveillance Grid Now So Tight, It Even Catches Government!

by Ryu

The Global Police State and Electronic Surveillance Grid is now so pervasive, that the CIA, FBI and military have trouble navigating it:

There is only one organization in the USG that specializes in keeping people anonymous: WitPro, or the federal witness protection program. What they do is not magic; in fact, any successful terrorist or fugitive follows the same rules WitPro does.

There’s a beautiful symmetry at play, for those with the eyes to see. Police and criminals follow exactly the same procedures and rules, oppositely directed. A criminal doing a home invasion using the same method as the police or military doing a breach. The undercover FBI agent uses all the tricks of a man on the 10 Most Wanted list. EVERYTHING a criminal or revolutionary needs to do, is already done by the government by those with “permission.”

You have to go analog or old school; in the way things were done pre-1985. NO ONE can now defeat computers or electronics, not even the government. They were never designed for privacy or anonymity. Most STEMers sold out back in the mid 1990s. The only areas of “science” (that is, what modern people are calling science) that are advancing are propaganda and identification/surveillance.

As has been written, every organization is now competing for the best minds remaining. So are we.

There is no substitute for human quality. “Technology” cannot replace it – that’s why a White America using slide rules could put a man on the moon, while Murka with iphones cannot.

IF you want to keep what privacy you can and stay free, live as an old-school Kurt Saxon-type survivalist would. Odds are, if you read this site, you already know the rules. The difficulty is in the doing.

July 20, 2020

Federal Judge’s Family Shot….

by Ryu

I’d planned to write a nice post on this, but the shooter seems to have killed himself already without even really trying to GAWI.  If the shooter published a manifesto, we’ll include it here later.

It was however very nice work.  Minions for The Beast are not often targeted, because they are afforded extra protection from their “just-us” system.  From the moment it occurred, it was a Police State Case all the way.  That area is full of surveillance cameras, cell phone towers, license plate readers etc etc.

Yet again, the police are trying to disguise their surveillance capabilities.  “It’s not clear what led authorities to the location in Liberty where the man was found dead.”  No, it is perfectly clear.  Either they traced his cell / iPhone to that location or they traced his car, as he drove it, using the databases which are now readily available.  Your car is MORE identifiable that you are, and all electronics are suspect.

Some important questions, using the terminology introduced ONLY at this site –

What was the TTD or Time to Detection?

Very short.  No silencer was used.  Police probably got reports of shots fired within minutes.  This left little time to make a proper escape or to eliminate evidence.  A code 1 call would have had a police response time of about 4 minutes; a code 2, around 10 minutes.

What was the PONR or Point of No Return?

When the shooter opened the door, with the gun in his hand.  From that point on, he was committed and couldn’t go back.

As is always the case, the end is written in the beginning.  All the ingrediants that went into this case at the start, assured that the suspect would be caught in the end.  Easy work for the System.

We will always salute guts and doing the right thing.  However, it is well to learn from the mistakes of others, as in some things, one only has a single opportunity.  As the Police State and Electronic Survellence Grid get even tighter, future DAAs will have even less chance for mistakes, if they want to remain free.

July 17, 2020

Powerful New WN Discovered…

by Ryu

The making of a WN is not an easy thing.  At the minimum, it takes 5-7 years of self study.  That is only to parrot the existing knowledge on the red pill, PUA, MRM, HBD, and so on.  To actually create and discover new things is a higher level; this would be the academic equivalent of earning a PhD.

We have found such a man in “Amon Ra”, who is commenting at PA’s blog.  PA is an experienced WN himself and can, of course, recognize such talent.  Amon was given a thread in his own honor.

Here are some of his recent comments:

First let me address atheists. They are fools, however, we should pity most of them as they are lost and devoid of all meaning. To compensate, they lash out at the only thing they know, and the only thing they are allowed to attack: Christianity. Look at the pharmaceutical consumption rates in the west ? Why do you think that is ? Having said that, how may of those ” pharma heads are also Christian ?

@ Carlos Danger and the other poster who commented on my post in an earlier story. I’m not ignoring you guys, and will address some of your comments here. However, I had to leave this world for a bit, but I’m back now. Also, your posts seem to be gone now, so I have to go by memory.

I’ll start by saying that I dont know shit, I’m a nobody, and take my word for what it is. However, I’ve been on this journey a long time and have experienced things which can not be explained by our current ((( reality ))).

I dont discuss these things with most people as they dont even want to attempt to intellectually examine the possibilities. If I do, however, we all must agree on several foundational concepts.

1: There is a Creator, prime mover, the architect , God, whatever term you want to use.

2. There is world wide archaeological evidence for a extremely ancient civilization which had capabilities beyond our current ones. Notice I didnt say aliens, Atlantist, Lizard people, etc .. ..

These two points might seem disparate, but they are excellent jumping off points and will make sense ultimately.

