April 21, 2017

MMA is a Joke, and is Useless for WN

by Ryu

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April 20, 2017

If You Aren’t Butting Up Against the Police State, You Aren’t WNing Hard Enough

by Ryu

The admission that USA is a total police state here and now should come very easily.

The US isn’t becoming….maybe….soon….might… be a police state. It is one RIGHT NOW. Probably it began in about 1975, though I would place its origin at Kent State in 1969, where American national guardsmen shot American students when ordered to.

For the truly interested, I can reference a police paper which states that Great Britain was a police state in 2007. The cops already know.

You can’t buy a roll of toilet paper without being photographed and you can’t travel to the next town without being videotaped. Freedom is dead, and virtually no one knows it, because they have never used it.

The only purpose of the Surveillance State is to prevent white revolution. It is not to “prevent crime.”

One notices immediately that the most pervasive surveillance occurs in the BigLib cities like NYC, London, DC, and Frisco. The niggers run amok in St Louis and Baltimore.

Direct action (while getting away with it – done right!) is impossible in big cities. There is simply too much CCTV, LPR, and FRS.

It is now impossible to change the system or drain the swamp. Trump will fail in that mission. There are no more legal options, no Constitutional silver bullets remaining.

WN is waiting for either the mythical “collapse” or the point when the degradation reduces police efficiency.

April 18, 2017

Facebook Killer Manhunt: The Murkan Police State is Designed for Catching Whites

by Ryu

…not minos.

It is now the very simple to find a suspect who has been named and has a picture attached to their dossier.

This guy can’t move! His car’s license plate will be picked up by any LPR. His face will light up the FRS on any CCTV. If he uses his credit card or cell phone, he is caught.

Similar if he signs onto a computer with his old email names. Any contact with friends or family members will get him caught.

The USA is a police state right now. Catching this suspect should be very, very easy. If the police can’t do it within 2-3 days, with the resources they are spending, something is odd.

April 17, 2017

The “Hero!” Racket

by Ryu

***I did not write the article below; but could have. This is exactly how a true revolutionary writes. This guy is ripe to become a WN.***

When the state and its media bullhorns refer to armed government workers – law enforcers – as “heroes,” it’s a sign the hour is getting late.

When most people don’t draw back and spit coffee all over the keyboard at the idea, it’s minutes to midnight.

How did it become “heroic” to enforce laws?

And if it is “heroic” to enforce laws then – ipso facto – the East German Stasi, the Soviet GRU and NKVD were “heroic” also.

Crickets, usually.

Well, cognitive dissonance. Too many people don’t make such connections; see the concept behind the particular.

“Law enforcement,” like references to the United States as the “Homeland” (mein Fuhrer! I can walk!) are relatively recent rust spots on the American quarter panel; visible evidence of the underlying rot.

This is their own term, too. It is what they do – by definition.

Well, at least they are honest about it. Meanwhile, the populace in general still regards them as being there to “protect and serve,” the “thin blue line.” Both are false – and ridiculous – notions.

First, they are not there to to protect. This is not their job.

The Supreme Court has very explicitly stated this. The job of law enforcement is (wait for it) to enforce laws.

Law enforcers are under no legal obligation to protect anything – or anyone.

Indeed – hark, Officer Safety! – they are most concerned with protecting themselves, if anything. To the nth degree. Which is certainly understandable – we all value ourselves highly. But looking out for Numero Uno isn’t “heroic.”

A hero puts his own self at risk for the sake of others. Law enforcers go to great pains to not do this. The state they work for esteems their lives – their safety (whether a threat is real or imagined) far more than our lives and safety.

Note that a “hero’s” life is literally – legally – more valuable than our lives. This extends even to dogs. A “hero” can murder a family pet, without reason (beyond “I feared for my safety”) and he may be reprimanded. A citizen who defends himself against a police dog and slay the animal can be charged wth murder of a “law enforcement officer” – and will be prosecuted with extreme prejudice.

Just last week, in Georgia, two law enforcers were filmed punching and kicking an unarmed, not-“resisting” motorist. They were fired – a result of the publicity – but not arrested. How is this possible? If any Mundane (as the late and very great William Norman Grigg put it) so much as jabbed an index finger into the chest of a “hero” to make a point, he is likely to be on the receiving end of an immediate and very violent “take down,” placed in manacles and charged with felony assault/battery upon a law enforcement officer.

We are not allowed – legally forbidden – to defend ourselves against a law enforcer; we are required to go limp, submit and obey. To “let the courts” sort it out. Even if we end up in the hospital (or worse) first.

They, on the other hand, my do as they like with us – and largely without repercussions, even when there is video of them en flagrante, committing an act that would land any of us in jail for the same, as in the Georgia incident.

The “heroes” might be assigned to “desk duty” – or “suspended” – in both case, with pay.

Now, as to this “thin blue line” business.

It is based on the idea that – absent armed government workers – who have no duty to protect us, recall – most people would revert to Lord of the Flies savagery. This bleak view of most people as criminal by nature is as horrific as it is ridiculous. Do you suppose your spouse, your friends, the people you’ve known for years – are secretly, in their hearts, murderers and rapists and thieves ?

That – absent the “thin blue line,” they would slit you throat, steal your stuff, rape your wife/daughter?

It is nonsense of the vilest sort.

Most people have moral sense that exists regardless of law – or enforcers. Most people would not commit theft or rape or murder or any real crime – even if both codified law and costumed law enforcers disappeared tomorrow.

Ask yourself. Would you?

But then, most of the laws being enforced have nothing to do with theft, rape or murder. They are mostly just . . . laws.

Which in freer times were not enforced because they did not exist.

Nor should.

Was America a less “safe” place 50 years ago, when there were fewer laws? When it was considered laudable for a cop – as they were called in those days – to boast of not ever having had to unholster his gun during a career of 30 years? When one could argue with a cop and not risk a beat down?

In those days, cops were not considered “heroes” . . . but many were.

April 15, 2017

YOU Should Be the Most Dangerous Person Walking the Streets…

by Ryu

One of the great divides in WN is the difference between those seeking to make themselves more dangerous and those making themselves less dangerous.

The hallmark of the fearful WN is the following disclaimer, which everyone has seen: “We do not condone violence here. We are peaceful flowers and please don’t send your raiders to come get us. You may use violence against us and our people, but I promise never to use violence against you. For informational purposes and entertainment only.”

Imagine that the most extreme commonly known forms of WN are assigned a value of ” 1 “.

There is information available, of such quality, one might assign it a “25” or “50.”

The problem is, there exists no audience for such teaching. On the entire planet, there may be 100 men who have need for the information. And those 100 men would find the material regardless of the obstacles, because they have a deep genetic need to find it.

There is another world out there, waiting…for the right men.

Things are not as they seem. Cops and especially soldiers have nothing to teach. This is the occult reason why the American survivalist / patriot community is so impotent.

MMA and the martial arts in general are for children. It is entertainment for the masses and the trainees, representing only the smallest portion of what is possible. The stories below will help the adept assign fighters into their proper role in the hierarchy:




April 13, 2017

Cases to Watch: Female Muzz Judge Found Dead in NY River

by Ryu

Whoever did this is GOOD.

We don’t have much info on this one yet. The corpse was found in a river, fully clothed. The ID was made quickly, so the body couldn’t have been badly mutilated.

So far, the system says it was a suicide, because there was no obvious forms of trauma on the body. They must perform an autopsy to determine the true cause of death. The medical examiner or corner will cut her open and look for water in the lungs, a typical sign of drowning.

This should be interesting. Usually with DAAs who can get away with it, the police and media keep the story quiet, to avoid encouraging others.

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