April 19, 2014

“Make the Familiar Strange and the Strange Familiar”

by Ryu

Many of us became stronger by learning of PU and the MRM. Would gaining the skills of a private investigator help you be a better nationalist?

A resource has become available to us. A free course teaching one how to be a PI.


All you have to do is put your hand out. The information you need is out there.

April 19, 2014

Jumping the Gap

by Ryu

Kierkegaard was a philosopher. He believed there were three modes of knowledge: knowing by personal experience, by other’s experience, and by faith. Some knowledge could only be known after a “leap of faith”.

Some things cannot be taught. Describing this process is a poor substitute for feeling it. No teacher can make this jump for his student. At best the teacher is a guide.

A similar leap of faith is required in nationalism. No one achieves his highest potential without taking this leap It is comparable to gambling with ….

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April 17, 2014

First, you must crackdown some eggs

by sanfercur

By San Fernando Curtforlimi

No sooner has smoke cleared in the quite tragic shootings at a couple of Jewish sites in Kansas City than hopeless finger-knitters started popping out zero-sum observations and nonstarter suggestions.

A local Rabbi adjusts his glasses, swallows in a way that bounces his Adams apple like an NBA Spalding while telegraphing he’s ‘really kinda nervous piping up here’, and wags his finger in the air:

“We need to search our souls to ask why we, as a society, allow these daily murders to continue.”

Breathtaking. Well… that shifts blame from the perpetrator to society as a whole – doesn’t it? I suppose that could be a “big picture” approach if the suggestion were viable. It isn’t. Society doesn’t “allow” these daily murders to occur. They simply OCCUR. Society – any society, anywhere – cannot stop them. Human beings will murder each other  – usually for our own, often lunatic reasons – as long as we walk the earth. We might be able to curb it if we became a society as grimly oppressive as a Stalinist labor camp, but is it worth that?

Please. Let’s keep focus here. Let’s NOT blame society – for once. That’s stupid, but more importantly, it blinds us to practical ways we could lessen the violence, like enhancing sentences not based on hate or thought – but violence. However, whether that would work here is uncertain, since the accused shooter apparently was propelled by his own lonely goblins.

Rabbi Mark Levine comes up with a few more howlers in his CNN guest piece, like, “…Our community has been hauled into the violence that plagues our nation.” Whoa, Mark. You’re suggesting God’s Chosen has joined the rest of us down here on the stuffed minefield that IS terra firma? Let’s not get too out of hand.

This astute aside is as revealing as last fall’s sudden eureka moment throughout media that there’s something called “Punch-Out Game” (of “Polar-Bear Hunting” out here in L.A for the past decade or so – underlining thugs’ pale preference for jawbreak targets) once Jews in Crown Heights starting dropping on concrete. Then, though, reality set in among our information industry, its elite owners, and their ass-kissing hangers-on as they realized…

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April 16, 2014

Witch’s Shoe! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Arrest & Imprison a noble-empowered female for

daring to affront a Royal


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April 16, 2014

From Russia With Love

by eradican

Russia is a unique place European but not western. Their links to the continent are racial and cultural but not political. Russia’s borders with Europe, Islam, and the Orient have always kept them at a civilizational crossroad. Russia itself has never been quite sure what it wants to be. The best description of Russia is an army with a country. The Russian idea of human rights also begins and ends with Vodka. Recent Russian history is the most relevant to the modern era. It’s almost the 100 year anniversary of the glorious Russian Revolution of 1917 which not only transformed Russia but also the entire history of the 20th century. The outcome of the second world war was mostly decided on the eastern front as well. Nazy Germany and the Soviet Union (both totalitarian empires) would wage an epic battle of annihilation against one another for continental supremacy.

Russia was a country made through conquest… Continue reading

April 15, 2014

NYPD Protecting Jews After Kansas Shooting

by Firepower

Bernie Madoff

In the land of Feudal Lords, only a few selected get that Extra Equal Protection as promised by the Evil WASP Founding Fathers they hate.

Ever notice? Even the word “jew” is treated by liberals as an epithet.

Jews are 3% of the total US population. Yet, most of them live on Manhattan.

All can clearly see their disproportionate numbers as rulers inside Uncle Beast’s Club: Charles Schumer, Feinstein, the Levins, Barb Boxer, Al Franken. LIUFY*: how many jews are US Senators? Learn. Tell your pals. Even evil Liberal nazis cannot dispute and argue against numeric facts.

Jews are 40% of BIGGov.* I wrote how the IRS Overlords persecuting the white TEA Party are jewish (or mino) in:

You don’t have to Niggerspickike* to make your point: A picture of a gang of…

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