March 27, 2015

Post-America Age

by Firepower

Yes. Post-Racial America is…really just a Post-America.

My suspicion now grows daily that it is finished – expired. The vision, dream and “grand experiment” has run its course. It’s foundered from flaws our Founding Fathers never foresaw any possibility metastasizing to fatality. They expected better from an advanced future people – not worse – but that is simple hubris, for it makes as much sense as Conrad Hilton or Henry Ford expecting their heirs be at least as great as they – but never facing the actuality they might turn out as Paris Hilton.

They did the best they could and it was indeed grand. Their fatal flaw was believing FutureGENs would and could maintain their standard. The residents of 1945 LA & Detroit could just as well imagined their once shining cities would be grander in 2015 but…that too, is imaginary.

If people today are incapable of merely slowing the damage – look around you – are today’s…. Continue reading

March 26, 2015

Great Deeds

by Ryu

WN would change overnight if each member decided upon one great thing to do for his people. Far more pass the test of the word than the test of the deed. As far as anyone knows, that includes me also.

Every direct action hero one can name has already did this. For most, it was the very best thing they did in their lives. What an insult it is for them when critics misunderstand.

There’s no need to make it publicly known what it is or to take credit. Most right now couldn’t read the street properly anyways. Eric Frein is quite frank in his letter that he is a revolutionary, but no one sees it.

There are far more white mercenaries today than warriors. Most need permission and do it for the dollar. It is rare today for a white man to … Continue reading

March 25, 2015

What is the Best Your Life has Produced?

by Ryu

Americans truly do not understand ISIS, the Taliban and al Queda. Why fight so hard? Why not become capitalists and live just like the Americans? The average American cannot imagine fighting that hard for anything.

Something given has no value. The blacks didn’t acquire their freedom after the Civil War, because they didn’t fight. It was the people’s revolution of the 1960s, the so-called “civil rights movement” that secured the blacks’ future.

We cannot ever “save” the white race. They must save themselves.

If the people don’t “feel” their servitude, then they are… Continue reading

March 23, 2015

Hillary, Jebbush & Goldman Sachs

by Firepower

*Note proper usage of the word “should”.

You should* feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck when pondering why the richest Manhattan bank supports both Killary and Jebbush.  Too many warnings – even blatant ones, like this – go unheeded in Today’s Murka: That’s called apathy and you can feel the cement hardening around your ankles…

One infallible true-truism for learning an absolute real truth is… Continue reading

March 22, 2015

How to Grow Marijuana

by Ryu

Anything anti-system can help wns learn. In video, an ex-pig teaches guerrillas how to grow their own pot. In the process, he exposes many DEA and pig tricks.

Barry teaches us how to spot undercover officers. How to make a buy. Knock and talks, tap and wraps. You’ll learn how police… Continue reading

March 21, 2015

A Million for Your Hacksaw

by Firepower

When two bucks costs two million, it’s called Victory.

Uncle Ho knew this in Nam, when one AK round would bring down a Huey…and all its crew.

And as such, then… Continue reading


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