February 28, 2015

Fighting the Next War

by Ryu

The future of warfare seems to be robots.

February 27, 2015

When to Quit WN

by Ryu

Eradican, Circa 2013

…when you lose your nerve.

You can’t gamble with scared money. In WN, one gambles with his life and his freedom. It’s a high stakes game that only a few can play. It is a game for power and the future of our race on this planet.

Quitting at the right time is no disgrace. It will protect yourself and others. The most dangerous WNs to their comrades are those who do it halfway. There’s such a thing as too predictable and too conservative.

It’s all about handling heat, knowing what trouble is. A man can lose his feel and this is when he starts to make mistakes. We find out very quickly what a man’s level is when the heat is on.

As the USG’s position weakens, it will become more tyrannical. More and more they will use… Continue reading

February 25, 2015

Successful Graffiti Terrorism

by Firepower


Told ya so: Murka is Twisted MM* Land where a tiny scribble about a jew is A 1st Degree A-1 Hate Crime - but Polarbearing Knockout Games on white Murkans?…meh.

In WW2 Naziville, drawing horns on Mr. Dolfi’s propaganda posters sent the SS & Gestapo scurrying in a tizzy to arrrrezst ze kulpritz!  That efficient use of manpower & resources sure was wise with the Red Army clawing at the Dnieper River – and Ike at the Atlantic Wall: Good job prioritizing, Dolfie!

The Ballwasher Liberal Media treats us to exhaustive investigative reporting on the last… Continue reading

February 23, 2015

Insights and Observations – Introductions

by eurybates

Currently Still Fucking a God

I enjoy reading the different translations of Greek literature.  The tragedies don’t change and remain a point of reference whereas our interpretation of them is constantly changing.  I have been reading the various Greek playwrights and philosophers for a couple of years now and by no means would I consider myself and expert or scholar.  I have just discovered how enjoyable and inspiring they are and can be.

The most exact translations and the ones that I enjoy the most are those which were published in the 19th century.  The rhetoric of the 19th century and their style of writing is superior as well.  The introductions really reflect a different society than…. Continue reading

February 21, 2015

The .22 Caliber Killer

by Ryu

So many direct action heros have been forgotten. It’s as if anything more than that happened before 2000 never occurred.

One mistake is all it takes to get caught. One has to be very good to even consider acting in that way.



February 19, 2015

Why Do Swatzis Wear Ski Masks and Biker Helmets?

by Ryu

THe number one reason is to inspire fear in both the public and the criminal. Also, like criminals, the police want to avoid identification. America has no secret police, because they are all secret.

SWAT uniforms are better thought of as costumes. Nothing is random about them.

The face is covered to cause dread in the viewer. They wish to be thought of as an unopposable force. Like a army of machines. Of course, this is not true. SWAT drinks beer, goes to strip clubs, .has… Continue reading


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