October 31, 2014

After You’ve Won, Move On

by Ryu

There’s life after direct action for those who choose one. So many men choose for their life to end after their action. Eric Frein seems to have been one of them. Why he did not clear the area right away, only Allah knows. Maybe he just couldn’t live with the possibility of capture hanging over his head.

Don’t toy with your food. Just win and get away. That’s it. No gloating, no ego, no pushing it in their face.

Eric Frein is still a great man. Now, he’s just a little less impressive. Escaping a full federal manhunt for 6 weeks is … Continue reading

October 30, 2014

Why the IRA and Golden Dawn Failed

by Ryu

Revolutions follow a progression. To some, like the American CIA, revolution is a business. It’s something they have done dozens of times. There is a formula out there, there is a right way to do it.

There’s no going backwards to earlier steps, the stakes are always going up. Golden Dawn did everything right, until they held a “vote” to gain their independence. There has to be a willingness, an eagerness to TAKE independence. It is not something to be given. Golden Dawn passed their apex and lost momentum. They now risk obsolecence.

The Scots tried voting for their freedom. Obviously that failed. Ask the NWO: would you like to lose power and revenue? Oh, and please don’t fix the vote either.

At some point, there must be an… Continue reading

October 28, 2014

Garrisons Everywhere

by Firepower

Like any organ, it’s becoming clear LE develops into its form by simply reflecting existing conditions within its operating environment: Fish have fins, Lions have claws.

In past Leave It To Beaver world, developing cop garrisons characterized polite, uniformed servants because they respected (but mostly feared) that uppity MOG; the Mountain Of Guns.

Today, entertainment obsessed helicopter parents, Single Moms and their Brandon Spawn, chose atavism and degenerated to forget The MOG. They’ve lost not only Marx’s class consciousness, but American Constitutional Consciousness.

All that yapping from teevee – and on down to today’s earbuds – demands volume in both quantity and decibels. So, LE now shouts a BigTuff Game of force of law instead of being yesteryear’s Polite Police. In short, Murka went from… Continue reading

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October 27, 2014

ISIS Magazine

by Ryu

ISIS has a magazine for it’s revolutionary members, named Dabiq. They’ve only put out 4 issues now. The flavor of the writing is very different than the American style.





October 26, 2014

Cops Make Poor Criminals

by Ryu

Strange world, isn’t it?

Cops know everything about catching criminals. Yet when they try it out for themselves, they seem to forget everything they learned. They cooperate with investigations. They talk to the police. They leave loose ends.

The military is like this too – Special Forces goes to other countries and teaches them how to revolt against their government. Yet, they’ve never done it here in the US. No Spec Ops guy has ever promoted revolution against the USG.

There’s a special ingredient missing when they leave the reservation. It’s a totally different ballgame when you work on your own, against the rules.

Criminals and turrists do not get any credit for their skills. They have to act without official sanction. That means unlike cops and soldiers who are ONLY concerned with… Continue reading

October 25, 2014

White Heaven: Of Beheadings and Butterflies

by doomdigit

The day the video of James Foley’s beheading was released also happened to be the day that a butterfly release event was discussed in a local paper.  This was quite an amusing contrast to me.  Of course ISIS is coming to us, we are letting it happen.  ISIS is really irrelevant though; if not them, others who are just as alien, aided and abetted by traitors.  Locked Up Abroad is a great series that shows what happens to whites who leave White Heaven.  Sure, most episodes are about drug smugglers, but there are also episodes about people just visiting other countries.  As bad as our Western countries are, there is simply no way they can be improved by adding foreigners.  What angers me is many of the foreigners are inured to violence that many citizens cannot even understand.  One of the more interesting anecdotes about the Liberian Civil War involves an infant … Continue reading


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