September 23, 2014

The Snooze Button

by Firepower

Firepower & Friend, 3am

If it’s too deep for you, think of the Roman concept of Bread & Circus modernized as “Fun & Games.” It’s not Barnum & Bailey with clowns, a BigTop and dancing elephants. The Circus Maximus meant “The Big Circuit”. It was a giant oval track …a NASCAR circuit. It held three times more people than the more famous Coliseum we all know. Roman government dispensed free bread and bought tickets to horse racing; that’s what Romans called the circus.

Citizen-Sheeeple do not risk dangerous combat, nor want to – with all the Pizza, Sexting & Football they have to do.

The greatest improvement over the Hitler/Stalin model of dictatorial totalitarianism is combining jackboots with a coat of goodies then finally adding “free speech” to complete the facade.

It took the internet to amplify a rare, once revered concept into the… Continue reading

September 22, 2014

What If They Are Watching?

by Ryu

It’s very helpful, even if the enemy is not tailing you, to pretend that he is sometimes. It will help to plug holes in your security and preparation.

There’s a natural tension between paranoia and effectiveness. One has to optimize, rather than maximizing them. Because we all have different risk tolerances, we will choose differently. When you work with other WNs, keep in mind that they may assess danger in a different manner.

No man performs well when he is panicking. Emotions have no place in the field. One has to operate at a tempo and range that he is comfortable with. Stay in control of … Continue reading

September 21, 2014

Knife Fighting

by Ryu

WW I trench fighting knife

Knives have cetain advantages over other weapons. There are no knife registrations, no background checks, no ban on high capacity or assault knives. They are silent, concealable, and don’t need reloading.

September 20, 2014


by Ryu

How the system hates “cold-blooded” people. They will always tell you exactly what you have to do in order to beat them, if you listen properly.

A cold-blooded man does not allow his emotions to cloud his judgement. He’s got a plan, he’s got it figured out. How to get in, how to get out, what he needs.

Like a machine or a computer, he follows the procedure to the letter, because he understands that his precautions are his best defense after the action. His adherance to the rules is what guarantees his freedom.

The system wants men who make mistakes. Those mistakes are what … Continue reading

September 19, 2014

Dr Kevorkian, Hero

by Ryu

Suicide is illegal, strictly speaking. If the system could, they’d prosecute every suicide case beyond the grave. It’s not about death, but the fact that the USG must have the greatest power of all, the power over life and death. It’s not enough that the system own your life, they must own your death as well.

Americans have a strange view of death. They watch it on their TVs and movies. Their soldiers and cops administer it each and every day. Yet the Americans shrink from making death familiar.

I find the Murkan view of mercy most cruel. How shallow and uniform their “diversity” and “tolerance.” Most doctors today are… Continue reading

September 18, 2014

David Durham

by Ryu

“This is an assault that was not only just on the individual troopers, it’s an assault on the state police, it’s an assault on law enforcement, it’s an assault on society.”

David Durham shot a cop and went clear. That was 3 years ago, and he is clear to this day.

He shot the cop on the 23rd. Search called off by the 28th. The system cannot afford long engagements. With all their money and power, they still can’t afford to… Continue reading


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