September 2, 2014

Feminist Government School Teachaz

by Firepower

Divorced 4 times, Expert on Feminist Studies

While private pro sports teams can get away with being all colored, BIGov Indoctrination Camps (aka US Publik Skools) also do it.

The black is the NBA & NFL, the Migger is MLB – and the newly invasive MLS.

Fat white feminists control all classrooms and, more important, control all inner cubicles of bureaucracy in state capitals as managers, directors, program managers and district program directors.  Combine any BIGov Newspeak bureaucrat-title word you like to make pernicious PC Gov Stew.  Just note when you see them in the news; they are disproportionately female.  White males – actually still the nation’s majority demographic – are rare.

Obviously Affirmative Action factors in, guaranteeing any black bitch who’s been on Maury “tessin fo muh babydaddy an sheet” gets the plum management slots in your StateGOV.  Coloreds run the government, hire and promote more coloreds.

Liberal nazism is run like past totalitarian regimes. It’s based on feudal models of: From the King down to the Duke to the Count to the Earl to the vassal to the peon. States are Dukedoms, and it’s impossible to … Continue reading

September 1, 2014

Home Invasion versus Breaching

by Ryu

What’s the difference between the two?

Little difference. The methods are the same. It’s only who you get your authority from that differs.

Speed, surprise, violence of action. Cops sit on a place, running intel for a few hours before the raid, avoid being seen. Then they swoop in, yelling and screaming to distract the mark. They want to minimize the time to engagement with the target. It’s a very fast, aggressive movement.

Once in, they secure the people inside and disarm them. Then the police toss or search the place looking for evidence.

This is all exactly the same as a home invasion. A no-knock warrant service is the true equivalent. Cops and robbers are … Continue reading

August 31, 2014

The Financial System

by Ryu

Wall Street is just as important to the US military as the guns. If the checks don’t clear, they don’t have any soldiers.

The survivalists were right about everything. They just underestimated the extent of the USG’s control. They would not lock down everything else just to leave the money unattended.

There will be no collapse. That would only happen when they want it to happen, or if it was to the USG’s advantage. More accurately, the house of cards is … Continue reading

August 29, 2014

Randy Weaver

by Ryu

He’s been on my mind alot. The system still owes him.

He’s an old man by now. Wiki lists him as being 66 years old. There’s a progression that all old folks go though. Relative good health and mobility – then an accident. The recovery defeats them. First a cane, then a walker, then a scooter, then a wheelchair. After the wheelchair, they never stand on their own again. They die in bed, unable to bathe themselves, unable to control their bladders. Invalids, objects of pity.

As a green beret, Randy pulled triggers and did the system’s dirty work. After he finished serving them, they killed his wife and Continue reading

August 28, 2014

Hurting Enemies by Mockery & Ridicule

by Firepower

Niggerspickiking does not work on a domesticated, neutered white race.  It’s not only Murka, but the entire Occidental World: They are too enfeebled and reflexive (since the Evil Truman Era) from years of rewards for hugging cockroaches to their bosom and paying them to breed.

Sheep require herding. You cannot growl at them like the wolf you may be, lest you frighten a stupid, skittish herd. Truth is even dangerous in a world run by Stupids…especially in such a world

I can’t remember if it was Trotsky that said it is not by violence but by destroying an enemy through ridicule, that works best.  Meh. Killing and death seem to work pretty well for Stalin, Ho Chi Minh and ISIL.  BUT…until you and The White Army sprout enough balls to … Continue reading

August 28, 2014

War With Iran: The Saudi States of America

by Firepower

No wonder even FOX News happily beats the drums of war to send in “the troops” to save poor, struggling Syrians.  Their coaxing is still a respectable 80 decibels below any CNN/MSNBC pro-warmongering Arab propaganda.  After all, those white rural boy-soldiers’ mommies vote Romney. GI Jordie & his Rootin’ Tootin’ Farm Hick cannonfodder pals best go – instead of tender young Saudi lads just beginning to enjoy the finer things in life.

I wrote of this in May’s Jews, Israel and US Wars

Loud cheers from The Media curiously resound when a blow strikes against Iran and a reactor spins itself to destruction, or a satisfactory sanction results from one of our many protracted embargoes.

Saudi Struggle vs. Iran Looks Likely to Get Worse

The Sunni Saudis fear Shiite Iran and of course, the USA will do its master’s bidding.

They supply the oil
We supply the toil

Most of the info you need, can’t help but seep out of even Mainstream Media.

If you only look for it.

Published on: Aug 24, 2012

[hat tip to pat et al for prompt, snotty editing tips and a hearty fuck off]


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