April 20, 2015

Sabotaging Tiger Woods

by Firepower

Tiger has way too many lickspittle PC whites eager to suck his cock and pat him on the back for batting a ball around.

Liking tiger equals some white dribbledick pinning the “See-I’m-NOT-A-Rayciss!” medal on their flabby bitchtits.  Mostly, it was Golfaggots too rich to live near coloreds.

Now that tiger’s insatiable craving for white pussy (go figger, a colored jock addicted to white gash!) has sapped his dirty niggaballs of those once Magical Powers, I like to sink the knife in and give it my usual twist – for sheer shits n’ giggles, mind ya.

Hot white women lined-up to spread their legs for this monkey. I had such immense, profound delight in assassinating his….. Continue reading

April 19, 2015

BIGov Spying Stops Little

by Firepower

No less an active-activist than Sir Edward Snowden – with deeeeeep inside info – tells you Moloch is impotent to prevent its haters from stuffing a hot pepper up its ass.

As the MINO Machine grows, increasingly grasping totalitarian power over its meek slaves – it gets nicer, right? It’s what you all think: Goose-steppy hunks in snappy uniforms suddenly materialize to restore White Order. It’s magic!

There’s hardly anybody left on the watchtower anymore. They can’t even stop loonies from treading over Our Historic Black President’s DC Palace.

Nationalists must therefore tread in fear for what they say.

Omnipotent, omnipresent SWATZIs are scanning YOU, waiting to pounce this very second!

April 18, 2015

The Crossing

by Ryu

This movie is the story of a forgotten revolution…the American Revolution. Americans today have forgotten in what manner their country was founded.

April 17, 2015

Claude Dallas

by Ryu

Who can count the number of direct action guys who have fallen? There seem to be an almost unlimited number.

Dallas was a mountain man. Fish and Game, yet another BigFed agency, came a-calling. They rolled in heavy and he fought back. It took the USG a year to find him. They stuck him in prison and he escaped again, only…. Continue reading

April 16, 2015

The IRS KNOWS You Are Scum

by Firepower

Murkans accept getting buttfucked by BIGov. If I were Dagon, I’d test The Sleeeple to see how much they’d put up with.

Kids do it to Mom for candy. They toss bags in the cart to see if she’s looking. They don’t relent, they escalate; they fake-cry to see if she capitulates. If that doesn’t work, they scream and throw tantrums. They are always pushing…until you break them.

Just like that hot chick you’ve been dating the hell out of…every time inching your dick closer to her butthole. She may cry “NO not EVER!” but just keep testing that balloon knot.

A people that tolerate the IRS’ behavior are stamped by BIGov as USDA cattle that’s easily manipulated; then UncleBEAST plans worse.

Andrew Concha is el jefe! If he’s a fag, that’s a… Continue reading

April 15, 2015

Too Lazy To Do Taxes

by Firepower

While doing the taxes for an elderly relative, I noted differences on one hand between unfair tax biases imposed by the US Government against old folks – and biases against “regular” folks on the other.  Americans are trained by their Master not to do their own taxes – the process exposes the Evil.

Old retired folks were the ones wisest to Obama’s lies:  They’d seen his lie act often before – repeated dozens of times previously by yet more dozens of vile politicians.  So now, the oldtimers’ Government-controlled Social Security (which they earned, remember) gets no raise to even keep pace with inflation.  The Obama gets revenge and punishes a constituency that dared deny His Sacred Right to Unimpeded Ascendancy and total glory as first African-American-Halfrican President (blah-blah) and Sacred Cow of Liberal Nazism.  Oh, pensions are re-re-taxed, too, just in case you didn’t salute quick enough to please your Socialist Democrat Political re-education Commissar.

Even if Americans are too lazy to do their own taxes, it is easy to …

Continue reading


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