August 19, 2014

Explaining the Ferguson Black Riots

by Firepower

The black tendency is to roll over and go to sleep once its sated its lust for rape, murder and Plasmas.

Although it can be coaxed into revolution for a time, it is an inferior beast to carry out a long campaign needed by its jewish master strategists: War is work.

The MINO Master Machine (MMM) knows this also. It knows the black is lazy and dim. It has an alternate strategy.

The Migger has more longevity with its Master Plan of Reconquista orchestrated by La Raza. But, it also will feel its mission prematurely accomplished once it hits Winter Lands and will quit too soon for the jews’ liking – and their ultimate goal.

The MMM is aware of each of their colored camp’s main flaws, so that is why they planned and took over the inner machinery of BIGov, installing their Affirmative Action hires in every “State Building” and facility. Note even way back then in McVeigh’s OKC, the building was staffed by an over-representation of coloreds – especially for a… Continue reading

August 18, 2014

Why Don’t the American People Feel the Police State?

by Ryu

…because only dissidents are censored.

There was a tremendous amount of freedom in the old USSR and currently in communist China. You are free to say that you hate America, that grass is green and that the sky is blue. One thing you don’t say is anything against the communists. You may tell who holds the real power by who you cannot criticize.

Conventional thoughts and conventional thinkers present no threat to the system. The public doen’t feel the police state because they have never exercised their political freedoms.

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August 17, 2014

Ferguson Edition! Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Glorify & Cry over Sweet Baby Trayvon

- and Michael Brown



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August 16, 2014

American Nomads

by Ryu

August 14, 2014

The Black Begins The Final Revolution

by Firepower

Ferguson, Missouri – August 2014

By now, you *should* see the only stance each side could possibly take.  It repeats in the Trayvon~Streets up to a certain level like an incoming tide inching further and further…

Cops on one side, coloreds on the other.  Now, when the Black Panther agitator shouts “Revolution!” many start to heed.

One race is Nitro, another – the fuel oil. It doesn’t really matter which.

Whites are domesticated by media, BIGov School and culture into subservient reactionaryism.

Coloreds have no such limiting inhibitions to restrict their own fuck it impulse. They steal when they want, fuck when they want, kill what they want and are as apologetic for it as Hyenas.

That is the state of mind tweeeeeetin’ wns (no caps) should instead admire: If you can’t get to … Continue reading

August 13, 2014


by Ryu

The more time that passes, the more drastic our solution must become. Things may go one of two ways: better or worse.

Will whites be better or worse in the future? Men? How about women and feminism?

The time when we could have been concerned with supremacism and using holy methods is over with. We must have passed it in the mid 80s. The more time that passes until revolution, the more certain it is that what comes after will be… Continue reading


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