I think alot of you know that I’m not Christian, and when ever I try to have conversations like these 99.9 666 of them automatically shut down their minds and tell me ” its true cause the Bible says so.”. My view on Jesus is so, Did he exist as an actual person ? Were there scientifically / historically documentable evidence of him performing miracles ? If the answer is Yes to both, then you’ve got my attention. At that point it doesnt matter to argue over anything else. Next, we go to the teachings. As far as I’ve come to understand, most of Jesus’s teachings were laying down basic genetic foundational concepts. Love thy neighbor. Help the poor, share your wealth and so forth. But how many realize what was also said by him ? Things that extremely advanced and meant to prepare human civilization for a greater leap ? I will go Qanon again.

Jesus was killed for a VERY GOOD ((( reason .))), It had nothing to do with political power.

There were many different versions of Christianity early on after death. Some went into hiding, most were wiped out.

Most preachers, Priests, Reverends are frauds. Church / Religon can serve a good purpose, but the Christian Church has been ((( hijacked ))) early on.

How many understand the true power behind these words ?

” You won’t be able to say, ‘Here it is!’ or ‘It’s over there!’ For the Kingdom of God is already among you.”

” In My Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?

” American non-denominational Christianity ”

But does your ” amazing ” church teach things such as the following ?

“If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the power to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11, p. 141

If not, then your church is as infiltrated and corrupt as all the rest. Sorry to break it to you.

abprosper: That is perfectly fine, I’m a nobody and make anything of what I say as I will. My only point is that the ” battle ” will not happen generations from , as many seem to hope, but in out lifetimes, and based on what I’ve been made to understand, relatively soon.

Not being ” Christian “, I probably have different notions on the afterlife and what that constitutes. I make no distinctions between this world and the ” next ” as I dont sense there is a separation and I can attest to that through my own experiences. This is one of the points I been trying to gently make here with some of my posts, and if grasped correctly, it opens the doors to immense ” power ” and understanding. In fact, this one of the ” secret ” teachings of The Christ for which he was killed for, and ties in directly to what is happening now.

This can be considered a war on the ” White genome ” , and its ultimate goal is the eradication of ” white genetic purity “, for the simple reason that the white genome holds the truth that would shatter the power structures currently enslaving the whole world. Whites must be bred out of existence, or just eliminated outright. I think we can all agree thats whats being attempted right now.

Finally, I been accused of throwing ” black pills ” alot of the time. However, let it be know that ultimately, we will not lose and we will not be defeated.

Trust in the Creator

July 10, 2020

A Glimmer of Hope

by Ryu

We are not in the business of offering false hope at this site.  Most of the Western world, including Murka itself, are full third-world police states right now, and over 99% of their populations are born and bred only to be slaves.  The reason so few notice or even care, is because they never knew what freedom was, nor how to use it.


…the politically correct mind is incompatible with the scientific mind.

In the USSR, scientists had to produce results in line with their masters, the Communist party.  Here in the former USA, scientists MUST be in agreement with the Mino Master Machine.

In the human world, feelings and opinions matter.  Outside of Earth’s atmosphere, in the depths of the oceans, or inside of a volcano’s lava tube, facts exist.  Nature does not care about one’s political views or feelings.

There are most scientists and engineers alive today than at any other time in human history.  There “should be” nanobots, cheap flying and electric cars, colonies on Mars and moon, 200 year old humans, and so on.  But getting a STEM degree from a modern, liberal, affirmative action equal-opportunity university is no great feat.

Very little actual science is occurring today.  Most “advances” are in propaganda and in the Electronic Surveillance Grid, which is exactly how it was in the book 1984 also.  That shining, glimmering Space Age future whites dreamed of in the 1950s is dead – in the same way that former white countries like Haiti, Rhodesia and South Africa produce no science at all.  (Haiti being a former Spanish/French colony in which the slaves revolted and killed all the whites from 1790-1804.)

The System no longer gets the best white minds.  We do.  Maybe after a long period of time, this will matter.  No intelligent white man will work for his own destruction –  and most white people today are insane.  This “paradox” explains why more cops and soldiers die of suicide than enemy action.

Stay pure, quality matters.  Never lie to yourself.  Work alone.  Begin with the end in mind.  Remember whose rules actually matter.

July 3, 2020

You Are a Valuable Commodity…

by Ryu

If you are:



Not a drug-user, boozer, gambler or womanizer

Suspicious of people, tight-lipped, and untrusting

Interested in police work, the military, survivalism and WN (without being paid or prodded)

Willing to study forensics and modern investigations

Experienced in WN and the red pill community

… then you are an extremely rare, valuable individual.

Good help was once hard to find.  Today, it is impossible to find.  ALL ORGANIZATIONS are now having the same issue.  Human quality is dropping across the board.  Every group that wants to survive is competing for talented men.

I want to warn those with ears – that many WNs will help the enemy.   The great danger in WN is in NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH.  You can trust criminals, terrorists, and radicals.  You can trust selfishness and greed.   It’s the good people you really need to look out for.  The path to hell is paved with … you know the rest.



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