September 27, 2016

Candlelight Vigils: More Than They Appear…

by Ryu

Vigils are not just spontaneous demonstrations of grief. They are carefully choreographed. Today, candlelight vigils are investigative tools for the American police.

They offer:

1) Another opportunity for detectives to talk to suspects and witnesses.

2) Take pictures of the crowd and ID everyone there.

3) Opporunity to re-focus media attention

4) Get a family appeal to catch the suspect

5) Publicize the reward money

It’s theater. Even if the victim’s family doesn’t want to hold a vigil, the police will encourage it to help clear the crime.

Here’s a great example. Ice-cold case, a homicide from 2010. This “vigil” is not about grief; it’s about pinging the public for more information. Notice how the particpants are all holding up reward posters.

September 24, 2016

Finally! Some Good Uses for a 3D Printer

by Ryu

Yes, even modern technology has uses. We can use a 3D printer to print fingerprints, copy keys, and make disposable guns.

A gun SHOULD be disposeable. Because for those who act without state permission, it is evidence that can be used against you. A good 3D gun could be used, then thrown in the fire to be melted.

One can use smartphones and 3D printers to copy fingerprints now. One can even take a picture from up to 200 feet away and get the prints.

You can now copy keys, even the Do NOt Duplicate ones, with 3D printers.

This App Lets Anyone 3-D Print ‘Do-Not-Duplicate’ Keys

The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home

It is also possible to print up the DNA of a person if you have a sample. A hair, sweat, buccal swab or used water bottle will work.

September 22, 2016

Bombs are NOT the Perfect Weapons

by Ryu

Getting away with it in the short term is not enough.

…in fact, this is why the ATF or FBI handles most bomb cases. Local and state police do not have the resources (read free time) to work long investigations. Most bombings turn into “paper trail” cases.

Bombs are not completely destroyed when they detonate. In their final training exercise, the ATF detonates a car bomb. The assignment is to then contain the scene, gather the evidence, then put the scene back together again.

How do they ever figure out which bag or package blows up a plane?

They get a manifest or list of all boxes and bags. Then names and addresses associated with them. The bag that is missing or the most obliterated….was the one holding the bomb.

Every little detail becomes important:

– suspect had the same powder at home as used in the weapon

– suspect caught by leaving print on battery

– suspect caught by buying components by credit card

– suspect caught by having same wire at home as same in the bomb

– suspect caught by the tool used to crimp wires was in his posession

Ted was the best bomber in all of human history. The fbi wasn’t even close to him in 1996, after over 20 years of investigation. It was only after his baby bro ratted him out that he got on the radar.

September 20, 2016

Being Better Than Mossad: Mossad Murder in Dubai

by Ryu

This video covers the full police investigation of a Mossad-backed murder. You’ll see alot of police state surveillance from CCTV. Any investigation after 2000 has CCTV playing a part.

The Mossad invited just about everyone to get in on this. These are no simple one man ops. A full 27 people were active here; it must have been about half the Kidon.

I realize that this video is long and relatively boring. It can destroy all that worship most people have for government-sponsored killers though.

If the top spy-assaination group in this world is so sloppy, what does it mean to be elite today? Don’t be convinced until you are satisfied. Don’t allow reputation to be enough.

This mission had alot of moving parts. With so many people involved and so elaborate a plan, they left alot of evidence. The escape was like Escape from New York, with all these suspects leaving the hotel around the same time.

Too many people involved, short TTD, clumsy staging of the scene, DNA left at the scene, caught on CCTV, staying at the same hotel – is that the best in the world?

September 18, 2016

Pulling the Trigger is the Easy Part

by Ryu

The hard part is getting away with it.

The more one studies, the more one arrives at one conclusion: soldiers and cops have virtually nothing to teach about direct action.

THE TRUE ABILITY displayed during direct action is not the shooting of a gun or the detonation of a bomb. It is risking one’s freedom for an idea.

State protection makes all the difference. Cops or soldiers are virtually never jailed for their actions.

There are indeed agencies, like the fbi, who use “black bag” or “wet work” teams. They burgle houses, they plant wires and surveillance devices, they may even perform assassinations. But the spectre of government protection hangs over them. These agents are never arrested for it.

The scant military references to getting away with it are field manuals dealing with capture and being behind enemy lines. These date back to WW2 and Vietnam.

I expect nothing from white American cops and soldiers but what they’ve shown so far: total obedience while on duty. Unless the checks stop clearing, they will obey every order to the letter. We’ll hear from them 10 years after retirement.

Many WNs do not know how much they ask for, when they demand that whites act. This is something most cops and soldiers, with all their training, cannot do. A little appreciation is in order.

Some WNs have heard about the Mossad within Mossad: the Kidon. This is Israel’s hit team. They do all those illegal hits in foreign countries, like the revenge for Munich.

Below are some links. If you read them, keep in mind that these agents still have the support of a government. So even the Kidon don’t feel the full risk that a WN DAA does.

September 16, 2016

The Illegal Reptile Trade and The Murkan Police State

by Ryu

Yes, we’ve got laws for everything in the “Land of the Free.” Even which animals you can keep as pets. Though if you’re rich enough, you can keep humans as pets, as the American elite do.

Do you think there are “task forces” and million dollar budgets devoted entirely to policing illegal reptiles?

You bet. US Fish and Wildlife has its own enforcement division, and its own army of SWATzis. They’ve got their own intel and surveillance division. They ALSO keep their own army of informants – never leave home without ’em.

“The suspect is leaving the car…with a cage in his hand! Move into position…”

All agents working for the USG are similar. They hate “criminals” who think they can get away with it. They’ve got a big white hat. They always want to build a bigger case and tie together “conspiracies.”

Beware the TRULY penitentiary man, the man who truly believes the guilty must be punished. He is capable of any atrocity. Look out for those who really believe in good and evil – of course, with them being all good.

The Americans Police Motto: Jail the small criminals, serve the big ones.

Thus our story begins…

National Geographic: Banged Up Abroad: Snakes on a Plane

Today’s study is 45 minutes long. The t/p is 1996 in the USA/Belize.

Tom Crutchfield worked in the flooring department. He was big in the reptile trade. He sold and imported exotic reptiles illegally.

They used to just catch certain reptiles and put them in the suitcase. Already I smelled informants. He involved too many people. Told too many.

A customs agent opened the bag and passed out. Everyone ran over. She and him just walked out. Didn’t look at anybody.

80% of illegal reptiles go to the US. Trips financed trips. “It’s for a pet.” They opened a reptile shop.

The king cobra was the holy grail. Tire it out by making it strike. He could have sent it from Thailand. He decided to take it on the plane.

***A good smuggler will not act weird. Don’t think about the consequences. Don’t sweat***

Illegal reptile smuggling can carry a sentence of 5 years. “Did you pack a king cobra in your luggage?” The bag had gone to Amsterdam. Drug dogs smelled the snake in the box. Customs in Holland kept the snake.

From that moment on, they were under surveillance.
1993 Operation Chameleon set up to capture biggest reptile smugglers.

Tom’s shops were making over a million a year. Getting big and hot. Everyone talked about him.

The deal was done right in front of a window. The agents wanted to build a bigger case.

He was sent to Hattieville Prison. Overcrowded and violent, just like American ones. Prisoners slept on the floor. No toilets. No running water. 5 people/cell.

They stick him in a cell with one man. It took many months to go through the Belizian court system. His wife wanted to return to Murka.

***”I just wanted it over.” Many people say this about the American justice system.***

Tom went to Belize. The case was big enough for extradition. He started a car rental business. His wife divorced him after it was all done.

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