June 17, 2018

“Why Is A Government Drone Flying Over A Sacramento Neighborhood?”

by Ryu

…because they can!

Murka is already a police state, slaves. Privacy is dead. 1984 came true and you are living it.

Why Is A Government Drone Flying Over A Sacramento Neighborhood?

“This week, they learned it’s being flown by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. It manages two nearby housing communities, Alder Grove and Marina Vista. Those complexes have seen serious crimes, including a fatal shooting in January and a triple homicide in 2016.”

EVERY BigFed agency now has an army of CCTV, drones, SWATzis, armories and the like. That is a “sign” you live inside a police state.

““It just doesn’t feel good,” said Ben Allen. “It hovers around. You don’t know what they’re looking at and monitoring.””

It’s looking at and monitoring YOU.

The purpose of the Murkan Police State is to monitor and terrorize the Murkan public. They aren’t interested in criminals or terrorists. Don’t be deceived by a little outcry by the public. A few false flags and they’ll beg for drones outside the window.

You may judge how good a doctor is by how early he makes his diagnosis. If Murkans are only waking up now, this late in the game, the USA isn’t dying; it is dead.

June 14, 2018

The FBI is Used for “Needle in the Haystack” Cases

by Ryu

Feds are the only cops with the time to work such cases.

There are three levels of law enforcement: local, state and federal. Feds have the most $$$ and the most free time to chase down longshots. Also, certain investigations are harder due to their circumstances – white collar crime and bank robbery are like this, which is why they are given to feds.


The Thomas Wales was one of the premier actions of our age. A shooter killed a federale prosecuter and GAWIed.

Tough case to solve, so the FBI came a-strutting in.

You can tell they didn’t have much, because they were chasing a gun barrel, not a witness description or fingerprint. The FBI wanted to get every gun barrel sold by a certain manufacturer, and then test those lands / grooves against them against the abandoned shell casings.


I think it is safe to say that this case is ice-cold. Unless someone starts talking, the suspect remains free. GOOD WORK.

June 11, 2018

Announcement: The Charles Manson MGTOW / PUA Plan

by Ryu

What is “wealth”?

According to Manson, it is having a harem of young girls ready to do your every whim. Chuckie had all the money in the world 3 times.

Not ZOGbucks, dollar bills, favors or whatever flim-flam The System is selling. No wonder ZOG thought he was the most dangerous leader of the 1960s.

Hell by the Dashboard Light asked, “what should you do if you don’t “make it” by 40?” You should be like Manson. Stop chasing the buck. Chase young poon, and what is important in life. If you are a man, YOU WILL still be attracted to 20 year old girls when you are 40. Real truth, nigga. You ain’t gonna get rich, no matter how close you hold your nose to the grindstone.

You’d never catch Manson wagecucking to live. He knows what’s important.

We salute Charles Manson as a true sage of the white race and as a powerful WN in his own right. Anyone with a swastika carved into his forehead is badass. Helter skelter! Death to the Pig System!

June 7, 2018

Combat The Beast Fears

by Firepower

Fucked FOUR Generations of Bush – AND Clintons!

Vietnam proved long ago the USG is beatable. The same Perfumed Princes who dodged the draft in 1971 became colonels in 1991 under Bill “Cumshots” Clinton and generals in 2001 – or outright Republican Rulers like Georgie (Pantload) W. Bush. They are an Evil that serves wildly disparate rulers with equal duplicity. There is a proof Mr. Firepower freely gives you to always use as a test to determine Evil: If a demon survives both a Bush and Obama regime it is a True Evil.

Supposedly, Bushie was a “history major” in Harvard; he obviously got The Gentleman’s “C” while dodging class to bang debutantes in his drunken frathouse seccapades.  It’s what Elites do. They’ll keep on doing worse to your grandchildren and ancestors until they are eradicated – both Houses of Filth.  It truly astounds how a … Continue reading

June 4, 2018

*** A Special Message for the Phoenix Shooter ***

by Ryu

From now on, WNs should imagine it isn’t The System they have to evade – it’s me. I follow all the good cases.


My message to the shooter – expect a knock at the door within a week. You didn’t do well enough. They’ll track you down and put you under surveillence 24/7. After they have enough evidence and discarded DNA, they’ll arrest you and that will be it.

Since Thursday, 4 people have been shot and killed in Scottsdale, Arizona. The police believe the cases to be related. A forensic psychiatrist and some paralegals died.

This is a Police State case. Evidence left:

– shell casings at the scene
– bullets in the body
– license plate reader data
– an eyewitness, at one scene
– composite sketch.

