February 25, 2017

NSU: The Best Action Group You’ve Never Heard Of

by Ryu

What is so special about this group is that they operated in modern times and got away with it for over a decade.

The NSU or National Socialist Underground appears to have been made up of 3 members; 2 men and one woman. They funded their ops by bank robbery, a common WN protocol.

One weakness of the NSU’s method was that they used the same gun in most of the killings. Remember, each gun produces distinct twist and lands/grooves patterns. That’s how the police surmissed that one gun was used in all the homicides.

Below is a video series, in German, on the group. They started small and climbed the ladder.

February 24, 2017

Florida Cop Sells Woman’s Dog, Steals Her Checks, and Tries to Kill Her

by Ryu

Cops and soldiers can’t get away with it without permission. Take away the uniform, and you are left with a normal person, in most cases.

Here, a Murkan cop’s total ignorance of forensics came back to bite him:
1) He left a digital footprint when selling her dog
2) He left his prints and DNA on the checks he was writing

February 22, 2017

Yep, Some Nationalist Out There is Coaching Trump….

by Ryu

Only WNs know what’s happening in France, Germany, Norway, and so on with their Muzz.

Here, Trumpy briefly mentioned Sweden’s Muzz infestation. As for the crime, there have been thousands of them, from rapes to church-burnings to assaults; too many to list individually.

There must be some manner of grapevine between the WN-o-sphere and Trump. If so, I have a message to deliver.

Every leader and every group needs men who will act outside of the law and do what is necessary. Give me a budget and a badge, Mr Trump, and I will work miracles. Ordinary cops and soldiers cannot be trusted with this work, because they are not ideologically pure; they serve whoever sits in the Big Chair.

If your enemies play dirty, you must also play dirty. While Trump’s problems with the American media may seem insurmountable, a few words to the right people would change it 180 degrees. I guarantee many of the jews at the top of the media racket are pedos and could be bribed with ease. They’ll do anything to protect themselves, including pulling back their attack dogs.

It takes someone thoroughly acquainted with jew tricks to take down jews. No living group knows the jews better than WNs; that’s why Hitler almost took them down. WNs have a shot, if they get a little breather, maybe some state approval.

February 21, 2017

Awesome Way to Troll Liberals

by Ryu

Send fags to their house looking for fast, easy sex!

Someone setup a fake gay profile for this guy, then all the local fruits were lining up at his door, looking for some fun.
Man pestered for sex by 700 men after fake Grindr profile was set up

February 19, 2017

Cops LOVE Violence and Risk!

by Ryu

One of the defining moments of a man’s life can be the moment he learns cops, soldiers, firefighters, nurses, and doctors are all human too. They are selfish, they back-stab, they steal and cheat, and so on.

In this video, you’ll hear a cop talking about how he’d love “cell extraction.”

Cell extraction is when a prisoner is being uncooperative and the “meat squad” comes in to force them out. Often that squad has body armor and these shields with tasers on them. So about 5-6 of the meat squad rush into the cell, in a line, and shock the prisoner into submission.

No risk to them, and they get to beat up a prisoner! Now you know.

Nobody believes in “fair fights” – not the military, not police, not gangs. WNs are being conned. It’s not about “fair”, it is about winning. The only morality that matters is being on top.

February 17, 2017

Witness Protection is a Scam

by Ryu

In this video, a Texas pig talks about working WitPro detail and why it is a scam. This is rare and valuable information.

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