July 21, 2017

Carrier Pidgeons are Now More Secure than Iphones

by Ryu

What do you think of technology now?

The amount of electronic surveillance is so bad, that to secure themselves, spy agencies like the KGB / FSB rely upon typewriters for word processing, not computers. They have basically been forced to operating as they did in 1975.

The “human” aspect of technology, the so-called “low tech” stuff, will NEVER be obsolete.

What year is it now…2017? 1917? 517? It doesn’t even matter. What really works, always works. Gimmricky and magic have a short lifespan. The technology marketers have conned the public that they have “revolutionized” the world – they have not.

We suggest WNs invest their attentions to areas that always pay off, that rely on human ability, that can be developed by payment in attention and training, not money. It is the only way to be sure.

July 18, 2017

New Murkan Police State Forensics Show: “See No Evil”

by Ryu

CCTV is ***CRITICAL*** in modern investigations.

This series covers the use of cell phones and CCTV. As we have written, Murka is a police state here and now. You can’t even buy a roll of toilet paper anonymously anymore.

Keep in mind, most of the cases covered by this series are 2005-2013 ie old. 5 years have passed with many more cameras put in place and more iphone use.

This series “should” scare the crap out of any WN. You are all living 1984.

A new era of forensics began in about 2005. This is when cameras started being everywhere. Be wary of studying crime in time periods when this wasn’t the case.

It doesn’t mean action is impossible. People get away with things everyday. It does mean, one has to be very, very good. There is no room for luck or laziness anymore.

Sneaky readers will note that there are no (or very few) TV shows that cover “modern” cases circa 2015+. That’s because the police don’t want the public to wise up on how surveilled they actually are.

Work alone, go low-tech, avoid CCTVs…or don’t work at all. That is the only way to do it now.

July 15, 2017

Racist Arson Gangs: “The Unseen Cavaliers”

by Ryu

They exist. You just gotta look hard enough to find them.

The first, and most important question: how did they get caught?

Overactivity. They set a pattern which the police studied and eventually they could predict the gang’s next move.

“Equipped with flares, accelerant and a police scanner, prosecutors said the defendants went door-to-door in Hunters Brooke in the drizzly predawn hours of Dec. 6, 2004. They attempted to set fire to 35 unoccupied homes, prosecutors said.”


July 12, 2017

When You are the Most Dangerous Man, You Will Fear No One

by Ryu

MMA? SEALs? Delta Force? Marines?

All as children.

The “most dangerous” type of white man is not found in any of the above categories. He is only found in the criminal, forbidden areas which is why he is mostly unknown today.

He is feared because he has no Earthly master and because he operates outside their laws.

As a general rule, whatever The System considers bad, is good for white men. The more “evil”, the better for us.

WNs can take that as far as their curiosity allows. The answers are out there, waiting.

We are offering WNs a world there they can take what they want, according to their own ability and ambitions.

There is no one out there to give you “permission” and “immunity” as the police and military have. But that lack of permission and being able to work alone is a terrific strength. One no cop or soldier can equal, which is why they always fail when they try the same thing.

July 9, 2017

NYC Jews Have Their Own Police Force

by Ryu


Don’t be. As we have written here, the American police state exists to protect minos, especially (((them)))). Did you really think they would rely on the same police which serve Goyim? Oy!

These are partially paid for by taxpayer dollars, which this article shows:

They are also heavily involved in bribes, which should not be shocking.

It’s not just NYC. This story comes out of Florida.

July 6, 2017

We Support Abortion…of Missions

by Ryu

That’s right. There are times when one has to walk away from an op.

– Maybe a witness saw you and paid too much attention.

– Maybe a cop saw you. You can bet he’ll remember and he’ll enter it on his notes for the day.

– Maybe “something doesn’t feel right.” A criminal MUST have this sixth sense.

There should be no hesitation when walking away. We aren’t cops or soldiers. No one protects you but you.

It’s like that boxing saying “protect yourself at all times.” Here, we will never look down on self-preservation and paranoia. They are necessary skills.

Not everybody can be a criminal – that is a System conceit, that any member of the public could be a successful criminal, if only they wished it.

Nope. The ability to take risks, make plans and execute them entire on your own is quite unique. It takes many years of practice to “climb the ladder”, but even then, one can never become too cocky.

Anyone can get caught. You always have to do “the work” of preparing, doing things right in the field, and getting away properly.

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