It is obvious by the police statement that the shooter used the same gun with the same bullets in all 4 shootings. That was a mistake; guns can only be used by criminals once. Use it, get rid of it.

By itself, the ballistic evidence isn’t fatal.

…what is truly damning is using your own car to get and leave the crime scene. Phoenix is well-known for being full of CCTV, on a daily.

Today, your license plate IS your social security number. Plate to registered owner to his home address to surveillence to arrest.

If I were lead detective, it would take me about 7-10 days to put this case together. Should be about the same for my System equivalent.

Your only hope at this point is getting into the wind. Once you enter the suspect list today, that is it. Very hard to get off. Unfortunately, living in the run costs alot of money.

June 4, 2018

Tex Arcane: “Grow a Backbone”

by Ryu

(Article by Tex)

Get A Backbone

Get a backbone. Our ancestors did these kinds of hard times standing on their heads. The number one power the system has over you is making you afraid of losing what you have. Once you get it into your mind to survive no matter what, even if they take away every single thing you have, you will be free. Keep telling yourself you are going to make it. I’ve been bullsh*tting myself this way for ten years and it is the best personal habit I’ve ever formed.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, there is a way out. You may have to alter your perspective. You might have to think in a new direction. But you need to remember that all this sh*t is nothing to you if you have your loved ones and your health, it’s all just bluff to frighten you.

The mass media tells you that if you can’t drop $1000.00 every Saturday at the mall and own the latest plasma TV and the newest model of car you are a nothing as a human being. Well, that is not the value system of your ancestors, who believed that the only people who are nothing in this world are the people who apportion value to people based on their cash holdings. America was not set up as a secular kibbutz klatch for the sons of the devil to compare pimpmobiles. Those are imported values that never really belonged. America was established by deeply religious freemen seeking escape from persecution in England.

You show me a man who is not scared anymore of having something taken away from him and I will show you a whole different kind of man.

I lived on the streets of New York City for nearly three years and was never stronger, smarter, better fed, tougher and happier than during this time. I had no worries because I had nothing to lose. The past twenty years of largely sedentary meaningless work for companies that are all now bankrupt and a crushing mortgage has done more to emasculate me, weaken me and break me down than the bus that hit me in Brooklyn (walked away without a scratch) or the 8 foot behemoth who tried to kill me late one night under the 59th street bridge in Manhattan. Those were just things. It’s the humiliating grind of the commute cattle car and the endless meetings and Powerpoint presentations that has nearly ground me into dust over the past couple of decades. Nowadays I rarely raise my voice above a whisper to anybody, twenty years ago I used to throw a man on the curb if he raised his voice to me. The real stress comes from the fear of losing something you have and having to worry about the welfare of those you love. For their sake, I have stayed in character as a man with an IQ of 95 for about the past twenty years. If it wasn’t for the Vault-Co blog I’d never break character from morning to night. It is the path of least resistance for me in the (so-called) “workplace.” I used to do more work in the first thirty minutes of each morning than all of the people I have known in Australia have done over the past twenty years.

Once you are willing to lose everything, the mediavitzim and the bolshevist occupational government will lose all their power over you. The fear will be in their eyes when that happens, not the other way around. Stop being scared of being scared.
You’ll see when it happens, it is the anticipation and the dread created inside your mind that is the real threat to you. People who don’t know how to laugh at this kind of thing don’t make it.

This is why I foresee real trouble in the Kwa during the next 12 months. A lot of these people are going to start realizing for the first time in their lives, they have nothing left that can be stolen from them. Then you’re going to see some serious sh*t hit the fan. Do you really think an oligarchy of 2 million can keep 298 million pissed-off people under control? I am familiar with enough history to know that they can’t. 298 million rifles is not controllable. The hegemon is going to fail, whether it takes the whole world down with it or goes quietly in the night. Most of you reading this blog know I think it will be the former.

I was talking to a guy at the grocery store yesterday about Australia having no military deterrence to stave off China. Predictably, the Aussie I was talking to spoke about how casually he would oblige a Chinese invasion. I hear this a lot from them, on those occasions you can get them to think about it at all. That’s a nothing person. He’s not a nothing because he doesn’t have enough money or doesn’t occupy a certain social class or doesn’t drive the right car. Such people are nothing to me because they are nothing to themselves. Don’t be a nothing to yourself and you will never be a nothing, ever. If you think you are a child of God then you know that you must have been something to God before you were ever born. You will never be nothing no matter what you do or do not own.

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